Listing ID Name Target Price Gross Revenue EBITDA Target Price / Revenue Target Price / EBITDA Type Country Detail City Link Images Links Description
L#20210075 #1 Retail Luxury Glasses Optical Chain in Egypt $3,500,000 $1,850,000 $630,000 1.89x 5.56x Fashion Retailer Egypt
This business for sale is #1 Retail Optical Chain in Egypt. It is a chain of prestigious stores offering optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses for both international brands and in-house brands, with outlets across the Middle East. The company was established in the 80/90 and is now one of the leading companies in the sector. The Seller is willing to sell between 50% - 100%. The price in this listing is for 100% share. Formal Appraisal available upon request.


  • Gucci
  • Rayban
  • Bulgari
  • Versace
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Burberry
  • Tiffany
  • Dior
  • Prada
  • Chopard
  • Tomford
L#20230426 1 MW Biogas Power Plant with Farm in Slovakia $20,000,000 $5,000,000 $2,000,000 4x 10x Renewable Energy Slovakia
For sale a Biogas Power Plant in Slovakia with a capacity of 1 MW and expanding to a 1.5 MW plant.
- The plant is equipped with a high-pressure bio-methane pipeline, that can have a connection point at a distance of up to 500 m. - The biogas plant is on a 2,064-hectare farm with machinery and real estate. - 1,998 hectares are on lease while the business owns the remaining 66 hectares. - The reported sales figures are two years old. - The transaction is being handled by a business broker based in Slovakia.
Products & Services Overview
Generation and supply of electricity through a biogas plant.
Assets Overview
The buyer will get the 1 MW biogas plant, complete machineries such as tractors, loaders, harvesters, and beef, cattle whose value the owner would like to personally disclose to the buyer. - Land area of 66 hectares is also part of the transaction.
Facilities Overview
The biogas power plant is located on a farm with a total area of 2,064 hectares. The business owns 66 hectares of this land while the remaining 1,998 hectares are on lease. The farm and plant are located in the western region of Slovakia.
Capitalization Overview
No debts or loans. All the machines are paid for and the business is self-sufficient. The number of owners will be introduced after the first contact.
L#20230419 1-GWp Photovoltaics (PV) Project Pipeline in Romania $195,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Romania Bucharest Romania is rushing to boost its wind and solar power capacity to meet tight deadlines for European funding, increase energy independence from Russia, mitigate the effects of the global energy crisis and decarbonize its economy. For sale a 1GW Project Pipeline in Romania, the developer has unveiled a pipeline of 1GW of grid-connected solar projects to be developed in the country. The pipeline will be executed between 2023 - 2028 in five slots: 200MW (2023), 200MW (2024), 200MW (2025), 200MW (2026), 200MW (2027). The Developer has secured a large areas of land in the Bucharest Area. The beginning of the works is scheduled for June, with an ambition to get the solar park online in 2028. The investors revealed it would include an energy storage system. The electricity is planned to be sold to commercial and industrial consumers on the free market. The developers pointed out that much of the low-quality agricultural land would be converted to pasture to control vegetation. The project is already in the late-stage development phase, and Developer is already appraising technology solutions and debt financing options. This is an opportunity for an investor to acquire a pipeline with favourable purchasing condiction (Pay after build)


- Purchase of Ownership Rights on Agricultural Land - Purchase of GOV Building Permission / Approval - Purchase of the whole Plan, Study, etc. - NOT Included (Solar Panels, Inverters, Fences, Metal Structure, Cable, etc)

Irradiation Parameter Values

- Horizontal global irradiation [kWh/mÇ/y] 1,383.0 - Global incident in collector plane @ 25° tilt (gain of irradiation due to inclined collector plane) - 14 % Total irradiation in collector plane [kWh/mÇ/y]

© 2020 The World Bank, Source: Global Solar Atlas 2.0, Solar resource data: Solargis.
L#20210094 10 Year Old Online Business offering Photo Printing / Gifting $8,500,000 $1,500,000 $500,000 5.67x 17x Services India One of the Top #3 Online Business offering Photo Printing / Gifting in India. The company provides personalized consumer photo print products such as photo books, prints, wall art, frames, mugs, canvas prints, stationery, calendars, and metal prints, the print chosen by the users are then printed on various products they purchase.
- Have served 820,000 users since inception and have over 2,200,000 registered users. - DAU’s 10,000 users on the webpage and 20,000 registered users on our mobile application, which is both on iOS and the Play Store. - The average order value is $8,00 USD and on average there are 750 orders per day. - The company has long-term marketing relations with all large internet companies in India (Amazon, etc).

Products & Services Overview

Photo books, prints, wall art, frames, mugs, canvas prints, stationery, calendars, and metal prints.

Assets Overview

15 printing machines, cutting machines, office interiors, and laptops.

Facilities Overview

Rented office space of 1,000 sq. ft. area for corporate team and rented factory space of 5,000 sq. ft. for in-house production.
L#20210018 10 Year Old US Based Financial Services Company $2,800,000 $2,000,000 $700,000 1.4x 4x Financial Services United States Palm Beach Company provides comprehensive capital market consulting services to small and micro-cap corporation. It has low cost call center in Europe -Business can be relocated anywhere. The affiliated company purchases troubled OTC companies, rehabilitates them, and resells them The company provides businesses with different financing options including financing for public companies. New Rules have made this business more profitable with lower volume Included in this sale are:
  • List of Suppliers
  • Call Center -Low Cost based outside U.S.
  • 50,000 email database
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials
  • Owner will consider staying with company
  • Franchise Model available if buyer has interest
PROOF of Funds Required before any details are released Change in Rules made this company more profitable on lower volume
L#20210125 10-Year Old Fast Growing Web Hosting Company with 50% USA UK AU Customers TBD $400,000 TBD TBD Hosting Businesses United Kingdom London 10-Year Old Fast Growing Hosting Company for sale with 50% USA UK AU Customers. This is a great opportunity to Buy A Hosting Company that offers multiple services like Shared Hosting, General Litespeed Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers Colocation, Rent IPs. Resellers Accounts: 150x (50% Active) Shared Accounts: 1040x (50% Active) VPS Accounts: 3200x (55% Active) Dedicated Servers: 160x Datacenter in a security Bunker in Moldova Tickets: 600 tikets per month Tickets Language: 90% English REVENUE: 2017 - $45.000 USD 2018- $65.000 USD 2019- $90.000 USD 2020- $155,000 USD 2021- $400,000 USD (Expectation)
L#20220264 10-Year-Old FCA BFSI IFPRU Firm ₤1,000,000 ₤450,000 2.22x TBD Financial Services United Kingdom London The company has been primarily into BFSI lead generation business, fully authorised by FCA for credit lending related activities. It has operating in the UK over a decade now and working with top UK lead sellers, IFAs, leading mortgage networks and bands related to later life lending products. The company generates leads related to protection insurance, PMI, Income protection, mortgage, bridging loan etc Previously it was regulated by OFT (Office of Fair Trading) and MoJ (Ministry of Justice) as well, before FCA took over.

Key assets

1. FCA full authorisation, license for credit lending activities. Fully compliant with ICO as well. 2. 400k+ users' who used our services to purchase one of the BFSI products and has high lifevtime value (LTV min. average ~ £3k including recommendation, switch or upgrade, new product enquiry) if nurtured & serviced in-house, using our automated lead nurturing platform iLDS. 3. 10+ customer facing websites with 800+ customized landing pages, micro templates, advertising materials & digital assets. 4. High spend (£1.5 million+) Google & Bing active accounts with all performance history that goes back to 2011. Monthly credit billing up to £100k, can be extended based on future spend. These high spend old accounts provide competitive advantage on low cost new customer acquisition cost cause of it huge performance history, over new accounts. 5. Our in-house data management and analytics platform, iLDS (Integrated lead distribution system) manages all buyers’ integration, demand-supply, marketing performance, sales pipeline, prospects & GDPR compliance, follow-up, departmental performance etc on a daily basis. Its user access control restricted and employees can check their departmental performance (financials – projection vs delivery) on real time basis to improve on performance on a daily basis. 6. Codebase and IP - Tech Stack: Angular, ASP.NET Core, django, AWS, DynamoDB, SQL, Flutter, Twilio
L#20220260 10-Year-Old FCA IFPRU Firm $2,250,000 $530,000 4.25x TBD Financial Services United Kingdom For sale is a fully regulated 10-year-old company FCA IFPRU. The firm is currently operating with its head office in Southern England, focusing on a regional network to provide its core values - the ability to act as your "local broker". Currently, the firm consists of a strong senior management team, a research center, a regulatory compliance department and a legal department; all of them work to implement the fundamental values of the Firm and help the company continue its path of growth and competitive presence in the UK financial services market.


  • Dealing in investments as Principal / Agent
  • 125k license
  • Company incorporated 2002
  • License Granted 2012
  • Payment services license -2019
  • Segregated Multiple currency bank accounts
  • Website / marketing Campaigns / Social media platform accounts etc available
  • No office lease or other lease agreements
  • 300 Professional / Retail clients (utilising 3rd party platforms)
  • No liabilities


2017–Rev  Approx £800k 2018- Rev Approx £600k 2019- Rev Approx £8700k 2020- Rev Approx £600k 2021- Rev Approx £400k The company can be scaled through SEO / social media campaigning- digital marketing and building on existing networks and overseas expansion. For the right aquirer the firm can achieve much higher levels of revenue if the right marketing is implemented. There is also the possibility of a new platform as opposed to using 3rd party providers. The Firm is authorised to hold client money and safeguard assets.- This enables the potential to build a trading platform. Also benefits from a PSD license for payment remittance business. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the UK Government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. The FCA regulates financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the financial markets in the United Kingdom. It focuses on the regulation of conduct by both retail and wholesale financial services firms. Like its predecessor the FSA, the FCA is structured as a company limited by guarantee. Seller is willing to stay on board as a consultant.
L#20220339 10-Year-Old High-Speed VPN with USA, UK, European customers $1,500,000 $730,000 2.05x TBD VPN Canada High-Speed VPN with USA, UK, European customers VPN Business for Sale. This VPN started as a small company in Moldova and gladly now company have customers all over the globe. The core philosophy, on which was built this company upon, revolves around individual’s privacy and security. The purpose is to deliver excellent services to make the world a better place for people who want to use the internet without its hazards. Company was formed as a small business venture in the backend of 2011 by three friends, all of which had a big experience in e commerce. The original vision for VPN was similar to that of a family run restaurant, staff and clients are known to each other and dealt with personably. Today it has servers in 22 countries and offer smooth speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and extremely stable connections. Also, all servers double as proxies at no extra cost. Connection to the servers and configure connections with unlimited number of devices through User-Friendly Apps with the same subscription.
L#20210182 10-Year-Old Profitable Clothing Manufacturing Business $1,750,000 $5,500,000 $1,350,000 0.32x 1.3x Manufacturing Russia Saint-Petersburg 10-Year-Old Profitable Clothing Manufacturing Business with a registered trademark for sale. The production is located in the city of St. Petersburg, specializes in products:
  • Uniforms for playing sports (football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, rugby, etc.)
  • Tracksuits
  • Outerwear (jackets, anoraks, windbreakers, vests, etc.) Fitness
  • clothing (tops, leggings, etc.)
  • Swimwear
  • Special clothing (protective overalls for doctors, work clothes)
The production is located in a commercial premises with an area of 1,650 m2. All necessary communications have been carried out, functionally divided into a sportswear production shop, a special clothing production shop, an office and a warehouse. The room is located in a protected area, with the possibility of arrival / departure of heavy vehicles. The office part / production part is the maximum open- space with glass offices for efficient work and proximity to production. The sale is carried out together with a legal entity, certification has been obtained:
  • Declarations of Conformity TR/CU 019/2011 (until 21.04.2025)
  • Certificate of conformity to GOST R (special clothing from OPZ, up to 04/20/2025)
  • Registration certificate for medical devices
The company has created a wide distribution network, regularly allocates a budget for contextual, targeted advertising, website optimization, and work with marketplaces. The company has a well-established sales department, contracts have been signed for brand representation with sports leagues and federations. The business is completely independent with a built-in business process of hiring and adjusting staff.
L#20210196 10-Year-Old Swiss Assets Management Company based in Geneva TBD TBD TBD Financial Services Switzerland Geneva This Swiss Assets Management Company based in Geneva provides asset management services. The Company offers asset management, investment advisory, and support services for individuals, companies, foundations, family offices, and institutional investors with Swiss Asset Management clients worldwide. a. Geneva Limited Company (GmbH), founded in 2011 with three shareholders (two of whom are managing directors) b. Directors are willing to stay on board, if desired and justifiable from the point of view of the directors (KYC buyer): CHF 12,000 fee p.a. per director c. Currently has a universal license according to FINMA and benefits from grandfathering until December 31, 2022 d. The company can be re-domiciled (sensibly as of December 31, 2021, canton depending on future business activities).
L#20220326 10-Year-Old Top Aquafeed Producers with EU Customers $130,000,000 $10,000,000 13x TBD Manufacturing Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Aquafeed maker (for catfish and fish with scales) with good profitability and scalability.
Aquafeeds are compounded meals prepared for aquatic animals by mixing various raw materials and additives. These blends are prepared according to specific requisite of the species and age of the animal. This product has become crucial to aquaculture industry due to its nutritional, immune resistant, and growth promoting properties. High quality aquafeed is exponentially more beneficial to fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other aquatic animals than farm-made feed due to their balanced and need-specific composition.
- One of the top aquafeed makers in Vietnam.
- Business has been operational for over 9 years. - Qualified for exports to Europe. - Good profitability and scalability. - Loyal and capable management team.

Products & Services Overview

Manufacturer of aquafeed (for catfish and fish with scales).

Assets Overview

- 3 plants. - Brand name. - Production formula. - Customer base. - Management & staff.
Facilities Overview
Have 3 owned plants in Mekong Delta with convenient locations inside industrial zones.
L#20210216 10-Year-Old Top Magento Business $2,000,000 $750,000 2.67x TBD Internet Businesses Belarus Minsk Established Magento Development Company active in building solutions to help clients catering to their requirements and help retailers scale & grow their online business by integrating extensions and solutions. The company is mainly active in Ecommerce support and maintenance,  Highly marginal consulting audits and services with 50+ magento 1.x extensions. Company has established itself in the United States and Europe as a well-known brand. There are many successful projects under management like:
  • European Brand that sells tools for home and industry in 11 countries
  • US TOP-5 Golf Equipment brand
  • US Clothes Brand (with 65000 employees)
  • US Lighting brand with 105 years history in Seattle
The CEO has an extensive experience in SEO, Development and Project Management.


2017: $229K (Top Revenue) 2018: $339K (Top Revenue) 2019: $474K (Top Revenue) 2020: $538K (Top Revenue) 2021: $750K (Top Revenue)


2017: 14 2018: 20 2019: 27 2020: 29 2021: 41
L#20220321 10-Year-Old VPN Leading Business with USA/EU Customers TBD $2,000,000 TBD TBD VPN Hong Kong Hong Kong For sale a global company providing a premium VPN service that has been around for almost 15 years. The company offers more than 6000+ servers in 90+ GEOs, giving users all the leverage they need to access any content online without compromising security or anonymity.


- Award-Winning VPN Provider - Member of the US National Cyber Security Alliance - Regular Audits - ARR Customers mostly from USA / UK, Germany and India - 5 Stars Review on app stores (available on Android, iOS and Huawei) - Company is based in a non-member of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes surveillance jurisdictions According to the company privacy policy, the organization don’t log or any:
  • Online browsing activities
  • Connection logs
  • VPN IPs assigned
  • Original IP addresses
  • Browsing history
  • Outgoing traffic
  • Connection times
  • Data you have accessed, and/or
  • DNS queries generated by your end.

List of Assets included in the sale

    • Domain Name
    • Website
    • All platforms Apps ( Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, Firestick, Huawei app )
    • Legal Entity
    • Brand Reputation
    • 06 Months Post Sales Marketing Support
    • 3 Years Contract on only $0.25cent per user per month VPN Network licensing
L#20210117 100-Year Old Italian Football Club in Serie B €20,000,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Competing in the Italian professional Serie B. 20 teams in the league. First two for direct promotion to Serie A and no. 3 to 8 in a after season play off can fight for the 3rd spot for promotion. Many chances to make it to the Serie A.The 4 bottom teams will relegate to the Serie C. Founded 100+ years ago. Located in a strong economical area in the north of Italy. A stadium capacity below 15,000 people. In consultation with local municipality renovation, expansion and renewal possible. Club with a good setup, shown by their graduate growth and climbing up the leagues. In the season 2019/2020 close to promotion to the Serie A. An example for many clubs that have the same ambition.The club has managed to grow/invest and managed their financial situation well. Even after a difficult year with the covid. A good youth structure in place to find local talent, grow them to get them into the 1st team. The club has a good (growing) affiliation program with amateur football clubs in the region. Serie B clubs receive a yearly starting fee of around €8-9 million from federation and broadcasting revenue, depending on certain criteria related to recent performances and importance, in the past, for the Italian football.
L#20240634 100MW WPP Wind Power Plant + GOV PPA TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kazakhstan Wind power is swiftly becoming a popular source of clean and renewable energy around the world, and Kazakhstan is no exception. This 100MW Ready to Build WPP Wind Power Plant is located in a prime wind energy region in Kazakhstan, where the strong and consistent winds make it an ideal location for harnessing wind power. The plan consists of a series of wind turbines that are capable of generating 100 megawatts of electricity, enough to power thousands of homes and businesses in the surrounding area. One of the key factors that has contributed to the success of the 100MW WPP Wind Power Plant is the government Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that has been put in place. A PPA is a contract between a power producer and a utility company or government entity that outlines the terms of the sale of electricity generated by the plant. In the case of the 100MW WPP Wind Power Plant, the government of Kazakhstan has signed a PPA that guarantees a fixed price for the electricity produced by the plant, providing the necessary financial security for investors and allowing the plant to operate profitably. The government PPA is a crucial component of the renewable energy industry in Kazakhstan, as it provides a stable and predictable source of revenue for wind power plants like the 100MW WPP. This has helped to attract investment in the development of wind power projects, leading to the rapid growth of the industry in the country. In addition to the financial benefits, the 100MW WPP Wind Power Plant also provides numerous environmental advantages. By generating electricity from wind power, the plant helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. This is especially important in Kazakhstan, where the government has set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy in the country's energy mix. Furthermore, the 100MW WPP Wind Power Plant also has a positive impact on the local economy. The construction and operation of the plant create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the surrounding area.


  • Ready to Build


  • The 100MW wind farm construction project in Zhezkazgan was won at the auction of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a renewable energy sources (RES) project in Kazakhstan in the fall of 2022.
  • The Contract (PPA) was concluded for the purchase of electrical energy by the settlement and financial center from energy producing organization using renewable energy sources at an auction price of 12.39 tenge / kWh (excluding VAT), valid for 20 years from the start of generation.
  • The annual indexation of the auction price is carried out in the manner prescribed by the Rules for determining fixed tariffs and marginal auction prices


PPA is provided by RFC LLP "Settlement and Financial Center for Support of Renewable Energy Sources" of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It carries out centralized purchase and sale of electric energy produced by facilities for the use of renewable energy sources and supplied to the electric networks of the unified electric power system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The creation and development of LLP "Settlement and Financial Center for the support of renewable energy sources" is connected with the adopted course of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of the renewable energy sector (hereinafter – RES). In order to create conditions for the development of the renewable energy sector, a state support mechanism was adopted based on the introduction of centralized purchase by a single buyer – the settlement and financial center of electric energy produced by renewable energy facilities.
  • 2.39 tng/kWh
  • 20 years
  • 100% purchase

Construction Plan

1. It is planned to build 16 6.25MW wind turbines 2. Plan to build 30km of 35kv collector lines 3. It is planned to build a 220kv booster station 4. It is planned to build 15km of roads within the site and expand the original roads by 5km. 5. It is planned to build a transmission line of 0.3km

Main Indicators

Available power: 100,8 MW Average wind speed measured on site (19.06.2021-18.06.2022) at a height of 100 m above the ground: 7,84 [m/s] Long-term average wind speed at 100 m above ground: 7,75 [m/s] Gross annual electricity supply, thousand: 434,325 kWh Supply of electricity to the power grid, thousand: 372,792 kWh Losses: thousand 61,533: kWh/year

L#20230503 10MW-Hydro Power Plant $5,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Brazil This is the sale of a building permission and a project for the construction of a Hydro Power Plant in Brazil. This Hydro Power Plant has an installed Power of 10M, it is located on the Lava ludo river, in the municipalities of Sao Joaquim and Urupema, in the state of Santa Catherine. Keypoints
  • Installed power= 10 MW
  • Physical Guarantee (firm power)= 5.2 MW (Average)
  • The engine consists of 3 Francis Simple Turbines, with a gross head of 54.7 m.
  • The project meets its basic design with approved DRS, Environmental Study filed to obtain the Prior Environmental License.
  • The connection to the system will be through a 34.5kV transmission line with a length of 15 km connecting the 138 kV bus of the SE Coletora of the Lava ludo developments, to be built in consortium with several other plants.
  • Details General Arrangement, Schedule and Budget
  • The reservoir has an area of 63 ha of total area.
  • The dam will be rockfill with clay core, 211 m long and 22 m high.
  • The proposed spillway is of the lateral channel type, 100 m long, with design capacity of 1450 m3/s.
  • Adduction is carried out through a tunnel with a length of 2,487 m. The implementation timeline is 18 months.


The total cost of implementing this project is pre-estimated at R$72 million ($15,000,000 USD)
L#20200745 10Y Old #1 Trusted VPN Business $1,500,000 $1,400,000 1.07x TBD VPN Hong Kong Hong Kong One of the best VPN Company for Sale on the market. The business started in 2009 from Hong Kong under British management. This company has been always profitable. Cash generative, good gross margin, subscriber based.
  • VPN provider that focuses on expats, business and Leisure travelers.
  • Access geo restricted content such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ITV Hub.
  • Full suite of privacy and security features, inc AES256 encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection.
  • Supports all devices and OS Win, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and DD-WRT.
  • Proprietary Customer Management System.
  • Strong brand that is well known amongst our peers and customers.
  • Strong customer support.
  • Customers based globally, US 30%, EU 40% and Rest of the world 30%
L#20230420 11-GWp Photovoltaics (PV) Project Pipeline in USA $150,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy United States Solar power includes solar farms as well as local distributed generation, mostly on rooftops and increasingly from community solar arrays. In 2021, utility-scale solar power generated 115 terawatt-hours (TWh), or 2.8% of electricity in the United States. Total solar generation that year, including estimated small-scale photovoltaic generation, was 164 TWh. For sale a 11GW Photovoltaics (PV) Project Pipeline in USA. The Developer has secured more than 30,000 hectares under approx. 250 leasing agreements in multiple states (more than half of the total portfolio output located in Texas).


  • 11GW+ Revolving Pipeline of Utility Scale Projects In Key US States
  • Company Can Bring In 2-5GW’s of New Projects Per Year in Perpetuity
  • Net Profits of $1.7BN - $4.8BN on Current 2.5GW’s TX Deals at Build/Flip
  • 5GW Near NTP MEGA Projects in Texas Alone to Immediately Fund
  • Rare Opportunity to Own Established US Utility Scale Solar Developer
  • Flawless 11 Year US Track Record in Utility Scale Solar Project Development
  • Company Has Developed & Sold Over 3GW’s to Date in The US Alone!
  • Turn-Key Operation – Staff, Management & 10GW Existing Project Pipeline
  • Site Selection, Project Approvals, PPA, EPC Contracts & Final Commissioning
  • Plug-and-Play Opportunity for Investor to Generate Billions in US Solar
  • NOT Included (Solar Panels, Inverters, Fences, Metal Structure, Cable, etc)
L#20230584 110+Year-Old Historical Football Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Born in the crucible of competition, this football club has navigated the intricate rhythms of the beautiful game since its inception in the early 20th century. Through decades of highs and lows, triumphs and challenges, it has stood as a testament to the undying spirit of sport. This football institution emerged from the fervor of local enthusiasts who sought to etch their mark on the rich canvas of Italian football. The nascent years were marked by an unwavering commitment to the game, with players donning the colors of their beloved team and stepping onto the pitch with a sense of purpose that would come to define the essence of the club. FC has experienced fluctuations in its footballing journey, moving through different divisions in the Italian football pyramid. The club has often been a focal point for local enthusiasts and a source of community pride. Over the years, FC has contributed to the vibrant football culture in the region. The team's home matches are played at the stadium that has witnessed the highs and lows of clubs performances. The stadium serves as a gathering place for passionate fans who come together to support their beloved club. Club has also played a role in nurturing young talent through its youth academy, contributing to the development of aspiring footballers who dream of wearing the iconic red and blue jersey. The club's commitment to youth development reflects a dedication to building a sustainable future for both the team and the broader football community. The club's online presence and digital platforms serve as a bridge between fans and the team, providing updates, highlights, and a sense of connection for supporters near and far.
L#20230585 120-Year-Old Prestigious Italian Football Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy This club has had a journey marked by various successes and challenges. The club has experienced periods of prominence in Italian football, including competing in Serie A, the top tier of Italian football. The team has also faced relegation to lower divisions, showcasing the ebb and flow that is characteristic of football clubs over time. One of the notable chapters in club's history occurred during the 1950s and early 1960s when the club achieved its highest Serie A finishes. The club secured a Coppa Italia victory, a significant accomplishment in the club's history. Like many football clubs, club has been a symbol of local pride and community spirit. The stadium has witnessed the cheers of victory and the collective determination during challenging moments. In recent years, the club has been part of the competitive landscape in Serie B, the second tier of Italian football. The club's commitment to its roots and the development of local talent is evident through its youth academy, contributing to the nurturing of young players who aspire to represent the club on the professional stage. Fan base, continues to play a crucial role in supporting the team. Whether in moments of triumph or challenges, the loyal supporters contribute to the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds team's matches. The team currently plays in Serie C, the third tier of the Italian football league system.
L#20230472 1275 kW Italian Hydro Power Plant €8,500,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Established Hydro Power Plant located in the North of Italy (Tuscany). The Power Plant is installed on a well-known river, this guarantee a solid production. There are two Kaplan Turbine (Andritz Made in Austria) with horizontal axes (max water capacity 30CBM/s).


  • Water Permission Usate according to GOV Concession: 33,11 CMB/s
  • Water Height: 4,50m
  • Power Concession: 1275 kW
  • The Power Plant has an estimated production of around 8GW per Year, there is NO PPA, the HPP sell on the "Italian Free Market" according to the national rates.
  • Water Usage GOV Concession: RENEWAL IN PROGRESS.


  • 2017: 0,0531 €
  • 2018: 0,0602 €
  • 2019: 0,0522 €
  • 2020:0,0364 €
  • 2021: 0,1252 €
  • 2022: 0,3053 €
  • 2023: 0,1699 €

L#20210055 13 Year Old B2B Online Printing Service Platform $1,350,000 $1,000,000 $250,000 1.35x 5.4x Internet Businesses South Korea Seoul
Printing can be categorized into different products including magazine, catalog, book, label and industrial prints of all kinds. 
 This business runs a platform that specializes book printing of all types such as magazine, catalog, etc. Printing orders range from hundred copies to thousand copies therefore operated as a B2B form of business. Price per order can vary from thousand to million dollars. Such type of business system company adopts is often referred to as “online printing” business. Business features a very distinctive service; an automatic online quote generating system for customers to calculate printing prices on their own. Customers can choose their printing options and specifications, upload files, and complete payment to see a generated quote before order. Business team then proceeds to printing and handles all procedures from printing to delivery with contracted printing factories and freight companies. Printing price is determined by factors such as binding, size, paper type, page, colour, and quantity of projects that differ depending on the need and demand of customers. Unlike standard papers used for office and day-to-day purposes by kinkos, industrial printing papers often come in full sizes. Such full sized papers are to be managed to fit multiple pages for printing hence complicated to generate prices. Additionally, there are more variances for printing demands such as special after effects (foil stamping, embossing, etc) and change of paper, size, color for covers and texts. Developing an automatic calculating system that generate printing quotes involves complicated process therefore. This company is a company based in South Korea, it has been in the printing industry from customers across countries for the past 10 years. Heavily specialized in dealing with customers in the United States, over 99% of the orders came from customers in the United States. Since 2017, the company has spent over 2 years inventing a creative in-depth quoting system to be used for a launch of a sub-brands.

Business Model

The company offer service with an online platform connecting Printing factories with customers. Print on demand service with no storage spaces required.

Printing Services

  • Magazine
  • Catalog
  • Periodicals
  • Publishing Books
  • Comic book
  • Cook book
  • Manuals
  • Textbook
  • Book printing of all kinds

Direct Mailing

• Delivery service via USPS • Selected printing factories handle all processes


  • Prices for printing services : can vary from thousand dollars to million dollars
  • Net-Profit : 20-30% of selling prices of our printing services
L#20240698 13-Year-Old Malaysian Bank $15,500,000 TBD TBD Banks Malaysia

13 years old Malaysian Bank with a wide scope of activities, $2M worth of assets and  no exchange controls.

The bank uses swift transfer system for international Transfers and has availability for Electronic Funds Transfer. It also enters into Correspondent Bank Agreements and has the authority to open Loro accounts.

The bank does not use Double Accounting and has compliances such as: KYC, KYT, KYR, AML, ATF.

Key information:

Commission Income $100,000 Monthly
Deposits More than $1,000,000 monthly
P/L More than $500,000 per year
Number of Clients < 10
% Legal Entities of Clients 100%
License Validity Term Renewal every 1st of January
Scope of Activities All Except Deposits

L#20230500 14.7MW Hydro Power Plant $3,500,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Brazil Brazil is the world's second largest hydropower producer by installed capacity and has the largest installed hydropower capacity in South America, with 60 per cent of the continent’s total capacity.Large hydropower remains the major source of electricity supply, with wind and solar representing about 11 per cent. This is the sale of a building permission and a project for the construction of a Hydro Power Plant in Brazil. This 14.7MW Hydro Power Plant is located in the municipalities of Capinzal, Ipira and Ouro, in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, taking advantage of a gap of 8.33 m gross in the place between the dam and the powerhouse.


Status = Ready to Build Installed power = 14.70 MW Average energy = 7.79 average MW (period from 1940 to 2015) Physical Energy Guarantee = 7.06 average MW calculated for the period from 1940 to 2015 of average monthly flows observed and in accordance with Ordinance No. 463/2009 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy – MME). Connection to SIN = The Transmission Line (LT) at 138 kV, called the South Line, which will transport the energy generated by the PCH Barra do Pinheiro, will be built in a consortium signed between the Small Hydroelectric Plants of the Peixe River located between the mouth of the river.


The declaration of water availability - DRDH (Ordinance No. 0218) was issued by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development of Santa Catarina on June 16, 2020. The Prior Environmental License – LAP was issued by the Institute of the Environment of the State of Santa Catarina – IMA on November 26, 2021. Currently in the process of obtaining the Environmental Installation License – LAI and obtaining the Authorization to Cut Vegetation – AuC, from IMA/SC. The designed spillways have a total capacity of 6,374 m³/s (millennial flood). The powerhouse attached to the dam is of the sheltered type and was designed in the Basic Project optimization study to house three horizontal Kaplan S type generating units, with 4.9 MW of installed power each, turbine flow of 67.6 m³/ s per unit and gross drop of 8.37 m. The construction schedule foresees 24 months for the execution of the project.

Investment Estimation

The total cost of implementing the project is estimated at R$ 106,426,000.00, with the transmission line included, without JDC. This represents a cost of BRL 7,240.00/kW, a value well below the index cost of BRL 8,466.52/kW, defined by ANEEL for Small Hydroelectric Power Plants, a value used to calculate the guarantee of faithful compliance required for the Granting of Concession. This cost of implementation of PCH Barra do Pinheiro does not include the acquisition of rights over the Basic Project approved by ANEEL (DRS-PCH) and Environmental Licenses, in the amount of R$ 800,000.00/MW installed. The construction schedule foresees 24 months for the execution of the enterprise.
L#20210189 15 year old Production of Bakery $2,350,000 $2,480,000 $420,000 0.95x 5.6x Manufacturing Russia Saint-Petersburg The production of bakery and confectionery products of long shelf life, puff pastry and butter cookies is for sale. The business has been operating for more than 15 years. The business is located on its own real estate - these are industrial buildings and land plots. The total area of the premises is 1,296 m2, the land area is 10,661 m2. The sale of production is fully established. Long-term contracts have been signed with federal chains: X5 Retail Group, Dixie, Lenta, Magnet, Bill. Agreements have also been signed with many distributors and local networks. Automated equipment is used for the production of products, manual labor is only partially used. All equipment is made in Switzerland and Italy.
L#20210171 15-Year Old BPO Call Center with 5000+ Employees $29,000,000 $13,500,000 2.15x TBD Call Center India This 15-Year Old BPO Call Center fors ale has  5000+ Employees based in India,  providing Customer Interaction Services (“CIS”) to its clients in various industry verticals – Utility, Telecom, Retail, e-commerce, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality. The Company offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions through right talent, tools, assets and methodologies. The Company delivers the entire spectrum of business processes – from shared back office processes for industry specific front and middle office processes The Company is an ISO 9001:2015 ISO 27001:2015 and ISO 22301 and 20000:1 certified organization and operates on client focused, objective driven and partnership approach.
L#20230534 15-Year-Old American Telecommunication Business offering VOIP-enabled phone numbers $2,500,000 $1,000,000 2.5x TBD Internet Businesses United States 15-Year-Old American Telecommunication Business offering VOIP-enabled phone numbers. This company makes available SIP DID phone numbers from 140 countries and 100s of 1000s of cities with instant activation. The direct inward dialing phone numbers add revenue and increase customer retention in business areas of Calling Card, VoIP, CallBack, Call Forwarding, PBXs, Mobile Phones, Voice Mail, Faxing or any other VOICE or Data Service one wishes to provide. Numbers are available Per Channel, Per Minute and Per Trigger Bases. The API and Web Service empowers your telecom, mobile, or other communications service provider to integrate the entire DIDS inventory of millions of phone numbers of 145 nations on to your web site, enabling you to buy and resell with a whole new revenue value add for customers. Your company gains an excellent reputation with increased revenue, more satisfied customers that stay with you, and your global presence. The company has supported over 25,000 customers.
L#20220268 15-Year-Old Large Confectionery Production Business $2,600,000 $2,800,000 $456,000 0.93x 5.7x Manufacturing Russia Moscow Business description The main activity is the production and packaging of confectionery ingredients and dairy products. The two main directions are:
  • baking sugar, lingering cookies, and crackers
  • chocolate coating of confectionery products
Baking: 2 full cycle lines including the preparation of flour with automatic feeding to the output of finished products for packaging. One of the lines is equipped with a laminator for the production of crackers of European quality. There is also a line for making chocolate centers for subsequent coating with icing sugar. Draining: fully automatic cabins for coating with chocolates and glazes of various types of centers (cookies, nuts, etc.); also includes extrusion process.  The main clients are large international companies with their production in Russia, as well as large Russian producers of dairy and confectionery products. Other international customers are from China and Poland.
L#20220372 15-Year-Old Turkish Web Hosting Company $3,000,000 TBD TBD Hosting Businesses Turkey Istanbul
With more than 15 years of experience in the hosting industry, hosting company has become one of the leaders in the hosting market in Turkey, with strong infrastructure, technical team that constantly improves its technological knowledge and visionary management. The company wants to transfer 100% of the Hosting Business.


Hosting Packages with Linux and Windows operating systems, which contain services such as disk, e-mail, database, domain, sub-domain, internet traffic, control panel, are offered. Reseller Hosting Reseller hosting, which means reseller type hosting; It is a hosting service that allows a person to host a large number of websites or do hosting marketing using their storage space and bandwidth.
L#20240623 15-Years-Old Italian Luxury Fashion Brand TBA TBD TBD Fashion Retailer Italy Milan Founded 15 years ago, this Italian fashion brand that has quickly made a name for itself in the fashion industry. With its unique and innovative designs, the brand has garnered a loyal following of fashion-forward individuals who appreciate high-quality, luxurious clothing. From its bold silhouettes to its intricate detailing, it is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion and creating pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Design Aesthetic: The design aesthetic of the brand is modern and sophisticated, with a focus on clean lines, bold shapes, and unexpected details. The brand combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create clothing that is both timeless and contemporary. The brand is known for its use of luxurious materials such as leather, silk, and cashmere, as well as its attention to detail in every stitch and seam. The color palette of the products is minimalist and refined, with a focus on neutral tones such as black, white, and grey. The brand occasionally incorporates pops of color such as deep reds or blues, but overall, it is known for its understated and elegant color choices. This allows the focus to remain on the silhouette and design of each piece, rather than on flashy colors or patterns. The brand has garnered a growing list of celebrity fans who appreciate the brand's avant-garde aesthetic and luxurious craftsmanship. Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing this. brand on multiple occasions, solidifying the brand's status as a favorite among the fashion elite. It´s ability to attract such high-profile clientele speaks to its relevance and influence in the fashion world. Overall, this is a brand that embodies the essence of modern Italian fashion - sophisticated, innovative, and undeniably chic. With its focus on luxurious materials, bold designs, and attention to detail, It has quickly become a favorite among fashion-forward individuals who appreciate high-quality, statement-making clothing. As the brand continues to evolve and push the boundaries of traditional fashion, it is sure to remain a powerhouse in the industry for years to come.


  • Retail: the Brand had a single-brand store in Milan of approx. 100m2, the Brand has an e-commerce platform.
  • Wholesale: the brand is marketed both in Italy and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia are the reference markets), both within top retailers and luxury department stores, with a highly selected customer portfolio.


  • Brand produced 100% in Italy, according to the highest quality criteria.
  • Brand specializes in the men's segment, particularly in outerwear and aims to satisfy the needs of a man who is increasingly attentive to the quality, style and performance of the garments he wears.

Sales Breakdown

  • 50% Italy / 50% World
L#20240593 15+Year-Old Linux VPS Web-Hosting Business TBA TBD TBD Hosting Businesses United Kingdom
A web hosting business is one that provides the service of hosting websites on the internet. In simple terms, it means that they give space on their servers to individuals or businesses who want their websites to be accessible on the World Wide Web. The web hosting business is an essential part of today's digital world as every website requires a server to function. These businesses offer various types of hosting services such as shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is the most common and economical option, where multiple websites share the resources of a single server. VPS hosting provides more control and resources for high-traffic websites, while dedicated server hosting offers an entire server dedicated to a single website or client. Cloud hosting utilizes multiple servers to balance the load and ensure reliability. Web hosting businesses also provide additional services such as domain registration, website builders, email hosting, and security features to enhance the hosting experience. The success of a web hosting business lies in providing reliable and efficient hosting services, ensuring maximum uptime, and offering strong customer support. As the demand for websites continues to grow, the web hosting industry is expected to grow alongside it.


Operating since 2009 and renovated in 2020, the company is a leading hosting provider, offering a range of services to clients worldwide. Corporate Structure Global presence with locations in the UK (LLP, intellectual property owner), Dominica (LTD + bank account), and Austria (self-employed, contracts + management). The company servers are strategically located in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Singapore. Incorporation History Company started in Ukraine in 2009, and subsequent incorporations took place in Dominica (2012), Singapore (2015, dissolved), UK (2020), and Austria (2021). Legal Standing Company has a clean legal record with no active lawsuits against the company. Ownership Structure Company is predominantly owned, with 99% shares held by the founder and 1% by the founder's wife in an LLP structure. Additionally, 100% of the shares belong to the founder for the LTD. Operational Details Currently at zero employees, operation focus on providing a variety of hosting services, excluding adult sites. Infrastructure They own and manage hardware in data centers across Czech Republic, Singapore, and Ukraine. Colocation services are not offered. Revenue Breakdown
  • Shared Hosting: ~50 accounts, generating $1,800 USD in annual revenue.
  • VPS Hosting: ~250 VMs, contributing $38,172 USD in revenue for the year.
  • Active Domains: 28, with revenue included in hosting revenue.
Domain Registration Resellerclub for domain registration, acting as a reseller for various TLDs allowed by Resellerclub's API. Service & Support Support is primarily offered in English, with occasional Ukrainian/Russian support for local clients. Assistance offered through WHMCS tickets 24/7, phone support 24/7, and online chat during specific hours. Customer Profile Thee typical customer profile consists of 55% SOHO, 30% small businesses, 10% medium businesses, and 5% nonprofits. From a revenue perspective, it's estimated at 50% medium business, 30% SOHO, and 20% small business. Approximately 20% of customers are based in the US. Billing and Payment Billing is managed through WHMCS, and they accept payments via PayPal, bank transfers, crypto (19%), and other methods. Billing Frequency About 90% of customers opt for monthly billing, 4% quarterly, 2% semi-annually, and 4% annually. Churn Rate Customer retention periods vary, with a typical range of 2-3 months for monthly plans and longer for dedicated plans.
L#20240644 150+ Year-Old Swiss Luxury Patented Watches Brand TBD TBD TBD Retail Miscellaneous Switzerland This Swiss Luxury Patented Watches Brands is a renowned watchmaker known for his exquisite timepieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. His watches are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts all around the world. It started his journey into the world of watchmaking at a young age. He was fascinated by the intricate movements and precision required to create a high-quality timepiece. The materials used in its watches are of the highest quality, sourced from reputable suppliers around the world. From stainless steel and titanium to precious metals and gemstones, Bourget spares no expense when it comes to creating a truly luxurious timepiece. In addition to their exceptional craftsmanship, its watches are also known for their innovation and technological advancements.

Market Overview

Swiss luxury watches are known worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and prestige. They are considered to be among the finest timepieces in the world, with a long history of excellence and innovation. One of the key factors that sets Swiss luxury watches apart is the quality of their materials and construction. Swiss watchmakers are known for using only the highest quality components, including precious metals like gold and platinum, as well as top-of-the-line mechanical movements and sapphire crystals. Each watch is meticulously assembled by skilled artisans who pay careful attention to every detail, ensuring that each timepiece meets the highest standards of quality and precision. Another distinguishing feature of Swiss luxury watches is their timeless design. Many Swiss watch brands have a long history of creating classic, elegant timepieces that never go out of style. From the iconic Rolex Submariner to the sophisticated Tag Heuer Carrera, these watches are not only functional timepieces but also works of art that can be passed down through generations. Swiss luxury watches are also known for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. Thanks to their advanced mechanical movements and meticulous quality control processes, Swiss watches are able to keep time with incredible precision, often losing or gaining only a few seconds per day. This level of accuracy is essential for those who rely on their watches for important tasks or events. In addition to their technical excellence, Swiss luxury watches also carry a sense of prestige and status. Owning a Swiss watch is a symbol of success and sophistication, and wearing one can make a powerful statement about one's taste and style.


  1. Luxury watch brand known for its exquisite designs and craftsmanship.
  2. The brand was founded by a renowned watchmaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry.
  3. Each watch is handmade in Switzerland using high-quality materials and precision techniques.
  4. It offers a range of styles, from classic dress watches to bold sports watches.
  5. The brand is known for its attention to detail, with intricate dial designs and intricate movements.
  6. The Watches are often embellished with diamonds and other precious gemstones, adding to their luxurious appeal.
  7. The brand's watches are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their unique designs and exceptional quality.
  8. Those Watches has a limited production run, making each timepiece a rare and exclusive piece.
  9. The brand also offers custom-made watches for clients looking for a truly unique timepiece.


  • Made in Switzerland
  • Trademark Assigned
  • Patents Assigned
  • Exclusive OEM Manufacturing Agreements with the best watches makers in Switzerland
  • Available in many stores across the world (Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Beijing, China, Dubai, UAE, Maui, Hawaii, USA, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Savoy, London, UK).
  • Franchising Opportunity
L#20240699 160MW PV Ready to Build Project TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Romania

The total project consist 4 projects and is located in the Southern part of Romania, which has the highest irradiation in the country.

Romania is a great location as it has 210 sunny days per year and with an annual solar energy flux between 1,000 kWh/m2/year and 1,300 kWh/m2/year.

All project’s authorizations are in progress, and the buyer can get the building permit within 60 days after signing the SPA.

AC Capacity [41.125+32.725+30.625+30.625] MWac 135.100 MWac
DC Capacity [43.090+40.610+37.820+38.440] MWdc 159.960 MWdc
PV panels [TIGER NEO N-TYPE Bifacial with dual glass, JINKO SOLAR] 620W
PV inverters [SUN2000-185KTL H1, HUAWEI] 175 kW / 185 kW
Mounting systems Fixed
One HV220KV substation for all 4 projects Yes
Location Southern Romania
Estimated Yearly Power Production (MWh/MWp) 1,450
KMZ file available Yes
Total Land Surface – 6 Plots (ha) 160
Land ownership -SVP Leasing Leasing (Superficie)
Land Leasing Cost (Eur/ha/Year) Eur 1,700
Leasing Conditions Indexation: 5% or HICP | 32
Land Type Agriculture, Complete flat
Zoning (PUZ) N/A
Natura 2000 Overlap No
Flooding Risk No
Archaeological Risk No
Urban Certificate – Valid Yes
Land Class (OSPA) 3
Pedological Study Yes
Topological Study In progress
Geodesic Study In progress
Environmental Permit In progress
Solution Study Yes
Distance to 220KV grid connection aerial line TSO (km) 1.2
Connection Permits for 220 kV TSO grid Yes
Grid connection cost, incl. 220 kV substation & 220 kV aerial line 1.2 km - payable to TSO [EUR/MWp] Eur 62,500 (w/o VAT)
110 kV substation cost + underground cables – own funds (EUR/MWp) Eur 42,000
Grid aerial line 220 kV reinforcement cost -payable to TSO [EUR/MWp Eur 12,500
Grid aerial line 220kV reinforcement, lenght [Km] 23.3
Passage rights for connection to the grid secured Yes
Other Permits (more than 10, according to CU) In progress
Building Permit for PV parks & 220 kW connection line (AC) Within 60 days after signing SPA
Set Up Authorization (ANRE) Upon BP
Status Valid for all 4 projects Yes
L#20240601 163MW Wind & Solar Power Plant Portfolio TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Turkey Wind power plants in Turkey have been gaining significant momentum and recognition in recent years. With a geographical advantage that includes an extensive coastline and various regions with high wind potential, Turkey has emerged as a major player in the global wind energy market. Turkey's wind power capacity has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. According to the Turkish Wind Energy Association, the country's installed capacity reached 9.6 GW by the end of 2020, making it the fourth-largest wind power producer in Europe. This impressive growth can be attributed to favorable government policies promoting renewable energy, generous feed-in tariffs, and an attractive investment climate. One of the key regions for wind power plant installations in Turkey is the Aegean region, particularly Izmir, Balikesir, and Canakkale. These areas benefit from strong and consistent winds, making them ideal for harnessing wind energy. Additionally, coastal regions such as Istanbul, Tekirdağ, and Edirne have also witnessed a surge in wind power installations. Wind power plants not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions, but they also stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities. The construction and operation of wind farms require a significant workforce, providing employment opportunities for local communities. Moreover, wind energy investments attract both domestic and foreign direct investments, contributing to the country's overall economic development. Furthermore, wind power plants play a crucial role in diversifying Turkey's energy mix and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. As a country heavily reliant on energy imports, wind energy helps reduce the burden on imported natural gas and contributes to energy security. However, like any other renewable energy sector, wind power plants face challenges. The intermittency of wind resources and possible grid integration issues require efficient management and investment in energy storage systems. Balancing the intermittent nature of wind power with the demand is essential for a reliable and stable energy supply.


The Portfolio consists of wind power plants with solar extensions in Turkey, with a total envisaged installed capacity of approximately 163 MWp and an annual electricity generation capacity of 368 GWh.


The construction of the Metafor WEPP in Bingöl is completed, and the plant became operational in March 2023. Its solar extension is expected to be commissioned in September 2023. In Ağrı, the Yakaağzı WEPP and its solar extension are also expected to be commissioned in September 2023.

Revenue Stream

The Portfolio will sell the electricity it generates under a feed-in tariff (FiT) system. The FiT period for Metafor and Yakaağzı will expire in 2031 and 2030, respectively. During the FiT period, the FiT price will be $94 per MWh in the first five years and $73 per MWh in the remaining years. Ongoing initiatives to expand the installed capacity in both sites include:
  • 385 MW and 350 MW wind power capacity extension rights were allocated from the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation. These rights will be incorporated into the existing hybrid licenses after the COD (Commercial Operation Date) of both wind plants in Bingöl and Ağrı, respectively.
  • With sufficient land area for expansion, the management aims to increase the extension capacity of each wind and solar project to 150 MWp in both sites, leading to a total extension capacity of 600 MWp.
L#20220369 17-Year-Old Hong Kong Licence (SFC) $1,300,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Hong Kong 17-Year-Old Hong Kong Licence (SFC) for sale. Active: Clean record, No open or unresolved legal issues.


Type 1, Dealing in Securities (HK Stock Trading, US Stock Trading, Margin Financing) Type 2, Dealing in Futures Contracts (HK Futures and Options, Global Futures and Options.) Type 4, Advising on Securities Type 5, Advising on Futures Contracts Type 6, Advising on corporate finance Type 9, Asset Management (For Type 9  regulated activity, the licensee shall not conduct business involving the discretionary management of any collective investment scheme. The term "collective investment scheme" is as defined under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.)
  • HKEX Stock Trading Right 4. Rights to or interests in investments
  • HKEX Futures Trading Right (Contractually Based Investments)
  • HKEX Direct Clearing Participant of 5. Rolling spot forex contract HKSCC(Securities)
  • HKEX Clearing Participant of HKCC
Monthly volume HKD400 - 500m. Listed company as shareholder. The licensee shall only provide services to professional investors. The term "professional investor" is as defined in the Securities and Futures Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation.
L#20210008 17Y Old SAAS Business Selling Best Online Gigs Ideas $4,500,000 TBD TBD Software & SAAS Israel Tel Aviv Founded in 2003, this company is one of the world's leading freelance marketplaces, matching highly-skilled, pre-screened, experts with high-value projects from around the world in more than 600 different categories and skill sets.

The website connects clients with professionals, experts and freelancers primarily in web development, programming, graphics, sales & marketing, writing, translation, and more)

The business model is based on subscription (SaaS), with three main plans: 1 Month / 3 Months / 12 Months as well as certified expert membership, hot projects, one-time bids and more.
• 17 Years Old
• 4 Employees (2 Senior Java JS Developers / 2 Customers Service)
• Israel Limited Company
• 250,000 users internationally, 60% based in Israel
• Big Corp Customers like eBay, Google Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Groupon and more
• All projects are pre-approved by the management (no automatization), this ensures high quality gigs
• Business model scalable in all jurisdictions
• Average Project Size: $2,000 USD
• Google Top 3 for many keywords in Israel
• Approx 85% - 90% EBITDA
• (Stable Income / Profits during the last 5 years)
• (13 Years Tax Returns from Israeli Tax Authorities)
L#20240642 19.6 MW Biomass Power Plant $25,000,000 $18,354,000 $2,265,346 1.36x 11.04x Renewable Energy United States A biomass power plant is a facility that generates electricity by burning organic materials such as wood, livestock waste, or agricultural leftovers. These materials are known as biomass, and they are considered a renewable energy source because they can be replenished quickly through natural processes. Biomass power plants are an important part of the effort to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change. One of the key benefits of biomass power plants is their ability to convert waste materials into valuable energy. By using materials that would otherwise be discarded, these plants can provide a sustainable source of power while also reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental impact. In addition to being environmentally friendly, biomass power plants also provide economic benefits to local communities. They create jobs in the collection, processing, and transportation of biomass materials, as well as in the operation and maintenance of the power plant itself. This can help stimulate economic growth and provide a boost to rural economies where biomass materials are often sourced. Biomass power plants also offer a reliable source of electricity that can help stabilize the grid and enhance energy security. Because biomass is a readily available resource, power plants can operate consistently and provide a constant source of power, even when other renewable energy sources like solar or wind are not producing electricity.


Biomass power plants in Canada are playing an increasingly important role in the country's renewable energy sector. These plants use organic materials such as wood chips, agricultural residues, and waste from forestry and agricultural industries to generate electricity and heat. Biomass is considered a renewable energy source because the organic materials used to produce it can be replenished and are considered carbon neutral, as the carbon emissions released during combustion are offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants during their growth. One of the main advantages of biomass power plants is that they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a more sustainable energy future. By using organic waste materials that would otherwise go to landfills or be burned in the open air, biomass power plants are able to produce clean energy and reduce the environmental impact of these waste materials. In addition, biomass power plants contribute to local economies by creating jobs and supporting the forestry and agricultural industries.


Provide an important environmentally responsible forest management solution as well as substantial value chain benefits to local timber industry.  Strong fuel supply: strong long-term historical relationships with suppliers for over 30 years and substantial on-site fuel storage  Strong operations: history of safe, strong, reliable operation with highly experienced team Biofuel/biochar and solar farm potential: facility has the fuel relationships and gathering systems for development of biofuels/biochar capability as well as a solar farm.


Contracted Electricity Sale: Power Purchase Agreement extended until October 2032 based on ACT155. Adjusted EBITDA in 2022 and on a run-rate basis in 2023 is running at a level of $3.5- $4M. These figures add back management fees to the Operator of approximately $0.6M annually. The dryer/pellets production project is in permitting process. The dryer/pellets project’s Capex is $23M and will provide additional revenue and incremental EBITDA (Plant efficiency and additional revenues from pellet production project).

Plant Overview

L#20210110 1M Customers Digital Financial Transaction Platform $3,850,000 $5,810,000 0.66x TBD Internet Businesses India The company is one of the leaders in India by providing products and services to strengthen digitization in the fields of Payments & Lending. The company currently serves 1,000,000+ customers. Digital Financial Transaction Platform Platform to provide Fin-Tech products through Customer Service Points (CSP’s). Marchant Acquiring Platform POS for Cards based payments for merchants. SME Lending based on merchants card Services AEPS Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Mini Statement, Balance Enquiry Domestic Money Transfer Money Transfer Service, mostly used by migrant workers to send money to their loved ones in villages Bill Payments Pay Electricity, Water & other utility bills Recharges Top-up mobile & DTH for customers Aadhaar Pay Low Cost Merchant Solution for small & medium business. Micro ATM Works just like normal ATM, where cash withdrawal is done in assisted model Insurance All types of insurance (Auto, Micro, Health & accident insurance Other Services We offer many other services to increase ROI of our retailers, such as PAN Card, IRCTC/Air/Bus Tickets and many others
L#20210106 2.40 MW Solar Power Plant with a signed PPA with the Government $2,600,000 $205,000 12.68x TBD Manufacturing India Himachal Praesh For sale a 2.40 MW Solar Power Plant with a signed PPA with the government, the power plant uses the latest technology and is fully functional, it is built on a plot of land 11 acres. 7 acres  will be included in the sale. There is a PPA agreement signed with the  State Government.  
L#20210161 20-Year Old FIFA Accredited Colored SBR Granule Manufacturing Business €4,500,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey Istanbul
20-Year Old Colored SBR Granule Manufacturing Business producer of rubber tiles of 50x50x2.5 cm sizes, the facility has the capacity to produce 68,640 Sq M of tiles and  also have the capacity to produce 2,160,000 KG of coloured SBR granules and 2,400, 000 KG of organic infill. - Organic infill is used in artificial grass football fields and company has a FIFA test report and product certification for the same. Only a handful of companies have this certification. - Management has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Products & Services Overview

Rubber tile, sbr color granules, products can be used for Kindergartens and playgrounds, Running and walking paths, Sports halls and entertainment facilities, Schools and universities, Paddocks, horse hospitals and stables, Fitness and gymnastic grounds, Animal shelters, Hospitals, dispensary and rehabilitation centers, Grounds and walls of shooting ranges.
The company was established in 1989. Since its establishment the company has been involved in business activities such as; tire dealership, rubber recycling, shock absorber products made of rubber, indoor and outdoor sports field flooring systems, sports fields intermediate products. With 30 years of knowledge and experience, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector.


  • Colored SBR granule production (used in rubber tile, tracks, ground filling material)
  • SBR- Rubber tile production (used in parks walking paths, children play grounds, schools)
  • Special rubber tile production laid in sand
  • Tartan track construction and application (track and field track floor systems)
  • Acrylic floor systems and application (basketball, volleyball, tennis courts)
  • Production of FIFA approved organic ground infill as filler (Football fields and all kinds ofartificial grass pitches)


  • Kindergartens and Playgrounds
  • Running and walking paths
  • Sports halls and entertainment facilities
  • Schools’ and Universities’ sports fields
  • Paddocks, horse hospitals and stables
  • Fitness and gymnastic grounds
  • Animal shelters
  • Hospital, dispensary and rehabilitation centers
  • Ground and walls of shooting ranges

Facilities Overview

Owned 2,322 square meter factory area. 1,300 square meter closed factory area, 250 square meter production area, open area of 450 square meter, stock area of 1,050 square meter. There is a ground level R&D and Lab room of 130 square meter, kitchen room of 55 square meter and 1st floor management room 55 square meter. The sales and marketing room is 20 square meter, accounting room is 20 square meter. Rest room is 90 square meter, 2nd floor show room is 188 square meter. General usable area is 2,400 square meter net.
The geographic area covered by the operations of the business are EUROPE, CIS, Midle East , Africa, USA.
L#20210176 20-Year Old Leading Manufacturing Business of Aluminum Profile $60,000,000 $15,000,000 4x TBD Manufacturing Turkey Founded in 1991, this manufacturing metal company for sale is one of the leading Aluminum profile producer in Turkey. The Metal Company landed on a total area of more than 40.000m2 close to Istanbul. The Company has 3 extrusion lines in scales of 2750, 1850 and 1540 tons. Company’s 2750 extrusion press is one of the biggest automatic presses of the industry, which can produce 310 mm wide and 13.4 meters long tempered profiles. With more than 20.000 tones of production capacity per annum, the company engages in production of standard profiles, sigma profiles, furniture profiles, led/cooling profiles, solar energy profiles. Competitive Advantages The Company has a strong risk mitigation strategy by diversifying its customer basis. The Company sells through industrial companies and construction firms all across Turkey. The Company sells to 20+ countries and 300+ customers abroad. Financial 83M = $9,940,727 USD 110M = $13,174,458 USD 130M = $15,569,814 USD 124M = $14,851,207 USD Key Data In 2018, exports to North America rose dramatically, making up nearly 50% of total exports. Production Capacity: 22,000 T Employees: 250+ EBITDA Margin 13.00% Certificates TSE, GOST, CE, CPTP, ISO, QUALANOD, QUALICOAT and IFT ROSENHEIM. Opportunities Primary aluminum consumption has grown globally by 21.3% between 2013 and 2017, reflecting the dynamism of the downstream market and the higher penetration of the metal. Global aluminum demand growth is expected to be 3.8% until 2021.
L#20210109 20-Year Old Pharmaceutical South American Brand $11,500,000 $2,000,000 $450,000 5.75x 25.56x Manufacturing Colombia Bogota This company has been in the Colombian market for 19 years, it owns the approved INVIMA registrations. There is a serious conversations to expand market to Guatemala and 5 more countries in Central America with one big distributor. There are 289 affiliated pharmacies in all main cities of Colombia and in many secondary cities. The CRM is very well organized, with 1397 members between doctors, pharmacies and the institutional market. There are 289 affiliated pharmacies in all main cities of Colombia and in many secondary cities.

Commercial Market

  • 75% of sales are through doctors
  • 25% of sales are Institutional
The company buys the API, the excipients, the packaging and the products, and everything is made by outsourcing in specialized plants in Colombia that are approved by the INVIMA. Currently, there are 32 products registered and approved by the INVIMA and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. Two new products are about to be approved by the INVIMA. An approval by the INVIMA in Colombia takes an average of 2 years and USD $30.000 of investment to achieve. This business has 5 nutritional products, of which we own the brand, but not the registry.


o Antibiotics o Analgesics o Anti-inflammatory o Antihistamines o Cardiovascular o Nutritional o Gastroenterology o Lipid lowering drugs o Pediatric Products: Antibiotics and Nutritional.
L#20220270 20-Year-Old American Web Hosting Brand offering VPS, Dedicated Hosting to USA/EU Customers TBA TBD TBD Hosting Businesses United States American Hosting Company for sale offering premium hosting service to US/EU Customers. IPs are leased, company has more than 1200+ IPs and 400+ IPs are allocated to either dedicated servers or VPS. Organization currently colocate at 3 different locations: Chicago USA, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania). Company grow mostly via SEO / Organic Searches. Just $1,000 / Month is spend in Google Adwords and Marketing. Company receive 100-150 tickets per months which are processed by contractors. 90% Revenue generated from VPS , 10% from Linux Shared Hosting.

Revenue Breakdown

$549,806 USD Revenue (2021) ($15K Hosting Shared, $100K VPS, $65K Dedicated) $373,793 USD Revenue (2020) $304,547 USD Revenue (2019) Employees 1 in Romania and 3 in India to cover 24/7 day to day operations. Payment Gateway Credit card 46% Crypto 28% Paypal 26% Technical Colocation – owned machines in Chicago Illinois, Bucharest Romania and Amsterdam The Netherlands.
L#20230567 20-Year-Old Facility Maintenance Services $25,000,000 $25,000,000 $5,000,000 1x 5x Services Canada 20 year old company Servicing companies in Canada from Coast to Coast.  Licensed National Vendor    in Electrical, Plumbing, and Millwork, Also specializing in Handyman Services, Ovens, and Grease Traps, based work. The company also provides Brewing and Grinding Services in several areas of Canada. Other key services include Commercial Millwork & Fixtures, Hazardous Material Abatement and Store Closing and Decommissioning Services. The company is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit of success and an understanding of technology that moves the business forward. Its goal is to be problem solvers first, innovative second, and to always be responsible for the business’s decisions with holistic repair approach. National contracts with large chain clients. Proprietary Software include work task reporting system with data analysis metrics reporting and KPI’s.Each client receives a custom data report detailing all information pertaining to their specific repair job Service Model
  • Customer Service & Communication
  • Holistic Repair Approach
  • Metrics, Reporting & KPI’s
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customer, Tech & Vendor Partnership
  • Adaptation & Evolution
Licensed National Vendor Of:
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Handyman Services
  • Ovens
  • Sanitizers
  • Grease traps
  • Brewing & Grinding (Vancouver, Manitoba, Ontario)
  • Equipment Repair
  • Plumbing Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Building Maintenance
  • Commercial Installation
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Millwork & Fixtures
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Store Closure & Decommissioning Services
The proprietary work task reporting system keeps track of all jobs assigned. It allows for employees to keep track of all tasks in real time. Easy access to reporting from this system allows for transparent communication between Company and Customers. The system is able to pull reporting for data analysis in real time to keep reports up to date. All employees and vendors are coached to operate at a higher level of customer service and respect. They believe in delivering a finished product that is nothing less than the best each and every time. The determination to consolidate all work in-house allows to operate with maximum efficiency while dramatically reducing facility management costs in the process.
L#20220374 20-Year-Old Information Technology Business $10,000,000 $2,730,000 $645,000 3.66x 15.5x Hardware and Software Turkey Istanbul Company with nearly 20 years of experience in the Information Technologies sector. The company provides turnkey projects, process management consultancy and scorecard-based managed services to large-scale companies, it also provides outsourcing services with its customer-oriented approach.

Products & Services

  • Billing & Charging,
  • Customer Relations and Management,
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Middleware,
  • Software Development in the area of Added Value Services,
  • Test Engineering,
  • Business and System Analysis,
  • Project Management,
  • Operation Support,
  • Enterprise Architecture,
  • Version and Configuration Management.
  • Turnkey projects
  • Process management consultancy
  • Scorecard based managed services
  • Outsourcing
L#20220291 20-Year-Old US IaaS, Cloud Web Hosting BareMetal Servers with DDoS Protection $20,000,000 $5,500,000 3.64x TBD Hosting Businesses United States The Web Hosting Company for sale was founded in 2003 to promote, protect and serve a secure cyberspace, it offers service related to IaaS, Cloud Hosting BareMetal Servers with DDoS Protection. The Established Web Hosting Company for sale has more than 25 employees throughout its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada; data center facilities in Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has more than 1000 customers (1/3 USA, 1/3 EU, 1/3 Worldwide) hosted on 5000+ servers globally.


2019: $5.0M (Revenue) 2020: $5.5M (Revenue) 2021: $5.5.M (Revenue)


VPS IP Dedicated Servers IP Collocation
L#20240661 20,9MW Portfolio of Turkish Hydro Power Plants TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Turkey Hydropower plants play a crucial role in Turkey's energy sector, as the country is blessed with abundant water resources thanks to its unique geographical location. With a total installed capacity of around 30 GW, hydroelectricity is the largest source of renewable energy in Turkey, accounting for almost one-third of the country's electricity generation. Turkey's hydropower potential is primarily concentrated in the eastern part of the country, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow, as well as in the Black Sea region, where numerous rivers have strong water flows throughout the year. The government has been actively investing in the development of hydropower plants in these regions to diversify the country's energy mix and reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels. One of the largest hydropower projects in Turkey is the Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River, which has a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW and is expected to generate around 3.8 billion kWh of electricity annually. The dam is part of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), a comprehensive development project that aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of the region by harnessing its water resources for irrigation, power generation, and flood control. In addition to large-scale projects like the Ilisu Dam, Turkey also has a significant number of smaller hydropower plants that contribute to the country's electricity supply. These smaller plants are typically run-of-river facilities that do not require large dams or reservoirs, making them more environmentally friendly and less disruptive to local ecosystems. One of the key advantages of hydropower plants is their ability to provide reliable and stable electricity generation, as water flow is relatively predictable and consistent throughout the year. This can help mitigate the intermittency of other renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, ensuring a constant supply of electricity to meet the country's growing energy demand. Operational portfolio of three HPPs in Türkiye’s Black Sea area with a total combined capacity of 20.9 MW and an extension option with up to 9.7 MWp solar (hybrid).

Portfolio highlights

  1. Attractive FiT denominated in USD: guaranteed tariff of 73 USD/MWh for 10 years, additional revenue of 23 USD/MWh for the utilization of local content in equipment (for the first 5 years of operation)*.
  2. Fully automated design of the plants allows for manless/“remote control” operation and low operating expenditures also given by low labor cost in Türkiye.
  3. Joint operation of all three HPPs ensures highly efficient production forecast and minimized balancing costs (actual balancing costs in all three plants are zero, due to a sales contract with an energy trader)
  4. Dam reservoir structure available at the HPP allows for additional revenues from active regulation services provided in cooperation with the Turkish water directorate.
  5. Potential for “solar extension” – HPP may also become a site for solar power generation lowering the risk of production discrepancies caused by hydrological conditions and benefitting from actual FiT as hybrid license.
  6. The Seller is a highly experienced developer and operator of renewable power plants, specifically hydropower facilities ensuring for and adhering to superior quality standards.
L#20240627 20+ Year-Old Italian Leading Sportswear Retailer Business €39,000,000 €108,000,000 €8,000,000 0.36x 4.88x Retail Miscellaneous Italy In Italy, the retail industry is a significant contributor to the country's economy. Italian retailers range from small, family-owned boutique shops to large chain stores and department stores. The retail sector in Italy is diverse, offering a wide range of products and services to consumers. One of the key characteristics of the retail industry in Italy is the prevalence of local businesses. Many retailers in Italy are small, independent stores that have been passed down through generations. These businesses often have a strong connection to the local community and offer unique, locally-made products that cannot be found elsewhere. However, the retail landscape in Italy is also evolving, with the presence of large international retailers and online shopping platforms increasingly popular among consumers. Many Italian retailers have adapted to this changing environment by expanding their online presence and offering e-commerce options to customers. One of the challenges facing retailers in Italy is the impact of economic fluctuations and changes in consumer spending habits. The recent global pandemic has also posed significant challenges for retailers, with many businesses experiencing a decline in sales and foot traffic.


  • Founded ca. 25 years ago;
  • 150+ DOS;
  • 700+ Employees;
  • Retail is a leading Italian fashion retailer;
  • Retail distributes apparel/accessories of more than 15 top international third-party brands;
  • The Company operates through two headquarters located in Northern and Central Italy and a state-of-the-art logistic center;
  • Today the Company employs more than 700 resources;

Core Business

  • Retail is specialized in the distribution of fashion, outdoor and sports apparel and accessories;
  • The Company distributes several top international brands;
  • Apparel and accessories are distributed through a network of more than 160 Directly Operated Stores (“DOS”) across Italy with a particular concentration in Northern Italy;
L#20230493 200MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants €29,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Romania Bucharest For sale a full development project for a 200MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants based in Romania (Bucharest Area). The company was able to secure ownership rights on a large plot of land in 7x different locations. The company has also obtained surface rights for 35 years from the Government in order to implement the construction of Solar Power Plant projects. Solar power in Romania had an installed capacity of 1,374 megawatt (MW) as of the end of 2017. The country had in 2007 an installed capacity of 0.30 MW, which increased to 3.5 MW by the end of 2011, and to 6.5 MW by the end of 2012. However, the record year of 2013 was an exception, and new installation fell back from 1,100 MW to a moderate level of 69 MW in 2014. Romania is located in an area with a good solar potential of 210 sunny days per year and with an annual solar energy flux between 1,000 kWh/m2/year and 1,300 kWh/m2/year. From this total amount around 600 to 800 kWh/m2/year is technically feasible. The most important solar regions of Romania are the Black Sea coast, Northern Dobruja and Oltenia with an average of 1,600 kWh/ m2/year. Romania was a major player in the solar power industry, installing in the 1970s and 1980s around 800,000 m2 (8,600,000 sq ft) of low quality solar collectors that placed the country third worldwide in the total surface area of PV cells. One of the most important solar projects was the installation of a 30 kW solar panel on the roof of the Politehnica University of Bucharest that is capable of producing 60 MWh of electricity per year.


49MW Ready to Build (+ 151MW Ready to Build by Dec 2023)


Option 1:  145K EUR / MW + 50K EUR /HA (Purchase Rights on Land) Option 2:  145K EUR / MW + 2600 EUR / MW (Leasing Rights on Land)


7 Locations close to Bucharest: Approx 27.40MW (Land Size 31.38 HA) Approx 19.20MW (Land Size 21.00 HA) Approx 105.47MW (Land Size 129.34 HA) Approx 38.86MW (Land Size 48.45 HA) Approx 34.89MW (Land Size 45.54 HA) Approx 31.72MW (Land Size 35.35 HA) Approx 33.48MW (Land Size 40.00 HA)
L#20240632 20MW Kazakh PV Photovoltaic Power Plant + GOV PPA TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kazakhstan Taldykorgan Kazakhstan has been making significant strides in the field of renewable energy, particularly with the development of solar power plants in recent years. The country's vast open spaces and abundant sunlight make it an ideal location for harnessing solar energy. One of the most notable solar power plant projects in Kazakhstan is the Burnoye Solar Power Plant, located in the Zhambyl region. With a capacity of 100 MW, it is one of the largest solar power plants in Central Asia. The plant covers an area of 164 hectares and consists of more than 380,000 solar panels. It is estimated that the plant will generate around 153 GWh of electricity annually, enough to power around 60,000 households. Another significant solar power plant project in Kazakhstan is the Sakyt Solar Power Plant, located in the southern region of the country. With a capacity of 50 MW, the plant is expected to generate around 96 GWh of electricity annually. The project was developed by international renewable energy company Eni, and is part of Kazakhstan's efforts to increase its share of renewable energy in the country's energy mix. Kazakhstan has set ambitious targets for renewable energy development, with a goal of generating 10% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The country's vast potential for solar energy makes it a key player in the global transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. One of the main challenges facing solar power plant projects in Kazakhstan is the country's harsh climate, with extreme temperatures and high winds posing potential risks to the operation of solar panels. However, advancements in solar panel technology and the implementation of smart grid systems have helped to mitigate these challenges. Overall, solar power plant projects in Kazakhstan have the potential to play a crucial role in the country's energy transition, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a more sustainable future. With continued investment and support from both the government and the private sector, Kazakhstan is well-positioned to become a leader in renewable energy in Central Asia.


Project Type: PV on Free Land Status: Ready to Build Location: Zhetisu, Kazakhstan Total Area: 100 Ha Land Rights: Leasing (Included in the Price) Installed Power Capacity: 20.00MW Specific energy (approximate): 1390.9 kWh/kWp Grid Connection: 3 km from KEGOC Substation Approx EPC Costs: 450,000 EUR / MW PPA: GOV PPA for 14,50 KZT (0,0022$ PER kW)
L#20230577 220kW Italian Hydro Power Plant €1,100,000 €90,000 €70,000 12.22x 15.71x Renewable Energy Italy Hydropower is a significant part of Italy's renewable energy sector and plays a crucial role in achieving the country's climate goals. Italy has a long history of harnessing hydroelectric power, making use of its numerous rivers and mountainous terrain. Today, hydro power plants are one of the country's primary sources of electricity, accounting for nearly 20% of the total energy produced. Italy's hydro power plants are primarily located in the Alps and the Apennines mountain ranges, where there is a high concentration of rivers and streams. These plants are operated by both large energy companies and smaller independent producers. One of the largest hydropower facilities in Italy is the Comino plant, located in the Lazio region. It has a total installed capacity of 1,000 MW and is capable of generating over 3,400 GWh of electricity annually. The Gerecchia and Chiascio plants in the Umbria region are also notable, with capacities of 364 MW and 266 MW, respectively. Hydroelectric power plants in Italy have numerous advantages. They are a clean and renewable source of energy, reducing the country's carbon footprint. They provide a reliable and stable source of electricity, as water flow can be regulated to match demand. Additionally, hydro power plants contribute to regional economic development, creating job opportunities and attracting tourists due to their scenic locations.


L#20230487 24.00 MW Small Hydroelectric with 3x Francis Turbine TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Brazil Brazil is the world's second largest hydropower producer by installed capacity and has the largest installed hydropower capacity in South America, with 60 per cent of the continent’s total capacity. Large hydropower remains the major source of electricity supply, with wind and solar representing about 11 per cent. This Power Plant is located in the municipality of Rio dos Cedros, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.


Energy Studies Greenfield Project Installed Capacity = 24,00 MW Average power (Q average) = 11.83 MW average Capacity Factor = 0.4929

Technical Data

Parameters 24MW HPP
Rated Installed Power 3 x 8,00 MW
Turbine type Francis Simples
No. of machines 3
Total swallowing 3 x 6,07 m³/s
Unit swallowing 6,07 m³/s
Minimal swallowing 3,03 m³/s
Sanitary flow 1,75 m³/s
Flow rate of consumptive use 0,00 m³/s
Turbine yield 92,00%
Generator yield 95,00%
Generator power factor 0,9
Flow rate series 10/1935-06/2019
Amount n. a. 271,00 m
N. A. downstream 115,32 m
Nominal gross loss 155,68 m
Rated load loss 4,04 m
Nominal net fall 151,64 m
Scheduled unavailability 2,50%
Domestic consumption 75 kW
Losses in electrical connection 0,90%
Physical Guarantee 11,83 Mwmédios
Capacity factor (GF) 49,29%

Financial (Forecast)

Annual Energy Production = 103,630. 80 MWh / Year (19.672,656 EUR / 21.405,515 USD) Energy Tarif per MW = R$ 275,00 / MWh (52,19 EUR / 56,80 USD) Annual Gross Cash Generation = R$ 28,498,470.00 (5.407.957,36 EUR / 5.888.134 USD)
L#20240670 25-Year-Old American General Contractor $24,000,000 $23,427,000 $10,575,000 1.02x 2.27x Services United States This 25-year-old company located in Northern Florida specializes in underground utilities, commercial site developments, and civil infrastructures such as excavations, earth, moving, demolitions, clearing, and concrete projects. Business also provides quality asphalt paving, roads, curbs, and sidewalks with a one-year warranty on labor. Revenues increased 170% in 2023 to $23.5 Million as their Adjusted EBITDA grew 190% to $10.4 Million! The company is starting 2024 with a backlog of over $20 Million indicating the recent growth will be ongoing, while  over the past four years business has experienced consistent evolution in both sales and profitability. With a diverse client base holding no concentration of sales, most of the work is in the commercial market by choice, yet the company is approved to work on government projects as well. Available for purchase, current workplace is a pairing of two prime facilities totaling 3,400-sq.ft. situated over 5.3 acres, that feature office rooms, a storage area for tools, plus an ample yard for vehicles and included construction equipment of over $6 Million! There are 100 nonunion employees, many of which have been there long-term, who will most likely remain post-purchase as owner is willing to stay on after transition if that is the Buyer’s preference.  
L#20220363 25-Year-Old Global Luxury E-Commerce Marketplace Business selling Clothing, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories €1,250,000 €8,200,000 0.15x TBD E-commerce Business Italy For sale an historical 25-Year-Old Luxury E-Commerce Marketplace Business based in Italy with Customers from 120+ Countries. The Owner has more than 20 years of experience in online luxury with a rich network of boutiques to source the largest assortment for the fulfilment of countries all over the world. Company has negotiated a good deal with shipping companies (DHL, Fedex, UPS), this permit the company to delivery a package with in 24/48 hours globally from the distribution center based in Italy.


- 20+ Years in the Market - Website available in 15+ Languages - Mainly Customers from USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Swiss, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. - 120 Countries Covered - 200+ Suppliers - 25,000 SKU - 10,000+ Trustpilot Reviews - 3,000,000 Followers on Facebook - 200,000 Instagram Followers - 300EUR Average Order Size - Approx. 75,000 Orders pro Year before COVID-19

Revenue Streams

- 60% Local Suppliers (A Supplier send the single item to the dispatch center) - 15% Direct Brands Sales - 25% Outlet Sales


A.P.C., ALYX, Alexander McQueen, Alexander McQueen McQ, Altea, Ami, Antony Morato, Armani Exchange, Aspesi, Autry, Bagutta, Balenciaga, Ballantyne, Balmain, Barba, Barbour, Belstaff, Bikkembergs, Briglia, Brooksfield, Brunello Cucinelli, Burberry, C.P. Company, Caliban, Calvin Klein, Canada Goose, Canali, Carhartt, Circolo, Colmar, Comme des Garcons, Craig Green, Cruciani, Daniele Alessandrini, Del Siena, Department Five, Diesel, Don the Fuller, Dondup, Drumohr, Dsquared2, Eleventy, Emporio Armani, Entre Amis, Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Evisu, Fay, Fendi, Frankie Morello, Fred Perry, G-Star, GCDS, Gallo, Givenchy, Golden Goose, Guess, Helmut Lang, Herno, Heron Preston, Hogan, Iceberg, Ih Nom Uh Nit, Incotex, Isabel Marant, J.W. Brine, Jacob Cohen, Jeckerson, K-Way, Kangra, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Kired, Kiton, L.B.M. 1911, Lacoste, Lardini, Lost & Found, MSGM, Maison Margiela, Majestic Filatures, Malo, Marc Jacobs, Marcelo Burlon, Masons, Mc2 Saint Barth, Michael Kors, Missoni, Moncler, Moorer, Moose Knuckles, Moschino, NO 21, Neil Barrett, Nicopanda, Off-White Virgil Abloh, Opening Ceremony, PT01, Palm Angels, Paolo Pecora, Parajumpers, Paul & Shark, Paul Smith, People of Shibuya, Peuterey, Philipp Plein, RRD, Ralph Lauren, Rick Owens, Rick Owens DRKSHDW, Roberto Collina, Rossopuro, Saint Laurent, Santaniello, Save the Duck, Sealup, Selected, Simbols, Siviglia, Sprayground, Stella McCartney, Stewart, Sun68, Tagliatore, The North Face, Tintoria Mattei 954, Tommy Hilfiger, Tonello, U.P.W.W., Valentino, Versace, Versace Jeans Couture, Vision Of Super, Vivienne Westwood, Woolrich, Xacus, Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto, Zanone


- Clothing - Shoes - Ties - Bags - Wallets - Sunglasses - Underwear - Swimwear - Belts - Jewelry - Fragrances - iPhone Cases
L#20220277 25-Year-Old Water Purification and Filtration Company €6,000,000 €1,650,000 €660,000 3.64x 9.09x Manufacturing Croatia The company was founded back in October 1994 as a company for consulting and delivery of technological equipment in a sphere of technology, drinking and waste waters. After few years of work, the company has made profits in delivery of water purification equipment, especially technology - demineralization units and systems, just like laboratory type waters, spotless waters and reverse - osmosis technologies., EDI, systems etc. With the constant education of its employers in factories in the USA, Germany etc., the company is improving at its surroundings and market conditions in Croatia and the countries near buy in EU. The company is now well recognized with its precise delivery and service dates, correct relationships with its buyers (most of them cooperate with them for already 25 years) and constantly improvement of its offers. Company is working in 95 % all the hospitals and health centers, car wash systems oil industry, beverage and others, Pharma Industry. The company also has its own service center 0-24, 7 day per week. In the meantime, the company is growing, the new production space was built, just like examination station for RO units, new technologies on basis of electrodionisation are beeing accepted, just like increase of water quality for purposes of semiconduct industry, and water production for hemodyalises purposes. , and pharma industry as well. Producing now reverse osmozis unit on daily basic capacities from 10 – 10 000 liters per hour, for industry , hospitals sterilizations , Pharma ind. , food and beverige etc. Since few years has a product for PHARMA industry. Reverse osmosis units GMP with complete documentation of GMP, complete loops in SS orbital welding with heat sanitization. Has been made also own PLC and software for this applications as well as for standards units. With its development plans, the company is being put next to most developed small corporation areas with a goal of growing activities in these surroundings, wishing to extend on markets outside Croatian borders and also to make it even stronger in our region.
L#20230479 28.50 MW-Italian Photovoltaic Power Plant €2,280,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Vibo Valentia Italy's solar power generation capacity is one of the largest in the world, with its 22.56 GW putting it sixth, just ahead of Australia. In 2019, Italy set a national goal of reaching 50 GW by 2030. In 2022, Italy is anticipating more than 3 GW of new capacity, which will be the largest addition to solar generation since 2012. Photovoltaics represent one of the renewable energy sources the country relies the most on. Italy registered a ten-fold increase in the number of photovoltaic systems during the last decade. For sale a Development Project Pipeline ready to get approved with in a short period of time. • Photovoltaic in Calabria (Prov. Catanzaro) with estimated installed power capacity of MW 10.00 (80,000 EUR per MW) + EUR 70,000 EUR per HA  (Ownership Right); • PV in Calabria (Prov. Vibo Valentia) with estimated installed power of MW 10.00 (80,000 EUR per MW) + EUR 4,000 EUR per HA  (Leasing Agreement); • PV in Calabria (Prov. Vibo Valentia) with estimated installed power of MW 8.50 (80,000 EUR per MW) + EUR 4,000 EUR per HA  (Leasing Agreement); The lands are all agricultural, areas suitable for the construction of photovoltaic parks and these therefore benefit from the simplified procedure (PAS), for the construction in an agricultural area they enslave a company of 150 hectares.
L#20230578 28.80MW Italian PV Solar Agrivoltaics Pipeline €1,296,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Caltanisetta Investing in photovoltaic power plants in Italy can be a lucrative opportunity for several reasons. Italy has a favorable climate with abundant sunshine, making it an ideal location for harnessing solar energy. In recent years, the country has implemented attractive feed-in tariffs and government incentives to promote the development of renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic power plants. Italy's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning towards clean energy has led to a growing demand for solar power. This demand, coupled with incentives, creates a favorable investment climate. Additionally, Italy boasts a well-established infrastructure and a stable regulatory framework, providing a secure environment for investments in the photovoltaic sector. Investors can also benefit from the country's strategic location in Europe, making it an excellent gateway to export solar energy to neighboring countries. The Italian photovoltaic market offers opportunities for both large-scale utility projects as well as smaller, distributed generation systems, allowing investors to cater to different customer segments. Moreover, investing in photovoltaic power plants aligns with Italy's broader energy transition goals and contributes to the country's sustainable development efforts. This can enhance the reputation of investors and attract support from various stakeholders. Overall, investing in photovoltaic power plants in Italy presents a promising prospect for financial returns, while also supporting the country's renewable energy objectives and contributing to the global fight against climate change.


Project Type: PV-Agrivoltaics Status: STMG Location: Mazzarino, Sicily, Italy Total Area: 42 Ha Land Rights: Leasing Installed Power Capacity: 28,80 MW Grid Connection Line: 150kW Total PV Modules: 42,666 (675 Wp) Total Inverter: 288 (100 kW) Existing crop: Almond grove, average height 2.4 metres* Price: Co Develpment 45K EUR per MW *Land is available directly to the owner's surface area, in direct coltivator quality, and to guarantee the management and collection of the fund.  All agricultural products, including the DDS barrel, will not be damaged by the owner.

Agri-voltaic system, requirements

1. REQUIREMENT A: The system is designed and implemented in such a way as to adopt a spatial configuration and appropriate technological choices, such as to allow the integration between agricultural activity and electricity production and enhance the production potential of both subsystems; 2. REQUIREMENT B: The agrivoltaic system is operated, during its technical life, in such a way as to guarantee the synergistic production of electricity and agricultural products and not compromise the continuity of agricultural and pastoral activity; 3. REQUIREMENT C: The agrivoltaic system adopts innovative integrated solutions with modules raised from the ground. , aimed at optimizing the performance of the agrivoltaic system both in energy and agricultural terms; 4. REQUIREMENT D: The agrivoltaic system is equipped with a monitoring system that allows you to verify the impact on crops, water saving, agricultural productivity for the different types of crops and the continuity of the activities of the agricultural companies involved; 5. REQUIREMENT E: The agrivoltaic system is equipped with a monitoring system which, in addition to complying with requirement D, allows the recovery of soil fertility, the microclimate and resilience to climate change to be verified.
L#20240592 2x Affiliate Casino Websites in the Regulated Dutch Market €4,500,000 €1,000,000 4.5x TBD Casino Netherlands Explore a unique opportunity to acquire two well-established affiliate websites in the iGaming niche, specifically tailored for the Dutch regulated market. These websites provide an exceptional chance for new or experienced buyers to step into a thriving network with a strategic advantage. Selling Points - Optimized Conversion Pathways: The websites boast a unique design tailored for optimal Calls to Action (CTA), ensuring maximum player lifetime value through exclusive news items and bonuses. - Strategic Positioning: Acquire an advantageous position in the Dutch iGaming market, allowing you to leap ahead of competitors who are still in their infancy. - Robust SEO Foundation: Benefit from a strong SEO foundation established through editorial links and high-quality content, positioning you for immediate success in search engine rankings. Assets:
  1.  Two affiliate websites: Site #1 (DR 66) and Site #2 (DR 65)
  2. Custom CMS for both websites
  3. Affiliate accounts with monthly overviews, featuring 200+ First-Time
  4. Depositors (FTDs) on average per month with a 64% conversion rate
  5. No known legal issues, operating strictly within the Dutch regulated market
Site #1
  • Established in 2015
  • DR of 66 with 602 linking websites
  • Over 2,000 monthly visits from The Netherlands
  • Custom CMS, sleek design, and modern user interface
Site #2
  • Registered in 2016
  • DR of 65 with 340 linking websites
  • Approximately 5,100 visits in the last three months, with 90% direct traffic
Infrastructure ● Web hosting in The Netherlands ● Monthly hosting costs ranging from 5 EUR to 30 EUR ● Option to take over the custom CMS or switch to WordPress Operational Details ● Content sourced from three reliable self-employed individuals ● Transfer of all Dutch affiliate accounts, including monthly signups and FTDs data ● Business operation requires approximately 8 hours per week ● No social media presence or other advertising efforts, offering potential avenues for growth Other Details Management fee’s (owner’s salary) stand at: €480,000 (for 2023) which can be easily deducted. Prospective buyers can hire 1 skilled employee to take care of management. Conclusion Seize the opportunity to own a well-positioned and profitable network in the Dutch iGaming market. With established SEO, loyal user bases, and a proven track record, these websites are ready for immediate success. Act now to acquire valuable assets at an attractive price. Detailed financials and additional information available upon request. Confidentiality assured.
L#20240591 2x Established Prosthetic Manufacturing Businesses €1,100,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Portugal A Prosthetic Manufacturing Company is a business that specializes in designing, producing, and often distributing prosthetic devices. These companies focus on creating artificial limbs, joints, and other body parts to assist individuals who have experienced limb loss or limb impairment due to various reasons, such as congenital conditions, accidents, or medical conditions.
Business Overview
For sale two companies active in the Prosthetic Manufacturing process. Both companies exhibit high average EBITDA margins, accompanied by substantial growth last year. As of this year, the two companies collectively employ 12 individuals, two of whom are shareholders. The CEO and CFO represent the shareholder group.Both companies are adept at maintaining a working capital balance through strategic inventory management and by managing average days sales and payments outstanding.
Products & Services Overview
Companies based in Lisbon specialize in the fabrication of a wide range of external prostheses and orthoses for both arms and legs. These companies also offer a variety of orthopedic products for clinical, hospital, sports, and recovery purposes, in addition to preventive physiotherapy and geriatric equipment. They utilize traditional molding techniques as well as 3D technology in their production processes.
Assets Overview
Two stores and a warehouse, including all machinery, software programs, and administrative furniture.
Facilities Overview
One store is located in a privileged area of Lisbon, another is situated in the center of Portugal, and there is also a warehouse in Lisbon. All of the facilities are owned by the business.
Capitalization Overview
There are two shareholders, each owning 50% of the companies, and 100% of the equity is available for sale.
L#20240622 2x HPP 9MW + 8MW Historical Hydro Power Plant $70,000,000 $12,912,000 5.42x TBD Renewable Energy Canada Hydro power plants play a significant role in Canada's energy production, with the country being one of the largest producers of hydroelectricity in the world. Canada's vast network of rivers and mountainous terrain make it an ideal location for the development of hydro power plants. There are over 500 hydro power plants in Canada, which collectively generate around 60% of the country's electricity. The largest hydro power plant in Canada is the Churchill Falls Generating Station in Newfoundland and Labrador, which has a capacity of over 5,400 megawatts. Other notable hydro power plants in Canada include the Robert-Bourassa Generating Station in Quebec and the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station in Ontario. Hydro power plants work by harnessing the flow of water from rivers and lakes to generate electricity. Water is stored in reservoirs created by dams, and when released, it flows through turbines that spin generators to produce electricity. This renewable energy source is clean and reliable, making it a popular choice for meeting Canada's energy needs. Despite these challenges, hydro power plants continue to play a crucial role in Canada's energy mix. With the country's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to renewable energy sources, hydro power will likely remain a key component of Canada's energy future.


 Location Ontario,Canada Ontario,Canada
 Installed power 9 Mw 8 Mw
River or lake TBA TBA
Construction 1993 1945
Power acc. concession
max. installed power 9 Mw 8 Mw
 max. water-input 1300 Qf/s 1300 Qf/sec
Medium water-input
Capture altitude 648-650 Alt ft 648-650 Alt FT
Return altitude 580 Alt ft 450 Alt Ft
Type outflow
Type turbines Foith Vertical Blade GE 6 Blade
Expiry of concession
Estimated Annual production 96,600,000 kWh  70,000,000 kWh
Traverse oder
Value incentive
PPA Canadian GOV $69 CAD / MWh  $69 CAD / MWh
Annual income  $6.000.000,00 CAD  $6.912.000,00 CAD
Annual cost O&M $310.000 CAD $310.000 CAD
Insurance NA
IMU/Taxes  $140.000 CAD  $140.000 CAD
Video control N/A
Royalties NA N/A
Possibility to improve power 17 KWh max 17 Mw Max
Existing financing N/A N/A
+Figures in Canadian Dollar (CAD)
L#20240688 30 + Years Old Accredited Domain Names Registrant Business TBD $3,200,000 $1,600,000 TBD TBD Internet Businesses United Kingdom This company is the official registry for a local European domain name, and the country code top level domain (ccTLD) of one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. The business is responsible for managing and maintaining the registration of that domain name, ensuring the security and stability of the internet infrastructure, and promoting the use of the domain businesses, organizations, and individuals based in that country. Established almost 30 years ago, the company is a nonprofit organization that operates under the authority of the local government. The organisation is governed by a board of directors composed of representatives from various stakeholders, including internet service providers, government agencies, and the general public. *The European location of this company is confidential, the listing shows U.K as the location due to privacy concerns. Key Details: 
  • Market leader – The company is a market leader in the registrant domain name industry in a Western European country.
  • Top level domain name – The company manages the national top-level domain. Registration of this domain is open to all people and companies without any special restriction.
  • Experienced management team – Experienced design team inspired by the founder. The company was incorporated in 1995 and is owned by 24 domestic companies, institutions and individuals.
License & Agreements:
  • The domain name is country code top level domain according to an agreement with IANA/ICANN as specified in RFC 1591 and ICP -1.
  • Exchanged of letter between ICANN and the company regarding the local domain ccTLD management.
  • This business is a licenced communications company. Licence issued by the Post and Telecom Administration.
  • CENTR – Council of the European National Top – Level Domain Registries.
  • EURO – IX – The Association of European Internet Exchanges.
  • ccNSO – The country code name supporting organization.
  • RIPE – Network coordination center.
Country Europe
Nature Private Held
Target Market Europe
Revenue 2023 3,2M (USD)
Operating Profit 2023 1,5M (USD)
Registered Domains 90,000+
Segment Domain Names
TLD Type Country Code Top Level Domain
Status Active
Introduced TBD
L#20210112 30 Year Old International Shipping & Fuel Oil Trading Energy Business $175,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing United Arab Emirates Dubai This 30 Year Old International Shipping & Fuel Trading Energy Business aims to be the preferred regional provider of fuel trading in large quantities in all United Arab Emirates ports and off shore through their fleet of road tankers as well as with their supply and tanker vessels. Lubricants & grease manufacturing plant under this International Energy Business is designed as per the world class blending system to produce all type of lubricants and grease in highest quality. The two refineries are owned by the same company in UAE. The two refineries cost them more than half a billion dollars, and this is their market value with all devices, equipment, production lines, permits and licenses for land and sea freight. Who is going to buy will be set for operation as soon as possible. The income for the last two years was approximately 1 billion Dirhams, which means around $274 million dollars. In one year it is estimated that the net profit is around $120-130 Millions USD. The refineries have housings and warehouses attached to it, which makes it easier for workers to discipline their work. Both Refineries have a land, sea and air freight license issued by Dubai, so this is an advantage in shipping their products worldwide. All licenses and operating contracts will be transferred and renewed to the new owner.
L#20210066 30 Year Old Medical Center Diagnostics Center (140,000 Customers) $3,800,000 $520,000 TBD 7.31x Medical Businesses Russia Moscow Medical Center Diagnostics Center for sale close to the capital city of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Opened in 1988, this well known "small private clinic" has become one of the most famous in the region providing services in: pre-medical care in laboratory diagnostics, radiology, nursing, functional diagnostics, anesthesiology and resuscitation, outpatient and polyclinic medical care, dermatovenerology, radiology, functional diagnostics, implementation of specialized medical care in therapeutic cosmetology, transfusiology, offering also day hospital services. The medical center has a professional team consisting of leading specialists who have received additional training in Germany, Belgium, and the USA, as well as modern medical equipment that provides a European level of service at an affordable cost. Owner necessary only for solving global issues. Expenses: Utility costs 1 300$ Salary Fund 60 000$ Operating expenses 35 000$ Tax system 6% EBITDA:  520 000$ Benefits and competitive advantages: It is 30y old clinic, they have customer base approx. 140 000 patients, while city have 165 000 population.
L#20210040 30 Year Old Tobacco Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer $110,000,000 $20,000,000 5.5x TBD Distributor United Arab Emirates Dubai One of the premier tobacco brands in the United Arab Emirates, this company established in 1990 is one of the leading Tobacco Manufacturer and Smoking equipment, Retailer and Exporter in the Middle East, with official distributer partners in UAE, Bahrain and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . The products are available everywhere in UAE local market (Carrefour Hypermarket, all covenant stores, ADNOC, ENOC, Emarat, Zoom and Grocery shops). Business Activity: Tobacco manufacture and distributer for smoking equipment’s and accessories Number of employees:100 + Number of own point of sales: 5 Machinery: 2 production Line Number of sales point cover in UAE: 450 + This company got all tobacco products registered with the European Union and Public Health England, a government department responsible for public health. Future Plan • KSA: Cover more main city with opening new sales point, as per our experience in UAE and knowledge about KAS market, we expected KSA market have potential 4 time more than UAE market. • USA: The US Market is the most potential market for this brand, our experience with online sales indicates that it is well welcomed. • India: Brand recognition is very strong in Indian society in GCC, young Indian generation have great interest to those products as clean natural Tobacco.
L#20220306 30-Year Old Swiss Licensed Asset Management Company TBA TBD TBD Financial Services Switzerland Zurich 30-Year Old Swiss Licensed Asset Management Company without clients, key staff can be retained for transition. All corporate history first class. This company has an active SRO membership affiliation, under Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) supervision in the sector of asset management. The company can open and maintain sub-accounts/custody accounts for third parties, manage (large) funds on behalf of third-party customers, act in a capacity of an EAM with private/investment banks in Switzerland (full description of activities is available on request). Who is this company best suited for: - Asset managers & asset management companies, wealth management advisories, investment advisories, family offices, fiduciary companies, etc. - Companies with foreign ownership, anonymous shareholders - Companies/owners which need credibility, trustworthy image globally, which a Swiss regulated company provides - Companies/owners who wish to be able to be accepted by and work with the best private & investment banks in Switzerland for their own and clients’ accounts (only possible for Swiss based & Swiss regulated companies) USPs of this company: - Active SRO membership affiliation - Located in Zurich - In good-standing - Fully setup for operation: has own physical offices, assigned accredited compliance officer; . 250,000 CHF Deposited Capital on Bank Account
L#20220407 30-Year-Old Business Producing Architectural Glass $16,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey Istanbul
Company has production in two separate factories in Dilovası Machine Organized Industrial Zone for new production processes and machinery park needs, in a total closed area of 27.000 m2, and stands out with its foreign exports. Company aims to increase its competitiveness by using its R&D and investment power and to be one of the most important players in the global market by providing fast, high quality and perfect service to the needs of the sector. Factory producing insulation, laminated and tempered glasses as a product range


  • Plot: 20 000m2
  • Basement: 11000 m2
  • Floor h: 12.5 m side height
  • Half basement h: 6m
  • Energy: 5000 kV
  • Vehicle can enter, loading ramps are available.
  • 4 floors consist of 5 halls in total, 3 hall floors press on the ground, 2 halls are semi-
  • basements under it and m2 mobile carries 2500 kg.
  • There is a large-scale freight elevator and passenger elevator for both floors.
  • Social areas and offices are approximately 2000 m2.
  • There are many cranes and cranes of different types and weights in production.
  • The total closed area is approximately 17.500 – 18.000 m2 and it has many offices.
  • There is a natural gas terminal.
L#20230454 30-Year-Old Chicken Processing Manufacturing Business $575,000,000 $350,000,000 $56,100,000 1.64x 10.25x Manufacturing Brazil The family business was founded in 1989, specializing in the slaughter of chickens. It has administrative and industrial headquarters in the city of Várzea Paulista, São Paulo (SP)
  • The company has 2,005 direct employees and more than 2,000 indirect employees. The factory operates in two shifts and works three Saturdays per month.
  • The current production capacity is 520 tons per day or 11,500 tons per month. Starting from December 2022, the production capacity will increase to 620 tons per day.
  • The company is enabled to export to various foreign markets, including South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, South Africa, and Cuba. Additionally, the company is currently in the process of qualification for exporting to China, Mexico, and Chile.
  • The company regularly exports to Vietnam, North Korea, Iran, Hong Kong, Peru, and Bolivia. Additionally, the company exports pet food to Belgium and Spain.
  • The company has a presence in the state of São Paulo, with a greater focus on the capital and metropolitan regions. Additionally, we serve the markets of the South, Northeast, and Rio de Janeiro.
  • The company engages in the breeding of 300,000 birds per day. Of these, 250,000 birds are processed at its facilities, while the remaining 50,000 birds are outsourced or sold to third parties to accommodate the excess production.

Own matrixes and incubators

Matrices in production: 350,000 birds-9 cores –37 sheds Arrays in formation: 235,000 birds-4 cores- 21 sheds Egg production: 8 million per month.

Food Factory 1

The production capacity of pelletized feed is 45 ton / hour, monthly output up to 27,000 ton./month;

Feed factory 2

The production capacity ration 22 ton./ hour; Monthly production up to 13,200 ton./month; Services include an outsourced fleet of 130 unique trucks for deliveries in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Company utilize a computerized logistics intelligence system and fleet tracking to ensure efficient operations. Outsourced fleet of 130 exclusive trucks for deliveries in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with a computerized system of logistics intelligence and fleet tracking

Financial Performance

2020: Revenue $193M USD / 19% EBITDA 2021: Revenue $267M USD / 17% EBITDA 2022: Revenue $330M USD / 17% EBITDA
L#20220396 30-Year-Old Confectionery Factory TBA TBD TBD Manufacturing Russia Moscow Business description The company was founded in 1993, located in the central Federal District, south of Moscow. The facility has the capacity to produce 9,538 tons of products per year. The production consists of 6 main lines:
  • Marshmallow Production Line
  • Marmalade Production Line
  • Waffle Production Line
  • Pasta Production Equipment
  • Production of Mini Marshmallows
  • Souffle production

Manufactured products

It is a regional leader in the production of confectionery products. At the moment, the factory produces more than 100 items (SKUs). The company's pool also includes 2 main brands.  The production produces assorted candies, marmalade, pastilles and waffle products;

Geography of supplies

The factory sells products in 14 regions of Russia, and also exports to the Republic of Belarus. The sale takes place in the largest partner networks of the federal level.

Indicators and prospects

Despite the pandemic and the general decline in market demand, the company managed to increase revenue by 26.9% in 2020. Since 2018, the Company has been increasing the share of sales of products with high margins. The share of such products has grown from 70% to 89% by 2021. Revenue growth was achieved when production lines were not fully loaded. With full capacity utilization, there is a potential for production growth of more than 4 times.
L#20240679 30-Year-Old Historic company producing make-up stations and illuminated mirrors TBD TBD TBD Manufacturing San Marino This company was born 30 years ago from an idea of ​​a photographer and a make-up artist. Working together backstage at events and shows they frequently found themselves working in inappropriate conditions. They therefore devised a solution that would allow them to present themselves in a professional manner and always work efficiently. On the scene, their first prototype of a "suitcase with legs" aroused interest and admiration and so they decided to start producing and marketing it. Italian cosmetic manufacturing business is known for its high-quality products and centuries-old tradition of beauty and skincare expertise. With a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability, Italian cosmetic companies have made a name for themselves worldwide. The company established itself globally as a reference brand for mobile make-up stations and acquired important partnerships in France, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Great Britain. Every year, this company has expanded its range, introducing increasingly technologically advanced products that meet the needs of different professional categories.

Key Products

  1. Standard make-up cases
  2. Personalized makeup cases
  3. Makeup chairs
  4. Workstations on wheels
  5. Table mirrors
  6. Vintage mirrors with classic light bulb
  7. Makeup trunks
  8. Accessories
  9. Wall mirrors
  10. Backlit panels
  11. Console


  • Companies in the cosmetics and perfumery sector
  • Marketing and Retail shop, Freeshop
  • Professional makeup artist, hairdresser and freelancer
  • Pharmacies
  • Beauty salon and SPA
  • Makeup schools
  • Film/Theatre/Events


  • France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan and others.

Customers Target

  • Architecture and design studios
  • Interior designer
  • Shop/Retail furnishings
  • Theatres/Cinemas
  • Private
  • Makeup artist
  • Makeup schools
  • Salon furnishings
  • Luxury furniture shops
  • Bathroom furniture shops
L#20240588 30-Year-Old Historical Italian Packaging Manufacturing Business €3,100,000 €5,000,000 0.62x TBD Manufacturing Italy This is an opportunity to acquire a well-established and highly regarded historical Italian company active in the production of complete systems for the packaging of products in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors manufacturing business. With 30 years of experience, this company has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The business operates from a well-equipped manufacturing facility, which includes state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to meet the highest quality standards. Their skilled and experienced workforce is capable of delivering both large-scale orders and small-batch productions, ensuring flexibility and quick turnaround times. With a strong network of loyal customers in both national and international markets, the company has a stable revenue stream and significant growth potential. A new owner could explore expanding the business further by leveraging the existing customer base and tapping into new markets. The sale includes all machinery, equipment, inventory, customer relationships, and intellectual property rights. The current owners are willing to provide transitional assistance to ensure a smooth handover. This business represents an excellent opportunity for a new owner to step into a well-established and profitable enterprise in the wrapping and packaging industry. With its rich history and strong market presence, this business is sure to reap long-term rewards for its new owner. The company serve customers in the food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. A strong point is the technical office which is dedicated to the research and development of new advanced and customized technological solutions, suitable for every specific customer request. The company is also present abroad through resellers and agents. The world market today is in strong competition for all manufacturing industry products, but in the automatic machinery sector and especially in packaging there is great margin for growth. In fact, the customer is always looking for a reliable product, which allows for fast and flexible production and for machines and systems that give a guarantee of reliability and an ongoing service.

Industry Overview

The packaging machinery manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in the global economy. This industry is responsible for the design, production, and distribution of a wide range of advanced machinery used to fill, cap, and label containers across various sectors. As such, they are crucial to the automation and optimization of production processes. Manufacturers are spending more and more in automated and integrated filling and capping machinery in an attempt to reduce costs and boost efficiency. Bottles, jars, and other containers can be filled and capped by automated equipment without the need for human help. This reduces mistakes and improves the quality of the finished product. Integrated filling and capping machines consolidate several filling and capping activities into a single machine. As a result, less energy is consumed, and space is preserved. Moreover, interconnected devices demand less upkeep and management. Smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things are driving the filling and capping machine industry toward enhanced automation. Current trends show that there is a growing emphasis on eco-friendly solutions, which satisfies the demand for sustainable packaging techniques. Furthermore, the sector is witnessing a surge in high-velocity, adaptable machinery that can be modified to accommodate multiple product variants, hence enhancing efficiency and production.


  1. Tangible assets
  • Real estate: Land, buildings, or office space.
  • Equipment: Machinery, vehicles, computers, or furniture.
  • Inventory: Products or raw materials.
  • Cash: Money held in bank accounts.
  1. Intangible assets
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secrets.
  • Branding: Company name, logo, or customer lists.
  • Contracts: Supplier contracts, customer contracts, or licenses.
  • Software: Proprietary software, computer programs, or databases.
  • Goodwill: The reputation, customer loyalty, or market presence of the company.
  1. Financial assets
  • Stocks or bonds in other companies.
  • Debt instruments, such as loans or accounts receivable.
  • Ownership stakes in subsidiaries or joint ventures.


  • Clients: 1,200+
  • Systems Constructed: 2,600+
  • Retailers: 30+
  • Projects: 15,000+
L#20220342 30-Year-Old Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Business $30,000,000 $20,000,000 1.5x TBD Manufacturing India This Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Business for sale  is a producer and supplier of high-quality industrial chemicals that are distributed across India and exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. The organization currently sells 96 industrial chemicals to the soap, detergent, and laundry industries, as well as food ingredients, cosmetics and hair-and-skin care, flavour and fragrance, polyurethane, paint and coating, plastics, drilling and mining, water treatment, and other industries. Company was founded in 1995, has a large network of distributors and suppliers who help the company expand its industrial chemicals and business globally. With a significant rise in revenue anddemand, the company became a partnership business in 2006. Products Expertise in the manufacturing of Black Masterbatches, Filler Masterbatches, and Additive Masterbatches  
L#20220312 30-Year-Old Luxury Clothing Manufacturing Business €3,100,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Bulgaria
- Long-time manufacturer of all types of luxury clothing. - Leading global brands are the factory’s clients. - Management constantly improves efficiency and quality in order to meet the ever-increasing client requirements. - The owner has invested in modern factory premises, with high-performing machines, and process management. - The company is well known for providing excellent working conditions and professional improvement opportunities for the employees. - The company plant operated at 30% capacity for 4 months last year due to Covid restrictions. This led to a fall in sales last year. - Competitive advantages and key business strengths: • Solid financial performance; • Focus on ensuring excellent product quality; • Specialized sewing equipment is in place to ensure flexibility in production; • Trained staff with excellent technical skills; • Production facilities are located in a modern building designed to improve efficiency and provide adequate working conditions; • Energy saving solutions are implemented to reduce business expenses;

Business Prospects:

• In-house capacity is in place to increase the production volume; • Production facilities can be significantly increased by expanding the production premises by approx. 1,000 sq. m. - This transaction is being handled by a Bulgarian business broker with offices around Bulgaria.

Products & Services Overview

The factory produces both men's and women’s fashion clothing under global brands. There are several production lines that have the capacity to produce from single pieces, limited series to large production volumes. The employees are regularly trained and have the skills and experience to work with various materials, both natural and artificial.
Intangible assets include know-how, client base, and prototypes.
L#20230516 30-Year-Old Manufacturing Business of Luxury Packaging $1,050,504 $423,876 $132,298 2.48x 7.94x Manufacturing Romania Business for sale in the production of paper and cardboard packaging especially intended for the luxury market, which makes paper bags and bags or boxes.Business in the production of luxury packaging. Position on the local and European market. Good rate of profit. Production of paper and cardboard packaging, intended especially for the luxury market. There are some businesses that come up in the market for sale and you just have to be a part of them. This is one of those businesses. The business is all about designing and manufacturing absolutely beautiful luxury packaging for any number of high-end clients. The process itself is relatively simple, which belies the remarkable end result. These packaging are commonly used in the marketing of jewelry, cosmetics, technology and high-end luxury couture. The business has as its main object of activity, the production of rigid cased cardboard packaging, intended for the luxury market. Other activities: paper bags and bags, promotional paper and cardboard, simple and cased boxes, stationery personalized, special packaging, printing, gold foil services, stamping, screen printing, lamination, etc Operational since 1993, it has grown organically thanks to its presence at fairs/events abroad and recommendations from customers. The company's partnerships are based on trust and long-term vision, on the seriousness and quality of the products offered. Currently the company works mainly with end customers foreign companies from Switzerland, France, Germany etc. but also internally with advertising agencies, hotels, shops, perfumeries, etc. The objective is to give the buyer 100% of the shares, and the current management will support the transition to the new owners and provide support if necessary. The complete sale of the business includes the value of the building with an area of ​​273 sqm - prepared for storey, as well as the machinery. The equipments are almost 20 years old and in good working condition. It is possible to take over the building with a rental contract at the value of 4 euros/sqm. Other facilities include a center of 3 modern administrative offices on annual lease.  
L#20220313 30-Year-Old-Market Leader Manufacturing Business of Polymer / Polyethylene Plastics $17,676,587 $25,000,000 $6,250,000 0.71x 2.83x Manufacturing Russia Moscow
Manufacturer and wholesaler of polymer and polyethylene products, the company's clients are large retail chains and wholesale centers located throughout the Volga District, the Ural-Siberian region, and Sakhalin (more than 550 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, of which 30 are large enterprises). The company is one of the biggest player in Russia, it has long term agreements in place with middle-large customers.

Business advantages

• Full production cycle from raw materials to finished products of any complexity. • Own vehicle fleet. • New equipment. • High-quality raw materials. • Own quality control laboratory. • Own mechanical workshop. - The production load is about 70%. - The company's products market share in terms of volume is 22%.

Products & Services Overview

The company produces packaging of all types, colors, and sizes, plastic bags "undershirt", with cut and loop handles, as well as plastic plates, strips, pipes, and profiles. The production is located at three sites. All products are certified and comply with GOST and TU. The production uses the latest achievements in the field of polymer materials technology and flexographic printing. Manufactured products are used for packaging food, chemical, cosmetic, agricultural, construction, aviation, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic products, as well as an insulating material and in the retail network.

Assets Overview

Real estate that includes all the manufacturing sites, equipment, goods, materials, customers, suppliers, personnel.

Facilities Overview

Site 1. The buildings and land are all owned by the LLC. 1. Non-residential building (module for parking vehicles), non-residential, 1-storey, total area is 1,384 sq. m. 2. Non-residential building industrial building, 2-storey, area is 1,963.1 sq. m. 3. Non-residential building - industrial building, 2-storey, total area is 1,225.7 sq. m. 4. Garage, 1-storey, with an area of ​​68.7 sq. m. 5. Non-residential building-warehouse, 1-storey, with an area of ​​38.5 sq. m. 6. Non-residential module building with an area of ​​961.1 sq. m. , 1-storey. 7. Non-residential building (management office), 2-storey, area is 644.1 sq. m. 8. Land plot, land of settlements, with an area of ​​8,598 sq. m. 9. Land plot, land of settlements, purpose - for the operation of a non-residential building, area is 2,529 sq. m. Site 2. The buildings and land are all owned by the LLC. 1. Non-residential workshop building, 1-storey, area is 777.8 sq. m. 2. Non-residential building - industrial, 1-storey, area is 100.6 sq. m. 3. Non-residential building - industrial, 1-storey, area is1,863.1 sq. m. 4. Non-residential building with a checkpoint. 5. Land plot, land of settlements, permitted use: for the operation of non-residential buildings and structures, total area of 11,182 sq. m. 6. Construction of an overpass for technological pipelines, building area is 10 sq. m. 7. Continuous fence, 601 m in length. 8. Asphalt concrete road and building site, purpose - a non-residential area of 5,125 sq. m. 9. Asphalt concrete road and building site, area of 6,300 sq. m. Site 3. The buildings and land are all owned by the LLC. 1. Separate production and office building - 643 sq. m (shared ownership 643/1,161). Integrated with communications, sewerage, and own transformer substation 600 kV. 2. Warehouse (metal hangar annex) - 295 sq. m. 3. Warehouse (metal hangar annex) - 130 sq. m. 4. Warehouse (metal hangar annex) -120 sq. m. 5. Land plot - long-term lease for 25 more years. 6. Land plot 4,596 sq. m - property.
L#20240597 30+Year-Old Apparel store offering High-quality Clothing $2,400,000 TBD TBD Fashion Retailer Portugal The apparel store prides itself on offering a wide range of high-quality clothing items for sale. With an extensive collection that caters to various styles, tastes, and occasions, the store aims to provide its customers with an exceptional shopping experience. From casual wear to formal attire, the store's inventory ensures that everyone can find something that suits their preferences. With a strong focus on quality, the apparel store carefully curates its clothing selection, sourcing from renowned brands and designers known for their craftsmanship. The store believes that clothing is not just about making a fashion statement but also about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear. The staff at the apparel store are trained to provide excellent customer service, assisting shoppers in finding the perfect outfit or offering knowledgeable advice on styling and fit. Whether customers are looking for a classic piece or a trendy statement item, they can expect to find high-quality options at the store. The apparel store's commitment to offering high-quality clothing ensures that customers can make fashion choices that not only look good but also stand the test of time, making it a go-to destination for those seeking durable and stylish apparel. Overview
  • Turnover growth of 77% and 57% two and one years ago, respectively, reaching levels surpassing the "pre-pandemic" period.
  • 28% growth in sales in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year.
  • The business ranked in the top 10% of stores with the highest turnover in the shopping center last year and early this year.
  • The target segment includes national customers and those from PALOP countries.
  • All transactions are cash sales, and the business has reduced CAPEX needs.
  • The company achieved an average turnover per employee of EUR 163 thousand last year.
  • An excellent business expansion opportunity exists as the brand is well-known, and the business model can be easily replicated.
  • The management team acknowledges that opening a store in another part of the country would be a relevant strategic decision.
Products & Services The company, established 30 years ago, currently owns a prominent clothing brand in the Portuguese market. It offers clothing for festive occasions such as weddings and baptisms, as well as some casual lines. The brand covers various styles, genders, and ages, always ensuring the highest quality of its products. Assets
  • Intangible assets include the clothing brand.
  • Tangible assets encompass store furniture, mannequins, equipment, computers, servers, software, and one vehicle.
Facilities The company operates a retail store open to the public in one of the most important, diverse, and busy shopping centers nationwide. Capitalization The company is sold without bank liabilities or any other type of non-current burden or charge. There is only one business owner who owns the entire company.
L#20200777 30Y Old Business with 50+ Optical Stores in Middle East TBA $6,800,000 TBD TBD Retail Miscellaneous Saudi Arabia Riyadh This business for sale is a 20 year old company selling Optical Frames, Sunglasses and Lenses in more than 50+ stores in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Egypt. The company is the Leader in KSA and Egypt in selling Luxottica, Safilo, Marcolin, De Rigo products (Ray-Ban, Gucci ,Tommy Hilfiger, Light Fly, Emporio Armani, Carrera, Tom Ford, Versace, Persol, Prada, Silhouette, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Hawkers, Dolce&Gabbana, Kenzo, Play, Twiins, Vogue, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Oakley, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph, Seen, Furla, Fendi, Kate Spade, Max Mara, Christian Dior Homme, Hugo Boss, Ray-Ban Junior, In Style, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, Hugo, Montblanc, Prada Linea Rossa and more. The Management is considering an exit or a sale of shares for an imminent relaunch in the Gulf. This company is an undisputed leader in Jordan and a top player in Saudi Arabia. Gross Profit: 23,000,000 AED (6,200,000 USD)
L#20230576 313kW + 682 kW + 624 kW Italian HPP Portfolio of 3x Hydro Power Plants €13,500,000 €1,500,000 9x TBD Renewable Energy Italy Torino Investing in hydro power plants in Italy can be a lucrative venture for various reasons. Italy is known for its thriving renewable energy sector, and hydro power is a significant contributor to its renewable energy mix. With the country's abundant water resources, hydro power offers a sustainable and reliable source of electricity generation. Italy has a long history of harnessing hydroelectric power as a means of energy production. The nation's topography makes it ideal for the construction of hydro power plants, with numerous rivers and lakes providing ample opportunities for installations. As a result, Italy boasts a substantial installed hydro power capacity, which currently accounts for a significant portion of its energy production. Furthermore, the Italian government has been committed to promoting renewable energy sources, including hydro power. Policies such as feed-in tariffs, tax incentives, and grants have been implemented to encourage investment in the sector. These measures provide a favorable investment environment and increase the potential returns for investors in hydro power plants. In addition to financial incentives, investing in hydro power plants aligns with the global push towards sustainable energy solutions. As concerns surrounding climate change intensify, there is a growing demand for clean, renewable energy sources. Hydro power is considered a highly sustainable and low-carbon form of energy, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to align their portfolios with environmentally-friendly ventures. Overall, investing in hydro power plants in Italy presents an opportunity to capitalize on the country's rich water resources, government support for renewable energy, and the increasing demand for clean energy solutions. With these factors in mind, investors can potentially reap substantial financial and environmental rewards from their investments in hydro power plants in Italy.


Tipo / Type/ Typ/ Тип ( FLUENTE  o bacino / river or lake // Fluss oder Stausee ) FLUENTE (FLOWING) FLUENTE (FLOWING) FLUENTE (FLOWING)
Costruzione / Construction / Baujahr / Строительство 1987 1980 2008
Potenza media di concessione/ Power acc. concession / Leistung laut Konzession / Концессия на электроэнергию kW 313 682 624
Potenza massima installata/ max. installed power / max. installierte Leistung / макс. установленная мощность kW ND ND ND
Portata mass. concessa / max. water-input / max. zugelassener Einlauf / макс. расход воды litri (Liters) ND ND ND
Portata media concessa/ medium water-input / mittlerer zugelassener Einlauf / макс. расход воды litri (Liters) ND ND ND
Quota opera di presa / Capture altitude / Einlaufhöhe / Захват высоты m s.l.m. (above sea-level)
Quota opera di restituzione / Return altitude / Auslaufhöhe / Высота возврата m s.l.m. (above sea-level)
Salto / Jump / Fallhöhe / подскок m 5,75 2,4 ND
Tipo derivatore / type outflow / Art des Auslaufs / тип оттока ND ND ND
Gruppi / groups / (Bau-) - Gruppen / группы ND ND ND
Marca e tipo turbine / type turbines / Marke und Art Turbinen / тип турбин ND ND ND
Scadenza concessione / expiry of concession / Ende der Konzession / истечение срока действия концессии 2041 2029 2029
Produzione annuale stimata - Estimated Annual production- geschätzte Jahresproduktion-Предполагаемый годовой объем производства kWh                 2.600.000,00                 2.600.000,00                 4.500.000,00
Prevista una traversa/Vorgesehen ist eine Traverse oder Stauwehr für den Rückstau/ Предусмотрена перекладина
Valori incentivo / value incentive / Höhe Einspeisevergütung (falls im Register A)/ ценностный импульс €/kWh 0,1565 0,22 0,1583
Durata incentivi / durance incentives / Dauer Einspeisetarif / льготы по продолжительности anni (Years) 2030 2024 2030
Ricavi annui / annual income / jährliche Einnahmen/ annual income
Costo O&M ed assistenza annuale / annual cost O&M /jährliche Kosten Wartung , Verwaltung / ежегодные затраты на ввод в эксплуатацию ND ND ND
Costo canone annuale di concessione/Konzessionsabgaben an Gemeinde und Region/ Стоимость ежегодной концессионной платы 24100 53600 41987
Assicurazione/Versicherung/Страхование ND ND ND
IMU/Gemeindesteuer auf Immobilien und andere Abgaben/Муниципальный налог на недвижимость и другие сборы
Telecontrolo / video control / Video Überwachung/ видеоконтроль
Royalties da pagare/Royalties zu zahlen/ Роялти к оплате
Possibiltá di ampliamento / possibility to improve power/ Möglichkeit der Erhöhung/ возможность повышения мощности
Finanziamenti esistenti / existing financing / existiert Finanzierung/ существующее финансирование ND ND ND
AU esistente / AU vorhanden/Существующий AU
Cantierabile/Baubeginn/ Начало строительных работ TERMINATA (COMPLETED) TERMINATA (COMPLETED) TERMINATA (COMPLETED)
Tempi di realizzazione/Bauzeit bis zum Netzanschluß/Время строительства до подключения к электросети 1987 1980 2008
Tipo transazione / type of transaction / Typ Transaktion/Share deal/ тип транзакции QUOTE SOCIETA' (SHARE DEAL) QUOTE SOCIETA' (SHARE DEAL) QUOTE SOCIETA' (SHARE DEAL)
L#20230498 33MW 4x HPP Hydro Power Plant $12,500,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kazakhstan Khorgos Kazakhstan has abundant hydro resources, which are mainly concentrated in the eastern and southern parts of the country.  Today, 15 large hydropower stations (>50 MW) with a total capacity of 2.25 GW account for up to 13 per cent of the country’s total generating capacity. Kazakhstan positions itself as a promising country for the development and implementation of hydropower projects on its territory. The state sets an ambitious plan of achieving the 50% share of electricity production in the country using renewable energy sources by 2050 (hereinafter – the "RES"). Hydro energy resources are distributed throughout the country, but three areas have particularly large resources: the Irtysh River basin and its main tributaries (Bukhtarma, Uba, Ulba, Kurchum, Kardzhil), the southeast zone with the Ili river basin, and the south zone with the Syrdarya, Talas and Chu river basins.


The purpose of the Project is the construction of 4x cascade of small HPPs with a total capacity of 33.00 MW The project has a local and regional scope. The project is intended to cover the basic part of the electrical load schedules of the Almaty power center, Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The cascade on the River consists of 4x small hydropower plants. Each HPP of the cascade is a combination of hydraulic structures and technological equipment, convert the gravitational energy of water into mechanical energy of the flow and then into electrical energy, which is subsequently delivered to consumers.


  • Status: Ready to Build
  • Project Objectives: Construction of a cascade of small HPPs in the Almaty region for: a source of environmentally friendly electricity for supply to consumers in the Almaty region; increasing the reliability of the energy system of the region. - reducing the shortage of electricity in the Almaty region.
  • Installed capacity: 33 MW (Estimated)
  • Electricity generation: 140 GW / Year (Estimated)
  • Electricity tariff with VAT/without VAT: 41,23 Tenge per kWh (0,093 USD / kW) Technology: Hydro units with radial-axial turbines (2x Turbine "Ossberger" for 4 HPPs)
L#20230442 399kw + 151kw Small Italian Hydro Power Plants €2,350,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy For sale a portfolio of two Hydro Power Plants in Tuscany, Italy. The first power plant is built and connected, the second one has all authorisation and concession in place (ready to built).


  • Installed power: 440kw
  • Nominal Concession Power: 399kw
  • Concession Expiry: 06.24.2050
  • Registered in the GSE register Published at the end of January 2022 - in question of plant on existing channel - TO FER1 2019 for new plants 0.155 euro / kw/h - 0.195 in case of future extensions
  • Expected production: 2 971 000 kw/h per year
  • Estimated construction cost: 2M EUR
  • Estimated Gross ARR: 460K EUR - 579K


  • Installed power: 180kw
  • Nominal Concession Power: 151kw
  • GSE agreement DM 2012 - TO deriving from renovation 0.1405 euro x Kw/h until 08.31.2036
  • Expected production: 1 125 000 kw/h per year
  • The installation of new software and a completion of the automation will have to be foreseen - cost estimates approximately EUR 20,000
  • Estimated Gross ARR: 140K EUR - 180K
L#20240621 3x 28MW + 31MW + 31MW Wind Power Plants Pipeline TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy has been at the forefront of renewable energy development in Europe, with wind power playing a significant role in the country's transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy mix. With its favorable climate and geographic conditions, Italy has become a hub for wind power generation, attracting both domestic and international investors. One of the largest wind power plants in Italy is located in the southern region of Sicily. The plant covers an area of over 10 square kilometers and consists of hundreds of wind turbines, each standing tall at over 100 meters in height. These turbines harness the power of the strong and consistent winds that blow across the region, converting it into clean and renewable electricity that can power thousands of homes and businesses. Italy's commitment to wind power has been reflected in its ambitious renewable energy targets. The country aims to generate 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, with wind power playing a key role in achieving this goal. The government offers incentives and subsidies to encourage investment in wind power projects, making it an attractive option for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change. In addition to the environmental benefits, wind power also brings economic opportunities to Italy. The development of wind power plants creates jobs in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, boosting the local economy and providing a sustainable source of income for communities in rural areas. Despite its many benefits, wind power in Italy is not without its challenges. The construction of wind turbines can face opposition from local residents and environmental groups concerned about the impact on wildlife and landscapes. However, with proper planning and consultation, many of these concerns can be addressed, and wind power can coexist harmoniously with the natural environment. For sale 3x 28MW + 31MW + 31MW Wind Power Plants Pipeline:


Wind Farm of 28 MW (n.5 WTG x 5,6 MW) - Optimization of the first project (n.8 WTGx 3,5 Mwp) Grid Connection solution: awaiting convocation of the Technical Table by Terna (unknown position of the future new Electrical Station) Location: Campania, Basilicata  (Italy) Potential Power (MWp): 28,00 Grid Connection Permission ("STMG"): 2021 Estimated Energy Production: 61,452 Mwh/Year Permits & Authorisation: 2024-2025 Ready to Build Status: 2025-2026 Actual Status: "STMG" Obtained Price: 6500 EUR / MW (The price is only for the "STMG")

SPV-2- I Project

Wind Farm of 31 MW (n.5 WTG x 6,2 Mw - VESTAS V162) Grid Connection solution: 1°st Technical Meeting in 21/02/24 by Terna and other developers (unknown position of the future new Electrical Station) Location: Campania, Basilicata  (Italy) Potential Power (MWp): 31,00 Grid Connection Permission ("STMG"): 2023 Estimated Energy Production: 68,o36 Mwh/Year Permits & Authorisation: 2024-2025 Ready to Build Status: Q4-2026 Actual Status: "STMG" Obtained Price: 6500 EUR / MW (The price is only for the "STMG")

SPV-2- II Project

Wind Farm of 31 MW (n.5 WTG x 6,2 Mwp VESTAS V162) Low Cost Grid connection solution (scheduled in 2025 and 2026 by Terna) Location: Campania, Basilicata  (Italy) Potential Power (MWp): 31,00 Grid Connection Permission ("STMG"): 2023 Estimated Energy Production: 62,608 Mwh/Year Permits & Authorisation: 2024-2025 Ready to Build Status: Q4-2026 Actual Status: "STMG" Obtained (Problem with Civic Use of the Land to be solved) Price: 4500 EUR / MW (The price is only for the "STMG")

STMG stands for Soluzione Tecnica Minima Generale (Italian) The projects can be purchased stand alone.

L#20210015 4 Stars Luxury Beach Hotel Inn & Casino €12,000,000 TBD TBD Hotels & Real Estate Bulgaria Sunny Beach
Hotel and casino business located in the heart of Sunny Beach, 300 meters from the Black Sea beach, and 100 meters from the center of the resort. It  has 145 operational rooms and suites spread over 7 thousand square meters. - Everything at the hotel is designed for the convenience of guests and is suitable for both family holidays and business trips. - The hotel offers its guests a heated outdoor pool with water slides, sunbeds and parasols, free unguarded parking (upon availability), and a casino. - Provide ultimate customer satisfaction and have a rating of 8.7 stars on booking. com with more than 850 reviews. - We have won several awards. Known as one of the top 10 places for business travellers in Sunny beach. - The casino can be booked for any private event, party, or meeting. It can accommodate up to 150 guests. - Have an equipped conference room with a capacity of 90 people. - All required certificates are available for the casino, and it is set up with all the regular games and machines. - Our hotel has a restaurant that serves BBQ, Mediterranean, Asian, American, Italian, Bulgarian cuisine. - In response to COVID-19, additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in effect and we have obtained permission to run the hotel.
Products & Services Overview
The hotel with its 145 rooms and suites spread over 7 thousand square meters. Our hotel has a restaurant, an outdoor pool with water slides, sunbeds and parasols, a parking space, a SPA center, a conference room, and a casino.
Assets Overview
Physical assets include the land, hotel, entire business, and the infrastructure. The buyer would get all of these at the time of sale.
Facilities Overview
The property has an area of 7,000 square meters. The building has 145 rooms and 7 floors.
L#20240647 4.20MW Italian PV Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Sardegna, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, has been making strides in the field of renewable energy, particularly in photovoltaic projects. With its abundant sunshine and commitment to sustainability, Sardegna has become a hotbed for solar energy development. One of the largest photovoltaic projects in Sardegna is the Serre de Laconi Solar Park. This solar park covers an area of 20 hectares and has a capacity of 20 megawatts. It is located in the province of Oristano and has been operational since 2010. The park consists of thousands of solar panels that harness the sun's energy to generate electricity. The electricity produced is then supplied to the grid, helping reduce the island's dependence on fossil fuels. Another notable photovoltaic project in Sardegna is the La Maddalena Solar Park. This solar park is located on the island of La Maddalena and has a capacity of 10 megawatts. It was inaugurated in 2015 and consists of over 40,000 solar panels. The park not only generates clean energy but also serves as an educational center for visitors to learn about renewable energy and sustainability. In addition to these large-scale projects, there are also numerous smaller photovoltaic installations throughout Sardegna. These installations can be found on rooftops, carports, and even in agricultural fields. These smaller projects play a crucial role in decentralizing energy production and increasing the island's energy independence. The adoption of photovoltaic projects in Sardegna has been driven by various factors. The island's high electricity prices, abundant sunshine, and commitment to sustainability have all played a role in promoting solar energy development. Furthermore, the government's incentives and subsidies for renewable energy projects have encouraged both individuals and businesses to invest in solar power. One of the main challenges facing photovoltaic projects in Sardegna is the intermittency of solar energy. As the sun does not shine 24/7, solar power generation fluctuates throughout the day. To address this issue, energy storage systems such as batteries are being increasingly used to store excess energy generated during sunny days for use during periods of low sunlight.


PV-1 Municipality: TBA Suitable land surface: approximately 10ha Rated power (AC): 4,550.0 kWac Peak power (DC): 4,968.6 kWdc Installation type: On the ground with mono axial tracker Solar resource Global horizontal irradiation: 3,066 kWh/m2 Energy yield: (year 1) Specific production: 2276 kWh/kWp Performance: Ratio 85.94 % Total energy injected: 10.3 GWh YEAR Construction cost/MW €750,000.00/MW Connection times and costs 600 working days / €174,299.71 PV-2 Municipality: TBA Suitable land surface: approximately 9 ha Rated power (AC): 4,450.0 kWac Peak power (DC): 5,314.4 kWdc Installation type: On the ground with mono axial tracker Solar resource Global horizontal irradiation: 2561.3 kWh/m2 Energy yield: (year 1) Specific production: 2017.65 kWh/kWp Performance: Ratio 85.94 % Total energy injected: 9 GWh YEAR Construction cost/MW €750,000.00/MW Connection times and costs 720 working days / €299,638.15


Total surface area: approximately 10ha: Value of the land €690,000.00 (Land 1 (Solar Belt Area)) Total surface area: approximately 9 ha: Value of the land €790,000.00 (Land 2 (Industrial)) Purchase of “Ready to Built” design: Value at MWac including commissions €140,000.00/MWac
L#20240620 4.5MW PV Photovoltaic Power Plant €5,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy has emerged as one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to photovoltaic (PV) projects. With its favourable climate conditions and government incentives, Italy has seen significant growth in the PV sector, making it a major player in the global solar energy market. One of the key factors contributing to Italy's success in the PV industry is its generous feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Introduced in 2004, the FIT program guarantees producers of solar energy a fixed price for their electricity over a 20-year period. This long-term contract has encouraged a large number of individuals and businesses to invest in PV projects, resulting in a remarkable increase in solar capacity in the country. Italy's PV market has attracted attention due to its large-scale solar power plants. Several major projects have been completed, such as the Serre Persano solar power plant, which has a capacity of 54 MW, making it one of the largest PV installations in the country. Additionally, the Montalto di Castro solar power plant is one of Europe's largest solar farms, with a capacity of 84.2 MW. Moreover, rooftop installations are also contributing significantly to Italy's PV sector. The government has implemented measures to promote the integration of PV panels in residential and commercial buildings. These measures include tax incentives, simplified permit procedures, and grants for energy efficiency renovations. As a result, many households and businesses have adopted solar energy, making Italy a leader in distributed PV generation.


Area: Prov. Cuneo, Piemonte, North of Italy Suitable land surface: approximately 12ha Rated power (AC): 4480 kWac Peak power (DC): 4615 kWdc Installation type: On the ground with mono axial tracker DC/AC ratio: 0,97 Area: 6,83 ha Average temperature: 11,44 °C Energy yield: (year 1) Specific production: 1689.5 kWh/kWp Performance: Ratio 87.57 % Total energy injected: 7,526 GWh Year Energy yield: (25 year average) Specific production: 1689.6 kWh/kWp Energy yield: 182,5 GWh Performance Ratio: 84.44% Status: READY TO BUILD with in 2-3 months


Total Land Price: 860,000 EUR Project Price per MW: 130,000 EUR per MW (130,000 EUR per MW X 4480kWac) EPC Development Cost: Approx. 750,000 EUR per MW X 4480kWac) Extra Administrative Fees, Grid Connection, etc.: ND Total PV Cost (Operational/Connected): 5,000,000 EUR
L#20210013 40 Year Old Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business $40,000,000 $25,000,000 $3,000,000 1.6x 13.33x Manufacturing India Vadodara The company was founded in the district Punjab India, 1982 with a purpose of manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The company is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing company that manufactures the raw materials for several leading companies of the pharma industry, who use these products for making medicines. They supply products to companies such as Pfizer, Abbott, Cipla, Glenmark, Macleods, Aristo, etc. The company is offerings range from Antibiotics, vitamins, anti-coagulants to ophthalmic products. Business is also audited by several organizations such as ISO, ZED and also GMP by regulatory bodies in India and overseas. Research Business is working on a patented technology for a recombinant protein which works on a novel targeted therapy and also assures no side effects. Currently, operations focus on high-end novel molecules. Studies Company is presently conducting experimental studies on stem cell rejuvenation therapies which also promise a future of medication without any side effects. Biotechnology The company is engaged in undertaking significant biotechnology research activities in the area of targeted human therapeutic proteins. Its current research work focuses on creating a novel drug, which while curing asthma and allergy patients can also work on mastocytosis and basophilic leukemia. Team The team is composed by 100 enlightened individuals, Chemists, Pharmacists, Biotechnologists, Quality controllers, R & D experts, Warehousing personnel. Market:  65% India / 35% Rest of the World / Europe Products:  25 OEM Products / Pharma Active Ingredients Raw Material Most Sold:  Antibiotics Standards:  ISO9001, EU Standards (No FDA) Growth Rate:  20%+ / Year Size:  100+ Employees Management:  Chemical Engineer Background Financial:  $25M Revenue / $3M EBITDA Customers:
L#20210016 40 Year Old Rx-pharma Manufacturing Business $12,000,000 $1,900,000 6.32x TBD Manufacturing India Bangalore This company for sale is a healthcare company based in Bangalore, India. The business is involved in the manufacturing and supply of medicines and nutritional supplements to people across the globe (Quality standards as specified by WHO-GMP and ISO certifications). The business is fully equipped ISO 9001 and WHO GMP certified unit is catering to orders from countries like Central America, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Dominican Republic etc. The unit has over 50000 square feet of built up area dedicated to production of tablets, capsules and oral liquids. Company produces Generic, Nutraceuticals and Herbal Medical Products. Financial Performance Highlights (3 Years)  Revenue has seen a steady increase in the last 3 years but with a reduction in EBITDA. The reduction in EBITDA is due to increased ad spend for an online brand started 5 years ago. Any profit made by this D2C supplements brand is being put back into marketing of the brand which has led to a reduction in EBITDA of the overall company. Products 438 manufacturing licenses under generic pharmaceuticals. Out of these, company currently holds 148 CoPP approvals which allow us to register our products for export in multiple ROW countries. Overarching Competitive Advantage High production capacity for a small scale manufacturing facility with cost advantage. Manufacturing unit located inside the city of Bangalore allows access to both skilled and unskilled labour.
L#20230509 40-Year-Old MENA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company $45,000,000 $37,000,000 $6,279,944 1.22x 7.17x Pharma Jordan This Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company was founded around 40-Year-Old in Amman, Jordan. It holds the regional benchmark in innovation with more than 70 patents. As direct result of this innovation, operations were diversified outside the traditional generic pharmaceutical industry by spinning out mature technology platforms into subsidiaries with independent management and resources.


1. Core branded generic pharmaceutical business. 2. Natural products through the subsidiary. 3. Biotech diagnostics through the subsidiary. 4. Novel excipients and drug delivery systems through the subsidiary.


Products cover a wide range of therapeutic categories including the Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Central Nervous System, Anti- Infective, Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Obstetric, Gynecology & Urinary Tract, and Immune Systems.

Pharmaceutical Business

It offers more than 200 pharmaceutical products that cover the needs of consumers and healthcare professionals. These products include tablets, capsules, suppositories, syrups and suspensions, which are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company has a competitive advantage that makes it one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, as its products are of high “Quality”.

Natural Products

It is renowned as the one of the best company in the Middle East specializing in the development and production of plant and herbal medical products from standardized medicinal plant extracts, offering more than 50 natural and herbal innovative products with business operations in more than 20 countries worldwide.


It is a developer and producer of proprietary biotechnology healthcare products that specializes in the production.  
L#20240611 40-Year-Old Saudi Bakery Business $37,000,000 $6,000,000 6.17x TBD Manufacturing Saudi Arabia 40 year old industry leader in specialty bakery products offering vertically-integrated solutions to customers through a proven track record of successful partnerships. Product Portfolio This company manufactures various bakery items on automated lines using advanced technology. Bread Bun, Samoli, Samosa Leaves,Croissant, Sweet Roll, Tortilla, Cakes, and Shabura. Production Efficiency The production lines are strategically engineered for optimal efficiency. Retail Presence There are currently 3 company-owned retail stores in Saudi Arabia featuring freshly made sweets and bakery goods such as Baklava. Distribution Network With an efficient logistics operation, 20+ delivery vans distribute products daily or every other day to key areas nationwide. Market Reach Products are strategically placed in supermarkets, convenience stores and hospitals across various sales channels. Growth Opportunities Although factories currently operate at 25% capacity, contracts with supermarket chains exist to expand into Riyadh and Jeddah. Financial restructuring would allow full utilization of available capacity.​
L#20230431 450-MWp Hydro Power Plant (HPP) Project Pipeline in Brazil TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Brazil In Brazil, the capacity to generate renewable energy corresponds to 84%, higher than the world average of 38%. Due to massive investments, the share of solar energy in the Brazilian energy matrix reached 6.9% and wind energy, 10.9%. Last year, Brazil registered a historical record in free-market power plants expansion, with more than 3 GW installed. And 75% of the plants implemented were wind and photovoltaic. The Brazilian government works to make the population aware of the importance of energy efficiency and the generation of clean and renewable energy in the face of growing global demand.

Investing  in a renewable energy business ensures a secure and profitable income stream.

Renewable Energy Businesses for Sale

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about climate change and the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, the demand for clean energy sources like solar power is only going to continue to grow. This means that utility-scale renewable energy development projects are likely to remain profitable for the foreseeable future.
L#20230537 48,2 MWp Portfolio of PV Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants $55,500,000 $10,000,000 5.55x TBD Renewable Energy Turkey Turkey, a country straddling Europe and Asia, has been making significant strides in the realm of renewable energy in recent years. With its geographical advantage of abundant sunshine and wind, coupled with government incentives and investments, Turkey is emerging as a regional leader in renewable energy production and sustainability efforts. The Turkish government recognized this potential and launched a series of incentive programs and feed-in tariffs to encourage solar power investment. Consequently, the country witnessed a rapid growth in solar installations, with capacity increasing from a mere 20 MW in 2013 to over 7 GW by 2020.

Key Data

1 BURDUR 8,3 11.01.2016 12,9 18%
2 KÜTAHYA 8,2 25.05.2018 12,7 17%
3 KIRIKKALE 4,8 28.11.2018 7,5 18%
4 UŞAK 9,6 28.01.2019 15,7 17%
5 ESKİŞEHİR 10,1 10.04.2019 15,8 16%
6 ISPARTA 7,1 26.04.2019 12,4 18%

Yearly Productions

YEAR 2020 78,1 GWh YEAR 2021 76,3 GWh YEAR 2022 75,8 GWh The solar power plants's principal loan depth is approx. 29.000.000 USD. An average repayment term of 12 years after investment, interest rates are at the rate of 6-7 %.
L#20210102 5 Year Old Swiss Asset (Portfolio) Management Company Fr.2,000,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Switzerland Zurich 5 Year Old Swiss Asset (Portfolio) Management Company domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland (AG)
Paid-in share capital, CHF: 150,000

Regulatory Status

  • VQF SRO approved member
  • Transition into new financial regulations started (new entities are subject to full application procedure with FINMA).
  • Member of the Swiss Finance Ombudsman office

Balance Sheet

  • Around ’300’000 CHF under management with 3 investors.
  • 3 new contracts are on the final stage.

Permitted Activities

Swiss asset management companies registered before end 2020 may:
  • providing services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, issuance and managing the means of such as credit cards and traveller’s cheques;
  • carrying out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing);
  • trading in its own account or for the account of others in banknotes, coins, commodities;
  • making investments as investment advisers;
  • acting like the authorized escrow agent;
  • holding securities on deposit.

Price also includes

  • 100 % shares;
  • Company operations manual which includes written business procedures such as client onboarding process, etc.
  • Template forms and documents: client application form, investor profile, discretionary asset management agreement, etc.
  • Professional corporate identity brand package: logo, brand patterns, colour scheme.
  • New website design ready for launch till the end of June. Additional services available (for additional fees):
  • Designated compliance officer;
  • Nominee director (Swiss resident);
  • Legal address;
L#20240646 5,4MW Hydro Power Plant HPP $8,990,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kyrgyzstan The project involves the construction of a small hydro power plant (hereinafter referred to as “SHPP”) with a capacity of 5.4 MW at a potential site located on the Talas River, Talas District, Talas Region. The topography of the terrain makes it possible to build the SHPP with an open-flow intake system. The location of the SHPP was chosen given the highest slope with maximum development of the river hydroelectric potential. The potential annual electric energy output is 36.8 million kWh.


The location of the intake has been chosen taking into consideration the topography.

of the terrain. The open-flow intake system will be 5.6 meters long. The total pressure will be 50 meters and the average slope of the pressure intake system will be 8.9 meters per kilometer.

The preliminary total area of land plot allocated for the construction of the main structures of the SHPP is 20.2.

hectares, including water intake (6.3 ha), diversion canal (11.0 ha), power house and appurtenant structures (2.9 ha).

The location of the SHPP was chosen given the highest slope with maximum.

development of the river hydroelectric potential. Access roads to the water intake on the right shore - there is a field road along the diversion canal, to the station building on the left shore.


Nearby 110/35/10 kV Chat Bazaar substation. The capacity of substation is 25,000 kVA. The aerial line to connect to the Chat Bazaar substation is 7.3 km long. The nearby 8,000 kVA 35/10 kV Kyrk-Kazyk substation. Taking into account the potential capacity of the SHPP and the distance from the SHPP to the substation, the construction of a 35 kV aerial line and a 35 kV step-up substation is necessary. According to Google Maps, the length of the 35 kV aerial line connecting the Small HPP switchyard with the “Chat Bazaar” substation will be 2.7 km. Advantageous location of the facility. The location of the HPP was chosen taking into account the highest slope with maximum development of hydroelectric potential of the river. Access roads to the water intake on the right shore - there is a field road along the diversion canal, to the station building on the left shore. The topography of the terrain makes possible the construction of an HPP with an open-flow intake system, which reduces the project cost. High hydroelectric potential. The hydroelectric potential of the country is 142 billion kWh. The Kyrgyz Republic ranks third in the CIS in terms of the HPP and SHPP capacity. Low development of the potential. As of 2021, the utilization rate is 10% of the total hydroelectric potential of the country. High capacity of HPP cascades. According to experts, the total capacity of prospective HPP cascades is 5,600 billion kWh. CASA-1000. The Kyrgyz Republic is a member of the CASA-1000 project aimed at creating a power line linking Central and South Asia.


  • Ready to Build (RTB)


Project cost - $8,375,960

  • Hydraulic structure – $3,327,333
  • Hydromechanical structure – $2,740,000
  • Electrical structure – $1,280,000
  • Unforeseen expenses – $587,787
  • Administrative expenses – $440,840
Amount of investments - $8,375,960 Payback period - 6.35 years
L#20240695 50-Year-Old Historical Women’s apparel Manufacturing Business €8,000,000 €2,000,000 4x TBD Manufacturing Italy Firenze The brand is well know all around the world and is part of the POP culture from the 80's-90's- The business specializes in manufacturing and distributing customized orders while maintaining ownership of a unique brand.


  • Its product line includes hosiery, bodywear, and accessories.
  • The company also serves private labels, with 4-5 major brands contributing 30% to its revenue.
  • Sixty percent of the production is dedicated to the business's own brand.
  • Orders are fulfilled based on received requests, allowing for tailored customization.
  • The business operates an active website representing both the corporate entity and its brand.
  • Operating solely online, the business operates efficiently with a minimal workforce, requiring just 12 employees to manage its operations.
  • The brand is registered for worldwide distribution.
  • The business has a loan of around EUR 1 million that must be borne by the new owner if chose to purchase the entire business.
  • The company has four shareholders, each with a 25% share split.
L#20230582 50+Year-Old Italian Automotive Manufacturing Business TBA $5,000,000 TBD TBD Auto Parts Italy The Company was founded in 1965 and boasts 55 years of industry experience. It is active in the Design and implementation of equipment and solutions for various industrial vehicles characterise the company. The main products include standard compositions, such as fittings with sides, caissons, ribs, galvanized sheet metal for diverse activities and setups. The company has a portfolio of 660 clients, diversified by product sector. In terms of products, fittings are produced according to customer requests. The manufacturing process, starting from raw materials, constructs the structure, which is then painted and equipped with appropriate electrical and hydraulic systems. The completed truck undergoes internal testing with civil motorisation. Financial Data & Location In 2021, the company demonstrated solid financials, with debts vs. banks at Mln 0.494 and debts, e.g., next.vo 2021, at Ml 0.640. The company is situated in Central Italy, and it is 100% directly owned. Self-financing in 2021 was above average. The cash and cash equivalents in 2021 amounted to €1.193 million.
L#20240600 50MW Hydro Power Plant with GOV PPA – 87 USD/MW for 20-Years TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kazakhstan Hydropower plants in Kazakhstan have played a significant role in the country's energy sector for many years. Kazakhstan boasts large rivers and abundant water resources, making it an ideal location for the development of hydropower projects. These plants harness the power of flowing water to generate electricity, providing a clean and renewable energy source for the nation. The development of hydropower plants in Kazakhstan has several advantages. Firstly, it reduces the country's reliance on imported fossil fuels, enhancing energy security and independence. It also mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to efforts to combat climate change and reduce the country's carbon footprint. Additionally, these plants contribute to local economic development by creating job opportunities during the construction and operation phases.


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been obtained from RFC/KEGOC (Government Body) for 38.99 tenge without VAT (indexed to USD and inflation) The project is currently in the preparation phase, the technical documentation and the feasibility study are being finalized. The company that owns this project is looking for a partner who may be interested in allocating a portion of capital in exchange for equity. It must be said that the project will be 70% financed by local banks. The Power Purchase Agreement is very relevant as this is with the state and has a very high tariff.

Furthermore, the owner company is open to the use of turbines and electromachines of European or Chinese origin.


  • Object: Hydro Power Plant
  • Location: East Kazakhstan
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):  PPA with RFC "Settlement and Financial Center" (Government Body) for approx 39KZT (87USD/MWh)
  • Off-take Contract:  20 years
  • Installed Capacity: 50MW
  • Yearly Estimated Production: 227,000,000 kWh
  • CAPEX: 110M USD
  • Total Cost: 2,200 USD / kW
  • Estimated Revenue: 19,750,000 USD / Year
  • EBITDA: 94% Margin
  • Equity: % 30,00
  • Borrowed funds: %: 70,0%
  • Loan (of Capex): % 70,0%
  • Bank Commitment: Obtained
  • Credit terms:  15 Years
  • Interest rate (Construction): % 9,00%
  • Interest rate (Equipment): % 9,00%
  • Commission for credit: % 0,6%
  • Inflation Rate: 5,00%
  • Off-take contract: 20 Years
  • Payback period of NOT Discounted Cash Flow:  3,17 Years
  • Payback period of Discounted Cash Flow 6,64 Years
  • IRR: 20,20%
  •  Construction period: Q4-2024-Q4-2028.

Equity Deals

  • Option 1: Looking for Equity Sponsor of 30% Equity;
  • Option 2: Looking for Equity Sponsor for 51% of the 30% Equity;
L#20240651 50MW Montenegrin PV Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant TBD TBD TBD Renewable Energy Montenegro Montenegro is a small country located in Southeastern Europe with a population of just over 600,000 people. Despite its size, the country is quickly becoming a leader in renewable energy production, particularly in the area of photovoltaic (PV) technology. Montenegro's abundant sunshine and mountainous terrain make it an ideal location for solar energy production. The country receives an average of 2,500 hours of sunlight per year, making it one of the sunniest places in Europe. This has allowed Montenegro to harness the power of the sun through the installation of PV panels across the country. One of the largest PV projects in Montenegro is the Briska Gora solar park, located near the town of Ulcinj. This 250 MW facility is expected to produce over 400 GWh of electricity per year, which is enough to power 100,000 homes. The project is a joint effort between Montenegro's government and private investors, who see the potential for solar energy to reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable energy future. In addition to large-scale projects like Briska Gora, Montenegro is also promoting the use of PV technology on a smaller scale. The country offers incentives for homeowners and businesses to install solar panels on their properties, including tax breaks and subsidies for the cost of equipment. This has led to a growth in the number of rooftop solar installations across Montenegro, further increasing the country's solar energy capacity. Montenegro's commitment to renewable energy extends beyond just solar power. The country has set a goal to generate 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, with plans to increase that to 36.5% by 2030. This includes not only solar energy but also wind, hydropower, and biomass.


A project for the construction of a network solar power plant (SPP) in Montenegro for the sale of electricity to a centralized network without intermediate storage is being considered. The implementation of the Project is planned to stimulate the development of solar energy in Montenegro and the transition to non-hydrocarbon renewable green energy sources. The main scenario for the implementation of the Project is with the use of Chinese-made solar panels, with subsidies from EKO FOND MONTENEGRO, with a standard tariff (about $110 per MWh).

Italy-Montenegro Grid Connection

Key Data

L#20230556 6 MW + 2MW Italian PV Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant €1,600,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy

Italy’s solar power generation capacity is one of the largest in the world, with its 22.56 GW putting it sixth, just ahead of Australia. In 2019, Italy set a national goal of reaching 50 GW by 2030. In 2022, Italy is anticipating more than 3 GW of new capacity, which will be the largest addition to solar generation since 2012.

Photovoltaics represent one of the renewable energy sources the country relies the most on. Italy registered a ten-fold increase in the number of photovoltaic systems during the last decade. For sale a Development Project Pipeline ready to get approved with in a short period of time (6MW Almost Ready to Build Status + 2MW Expansion Plan): This 6 MW + 2MW Italian PV Photovoltaic Power Plant is located in Sicily, Italy. It has an estimated installed power capacity of approx 6.00 MW + 2.00 MW Extension Plan. The technical project is currently under development, it will be completed with in 1-3 months.


  • 6MW +2MW Extension in Enna Province, Sicily, Italy
  • 200,000 EUR per MW (Land Ownership Rights included!) + Extra: (+ "STMG" PAS Grid Connection Fees)
L#20230481 6 MW-Italian Photovoltaic Power Plant €925,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy's solar power generation capacity is one of the largest in the world, with its 22.56 GW putting it sixth, just ahead of Australia. In 2019, Italy set a national goal of reaching 50 GW by 2030. In 2022, Italy is anticipating more than 3 GW of new capacity, which will be the largest addition to solar generation since 2012. Photovoltaics represent one of the renewable energy sources the country relies the most on. Italy registered a ten-fold increase in the number of photovoltaic systems during the last decade. For sale a Development Project Pipeline ready to get approved with in a short period of time: • Photovoltaic in Basilicata (Prov. Matera) with estimated installed power capacity of approx. MW 3.00 (550,000 EUR included Land) + "TICA" Fees (Extra) (Ownership Right); • Photovoltaic in Basilicata (Prov. Matera) with estimated installed power capacity of approx. MW 3.00 (375,000 EUR excluded Land) + "TICA" Fees (Extra);
L#20210201 6-Year-Old Business offering Data Analytics & Monitoring Solution €3,500,000 TBD TBD Internet Businesses Italy Rome This company is an Analytic Data Base computer appliance based in Italy. It has invested intensively in data base R&D to find efficient technology solutions for management, analysis and sharing of large amount of data. This business is an investment opportunity for a strategic partner and/or a financial institution with a grasp in the IT Industry.
It has been designed around its unique «Intelligent data processing» algorithm, the ADC (Arithmetic Data Cube) The CEO invented ADC in 2002-2003 and tested it within a grid computing research made in cooperation with the NAS (Nasa Advanced Supercomputing department).
An analytic database, also called an analytical database, is a read-only system that stores historical data on business metrics such as sales performance and inventory levels. Business analysts, corporate executives and other workers run queries and reports against an analytic database. The information is regularly updated to include recent transaction data from an organization's operational systems.
Individual HVS monitoring the subject wearing the device is the only one that can analyze its own data. Collective HVS monitoring allows real-time analysis of groups of people or communities for prevenction, prediction and protection purposes
This company is an ideal platform to position data management and processing «close to» the machine, the system or the sensor that generates and uses the data.

In fact

  • the significant increase in volumes of data generated globally and the increasing needs for more efficient and cost effective data base solutions will provide an excellent opportunity for Company’s technology enabler;
  • Company invested significantly to develop its main product, an Analytic data base solution designed for “Edge computing architectures”;
  • Company’s Product has perfect matches in managing and analyzing in real time data coming from sensors, machines, systems using small computers;
  • Company’s competitive advantage is a proprietary intelligent data processing algorithm that overcomes some of the limits of known analytic data base technologies;
  • Company’s start-up and product development phases are now completed and the Company has been able to develop business relationships with significant clients.

The Future

  • Today, Company is well positioned to become a top player in the fast growing industry of edge analytics for the SME and public administration, challenging large incumbent players within the Analytic Database Solution Industry;
  • A capital injection is required to allow the Company to rapidly execute/deliver its business plan which would significantly expand and boost market opportunities throughout a greater market awareness which in turn will contribute to shorten sales cycle thus setting up a virtuous circle.
L#20230570 6,0 MWp + 9,0 MWp Portfolio of PV Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants [RTB] €1,950,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy In Calabria Region (South of Italy), two projects have been developed for the construction of 2 ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, respectively of 6.0MW on industrial land (and within 500m of industrial land) and of 9.0MW on agricultural land within 500m of land industrial, for a total installed of 15.0MW. The two plants are very close to each other and the definitive solution assumes the same underground connection line for both plants. The two projects to be built are owned by a special purpose company and we intend to sell the society.

PV Project 1  (6.0 MWp) [Ready to Build]

  • The PAS has been obtained and 60 days have passed since publication on the BUR;
  • Connection estimate obtained with code. ID XXXXXX, 30% paid (Total Cost 785.695,59 EUR)
  • Immediate construction start.
  • Price per MW: 130,000 EUR

PV Project 2  (9.0 MWp) [Ready to Build]

  • The PAS has been obtained and 60 days have passed since publication on the BUR;
  • Connection estimate obtained with code. identifier XXXXXX, 30% paid (Total Cost 551.021,26 EUR)
  • Immediate construction start.
  • Price per MW: 130,000 EUR


PAS "PAS – Procedura Abilitativa Semplificata" APPROVED [Ready to Build] Delivery Full Operational PV Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant: December 2024
L#20240648 6.40MW Italian PV Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Photovoltaic projects in Campania, a region located in the southern part of Italy, have gained significant traction in recent years. With its abundant sunlight and favorable climate conditions, Campania has emerged as a prime location for the development of photovoltaic projects. One of the most notable photovoltaic projects in Campania is the Montalto di Castro photovoltaic power station. This massive solar farm covers an area of over 350 hectares and has a generating capacity of 84 MW. It is one of the largest photovoltaic projects in Italy and has helped to significantly increase the region's renewable energy capacity. Another important photovoltaic project in Campania is the Benevento Solar Park, located in the province of Benevento. This solar park covers an area of 40 hectares and has a generating capacity of 10 MW. It provides clean and sustainable energy to the local community and helps to reduce carbon emissions in the region. The development of photovoltaic projects in Campania has been driven by both governmental policies and private investment. The Italian government has set ambitious targets for the production of renewable energy, and photovoltaic projects play a key role in achieving these goals. In addition, the region of Campania offers incentives and subsidies for the development of photovoltaic projects, making it an attractive destination for investors. Private companies have also played a significant role in the development of photovoltaic projects in Campania. With the cost of solar panels decreasing and the efficiency of photovoltaic technology increasing, more and more companies are investing in solar energy projects in the region. These companies not only benefit from the financial incentives provided by the government but also contribute to the transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources. The growth of photovoltaic projects in Campania has had a positive impact on the local economy. The development of solar farms has created jobs in the region, both during the construction phase and in the operation and maintenance of the projects. In addition, the increased production of renewable energy has helped to reduce the region's dependence on fossil fuels, leading to a more sustainable energy system.


PV-1 Municipality: TBA Suitable land area: approximately 12,635 ha Rated power (AC): 6,390.0 kWac Peak power (DC): 7,182.0 kWdc Installation type: On the ground with mono axial tracker Solar resource Global horizontal irradiation: 1,688.5 kWh/m2 Energy yield: (year 1) Specific production: 1,870.7 kWh/kWp Performance: Ratio 84.68 % Total energy injected (year1): 13.44 GWh YEAR Construction cost/MW €750,000.00/MW Connection times and costs 137 working days / €178,556.73


Total surface area: approximately 12,635 ha: Value of the land €920,000.00 Purchase of “Ready to Built” design: Value at MWac including commissions €140,000.00/MWac
L#20240657 6.7MW WPP Wind Power Plant €1,850,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy This 6.7MW WPP Wind Power Plant for sale is a Special Purpose Company (SPV) owner of a project to build a 6.7 MW wind farm in Puglia (Italy).


The project is currently at a “Ready to Built” with in 2/3 months:
  • Average price of electricity in the last four months: PUN 85 €/Mwh.
  • End of construction works: extended to December 2027.


  • «Single Authorization (A.U.)» issued with Executive Decree no. 62 of 07.16.2017 (n.3 Wind turbines - power 7.5 MW - High connection Voltage)
  • Subsequently, a variant with a qualifying procedure was presented
  • Simplified (P.A.S.) on 02.12.2022 (n° 73843, document Prot. 00390 of 01/20/2023 issued by the Municipality of Casalnuovo Monterotaro) in order to: – Connect the system to Medium Voltage – input power 6.7 MW – Install No. 2 Enercon E 115 wind turbines Subsequently, a variant Pas was presented reporting the 3 Vestas V110 wind turbines for discontinued Enercon turbines
  • Obtained extension of completion of works to 02/12/2027 (document Prot.n°7435 of 22/12/2023 issued by the Municipality of Casalnuovo Monterotaro)
  • TICA connection estimate dated 08/17/2021 released by E-Distribuzione, accepted on 08/10/2021, variant presented in February 2022 and accepted by E-Distribution on 03/30/2022
  • Last connection variant in progress (changing cabin location Delivery)

Technical Description

  • Available input power: 6.7 MW
  • n.3 Wind turbines with the following dimensions:
  • Tower height: 80 m Rotor diameter: 100 m
  • Model proposed in PAS: N.2 ENERCON E115, with power 4.2 MW, limited to 3.35 MW
  • Latest Pas variant with N°3 Vestas V100, possibility through Dila to install 3 Vestas V 110 wind turbines of 2 MW, for a total of 6 MW
  • The MV cable duct. it is completely buried along the entire length journey (about 6 km) to the sectioning cabin
  • Entry/Exit connection to the Primary Substation «CP Casalvecchio» - Length of the MV connection: Approximately 150 m

Estimated Production

Availability of anemological database with data collected in the field (most recent period 03/2018-07/2019)

N. 3x Vestas V 110 : 2,400 Eq. Hours P75 - Production 15,000 Mwh/ Year • The wind turbines will be installed on agricultural areas • In 2022 and 2023, preliminary agreements were signed with the owners of the land (expires 31/12/2024), in particular: – Concession of Surface Right (duration 30 years) for the land on which the wind turbines will be installed – Purchase of the portion of land for the construction of the Delivery Station (future transfer to E-Distribuzione) – Purchase of the portion of land for the construction of the sectioning station (it will remain with the SPV)
L#20240665 60-HA Italian Hazelnuts Production Business $1,750,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Kazakhstan Almaty Italy is famous for its high-quality hazelnuts, and the country is one of the largest producers of hazelnuts in the world. Italian hazelnuts have a unique flavor and aroma due to the ideal growing conditions in regions such as Piedmont, where the majority of hazelnuts are cultivated. Hazelnuts have been cultivated in Italy for centuries, with the first references dating back to the Roman Empire. The warm climate, rich soil, and hilly terrain in regions like Piedmont provide the perfect conditions for hazelnut trees to thrive. The most famous variety of hazelnut produced in Italy is the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, known for its smooth texture, intense flavor, and large size. The production of hazelnuts is a labor-intensive process that requires careful cultivation and harvesting techniques. Hazelnut trees are typically planted in orchards and require regular pruning and maintenance to ensure optimal growth. The trees produce nuts in the late summer and early fall, which are carefully harvested by hand to avoid damaging the delicate shells. Once harvested, the hazelnuts are dried and processed to remove the outer husk and shell. This process is done using specialized equipment that cracks the shells without damaging the nut inside. The nuts are then sorted by size and quality before being packaged for sale.


  • Established in 2019
  • 61 Hectares of Italian Hazelnuts
  • 625 plants per Hectare (4x4)
  • 37500x planted plants
  • Approx 3000 kgs per Hectare
  • Production per Hectare around 3,500 kgs
  • Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, Nocciola Piemonte, Tonda di Giffoni
L#20240655 7,90-MW-Operational Italian Photovoltaic PV Power Plant €11,850,000 €1,055,000 €998,000 11.23x 11.87x Renewable Energy Italy Torino Piemonte, a region in northwest Italy, is known for its picturesque landscapes, historic architecture, and rich cultural heritage. In recent years, Piemonte has also become a hub for renewable energy development, particularly in the field of photovoltaic energy. Photovoltaic energy, also known as solar energy, harnesses the power of sunlight to generate electricity. In Piemonte, the abundance of sunshine throughout the year makes it an ideal location for the installation of solar panels. The region has seen a significant increase in the number of photovoltaic installations in recent years, both on residential and commercial buildings, as well as in open fields and on industrial sites. One of the key drivers for the growth of photovoltaic energy in Piemonte is the region's strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. The regional government has implemented various incentives and support programs to encourage the adoption of solar energy, including subsidies, tax breaks, and streamlined permitting processes. In addition, there is a growing awareness among businesses and homeowners in Piemonte of the economic and environmental benefits of switching to solar power. The increase in photovoltaic energy production in Piemonte has also had positive impacts on the local economy. The solar industry has created new job opportunities, both in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, as well as in the manufacturing and research and development of solar technology. Furthermore, the generation of clean, renewable energy has helped to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the region's dependence on fossil fuels.


• The land was acquired by the 3 S.r.l. companies. Alpha, Beta, Gamma • The surface rights were paid by the Companies for a contractual term of 35 years. • The Gamma Company created the connection itself on plant no. 5. • The plants maintain a Final Value and can be sold even in 10-12 years. • Debt 75% + Equity 25% estimated IRR after Tax 8.29% – costs (maintenance + insurance + administrative management). • If Equity 100% OF cost zeroed • Two plants are incentivized for 20 years RES 1 at €0.102/kWh


L#20230579 7.50MW Italian PV Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant €1,700,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy
Italy has emerged as a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) technology over the past decade. Despite its relatively small geographic size, the country has made significant progress in harnessing solar energy and has become one of the largest producers of PV electricity worldwide.
Italy's favorable climate and abundant sunlight make it an ideal location for PV installations. In recent years, the government has implemented various policies to promote the use of renewable energy sources, including generous feed-in tariffs, tax incentives, and grants. These measures have encouraged both residential and commercial customers to invest in solar power systems, driving the growth of the PV sector. As a result of these initiatives, PV installations in Italy have soared, and the country has witnessed a substantial increase in solar capacity. According to recent statistics, Italy had over 20 million PV installations by the end of 2020, generating around 19,100 megawatts (MW) of electricity. This represents a significant contribution to the country's energy mix, reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions. The Italian government's commitment to renewable energy is further exemplified by its ambitious targets for solar energy production. The National Energy Strategy aims to achieve 30% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2030, with a particular focus on solar power. Such targets demonstrate Italy's dedication to transitioning towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy system.


Gela, located on the southern coast of Sicily, is home to one of Italy's largest photovoltaic plants. The photovoltaic plant in Gela occupies a significant portion of the town, stretching across 245 hectares of land. It consists of several solar panels arranged in a grid-like fashion to harness the abundant solar energy in the region. The plant in Gela is a testament to Sicily's commitment towards renewable energy. It has a total capacity to generate approximately 100 MW of clean energy, which is enough to power around 80,000 households. The solar panels are strategically placed to maximize sunlight absorption, ensuring optimal energy production. The photovoltaic plant not only helps in reducing carbon emissions but also provides employment opportunities for the local community. The construction and maintenance of the plant have created jobs, positively impacting the local economy. In addition to its large-scale power generation capabilities, the Gela photovoltaic plant serves as an educational hub for students and visitors. It offers guided tours and educational programs to promote awareness about renewable energy sources and the benefits of solar power. Overall, the photovoltaic plant in Gela, Sicily is a shining example of how renewable energy projects can contribute to sustainable development while conserving the environment.


Project Type: PV on Industrial Land Status: PAS (Ready to Build) Location: Gela, Sicily, Italy Total Area: 11 Ha Land Rights: Ownership (Included in the Price) Installed Power Capacity: 7.50MW Total number of PV modules: 12600 Annual energy yield (approximate): 11224.63MWh Peak power: 7434.0kWp Number of PV inverters: 30 Performance report (approximate): 83.46% Rated AC power: 6.0MW Specific energy (approximate): 1509.9kWh/kWp/year DC/AC: 1.24 Approx EPC Costs: 850,000 EUR / MW
L#20240630 70-Year-Old National League North UK Soccer Club ₤800,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs United Kingdom This is a semi-professional football club based in England. The club was founded in the ´50 and currently competes in the National League North, the sixth tier of English football. The club's home ground has a capacity of 4,000. The stadium is known for its passionate atmosphere and has been a fortress for the team over the years. The local city has a rich history and has experienced many ups and downs over the years. The club has had several successful campaigns in the past, including winning the Northern Premier League Premier Division. One of the key factors in the club's success has been the dedication of its fans. The city has a passionate supporter base that turns out in large numbers to cheer on the team. The fans are known for their vocal support and create a lively atmosphere at home games. This support has been instrumental in helping the team overcome difficult periods and achieve success on the pitch. The club has also benefited from strong leadership both on and off the field. The management team at the city has worked tirelessly to build a competitive squad and instill a winning mentality in the players. This has led to a number of impressive performances and memorable victories over the years. This club has also been successful in developing young talent through its youth academy. The club has a strong commitment to nurturing young players and giving them opportunities to progress through the ranks. Many of the club's current first-team players started their careers in the academy and have gone on to achieve success at higher levels of the game. In addition to its success on the field, this club is also actively involved in the local community. The club runs a number of community initiatives aimed at engaging with fans and promoting the sport of football. These initiatives include coaching clinics, school programs, and charity events that benefit local organizations. The club's commitment to the community has helped to strengthen its ties with local residents and build a loyal fan base. The club is seen as a pillar of the community and plays an important role in bringing people together through the power of sport.
L#20240681 70MW Operational Photovoltaic PV Power Plant Park €73,500,000 €7,500,000 9.8x TBD Renewable Energy Greece

Solar PV capacity accounted for 13.0% of total power plant installations globally in 2022,  with a total recorded capacity of 1,109GW. Renewable energy is expected to contribute 30% of the global energy by the end of 2030, with installations totalling 4,002GW. Greece accounts for 0.45% of the total global Solar PV capacity.

Photovoltaic installations in Western Greece have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Western Greece is an ideal area for the development of photovoltaic installations due to its plentiful sunlight and favorable environment.

Greece has overtaken the Netherlands to become Europe’s solar PV leader, with 19% of its electricity coming directly from the sun.


  • Total capacity: 110MW divided in different photovoltaic parks of: 999.58kw each;
  • The owner is ready to sell 70 MW and to discuss partnership for the rest of 40 MW;
  • Private owned land - belongs to the Company;
  • The project is already under construction and connection will be made by the end of September;
  • Each 999 project has its own small Trafo station and meter. All projects will be connected to the grid through 1 substation;
  • All PV parks are developed in an area that is extended in a radius of 3km around the substation;
  • The substation is private and developed by the company;
  • Power Purchase Agreements have been signed for all the PVs;
  • PPA for 20 years (+5) for PV that belongs to Energy Community;
  • PPA for 20 years (+5) in case of transforming the Energy Communities into ordinary companies;
  • The capacity of the transformer 20/150 is 110MW;
  • The connection of the substation with the high voltage grid;
  • The MV network (20kV) is PRIVSATE and consists of 9 lines. For the MV network projects, all permits have been obtained;

Key Data

Estimated Sun Irradiation 1,650 kwh / KWP
PPA for PV that belongs to Energy Community 68.86 EUR / MWh
PPA in case of transforming the Energy Communities to ordinary companies 65.73 EUR / MWh
Yearly Income (Estimation) 1,650 * 10MW* 65.73 = 7,500,000 EUR
L#20240603 7MW PV Photovoltaic Power Plant [Ready to Build] €7,250,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy has emerged as one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to photovoltaic (PV) projects. With its favorable climate conditions and government incentives, Italy has seen significant growth in the PV sector, making it a major player in the global solar energy market. One of the key factors contributing to Italy's success in the PV industry is its generous feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Introduced in 2004, the FIT program guarantees producers of solar energy a fixed price for their electricity over a 20-year period. This long-term contract has encouraged a large number of individuals and businesses to invest in PV projects, resulting in a remarkable increase in solar capacity in the country. Italy's PV market has attracted attention due to its large-scale solar power plants. Several major projects have been completed, such as the Serre Persano solar power plant, which has a capacity of 54 MW, making it one of the largest PV installations in the country. Additionally, the Montalto di Castro solar power plant is one of Europe's largest solar farms, with a capacity of 84.2 MW. Moreover, rooftop installations are also contributing significantly to Italy's PV sector. The government has implemented measures to promote the integration of PV panels in residential and commercial buildings. These measures include tax incentives, simplified permit procedures, and grants for energy efficiency renovations. As a result, many households and businesses have adopted solar energy, making Italy a leader in distributed PV generation.


Area: Piemonte, North of Italy Suitable land surface: approximately 12ha Rated power (AC): 6745.0 kWac Peak power (DC): 7589.4 kWdc Installation type: On the ground with mono axial tracker Solar resource Global horizontal irradiance: 1469.3 kWh/m2 Average temperature: 13.69 °C Energy yield: (year 1) Specific production: 1665.1 kWh/kWp Performance: Ratio 85.94 % Total energy injected: 12.64 GWh YEAR Energy yield: (25 year average) Specific production: 1607.3 kWh/kWp Energy yield: 305.0 GWh Performance Ratio: 82.96% Total surface area: 119,458 m2 Status: READY TO BUILD


Total Land Price: 980,000 EUR Project Price per MW: 130,000 EUR per MW EPC Development Cost: Approx. 750,000 EUR per MW Extra Administrative Fees, Grid Connection, etc.: ND Total PV Cost (Operational/Connected): 7,250,000 EUR
L#20230429 7x Portfolio Hydroelectric Power Plants in Italy with 20 Years PPA [19GWh] €29,000,000 €2,319,949 12.5x TBD Renewable Energy Italy Renewable energy has developed rapidly in Italy over the past decade and provided the country a means of diversifying from its historical dependency on imported fuels. All 8,047 Italian municipalities have deployed some source of renewable energy, with hydroelectric power being the leading renewable energy source in terms of production. Bio energy, wind power and geothermal power also make an important contribution to national energy demands. Italy has implemented generous incentive schemes to encourage the development of renewable energy production. Its largest scheme incentivised solar PV production and lead Italy from a low base of installed PV in 2010 to become the world's fourth largest country by installations by the end of 2014, ahead of the US at that time. All sources of renewable energy have grown in Italy during recent years and many continue to receive incentives. In the last decade, Italy has become one of the world's largest producers of renewable energy, ranking as the second largest producer in the European Union and the ninth in the world. *Gross Revenue figures based on a Projection, numbers subjected to due diligence
Typology / Tipologia / Typologie hydraulic auger plant (single auger) / centrale a coclea idraulica (coclea singola) / Hydraulische Schneckenanlage (Einzelschnecke)
Accomplished are / Realizzata su / Vollendet Sind ground state property in concession / terreno demaniale in concessione / Boden Staatseigentum In Konzession
Expiration concession derivation / Scadenza concessione derivazione / Ablauf Konzession Ableitung november 2042 /novembre 2042 / November 2042
Scope maximum derivatives / Portata massima derivabile / Umfang maximal Derivate mc/s 6,5
jump net / Salto netto / springen Netz mc/s 5,00
Power nominal Of concession / Potenza nominale di concessione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 135
Power Of entry / Potenza di immissione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 255
Power nominal generator / Potenza nominale generatore / Leistung nominell Generator kW 300
Data completion jobs Of construction / Data completamento lavori di costruzione / Daten Fertigstellung Arbeitsplätze Von Konstruktion 28/09 2022
Incentives / Incentivi / Anreize DM 2019 with rate 2016 (art 7.1) Of 0,21 / DM 2019 con tariffa 2016 (art 7.1) di 0,21 / DM 2019 mit Rate 2016 (Kunst 7.1) Von 0,21
 €/kW Data entrance in exercise first parallel) /  €/kW Data entrata in esercizio primo parallelo) / €/kW Daten Eingang In Übung Erste parallel) 28/09/2022 /
Entry request date in ex. commercial / Data richiesta di entrata in es. commerciale / Eintrittsantragsdatum in ex. Werbung 31/01/2024 (editable in function from the eventualassignment ownership) 31/01/2024 (modificabile in funzione della eventuale cessione titolarità) / 31.01.2024 (bearbeitbar In Funktion von dem eventuell Abtretung Eigentum)
Period Of enjoyment of the incentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo / Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz 20 years from the date of entry into commercial operation (from vary according to any transfer) / 20 anni dalla data di entrata in esercizio commerciale (da variare in funzione di eventuale cessione) / 20 Jahre ab dem Datum der Aufnahme des kommerziellen Betriebs (ab variieren je nach Übertragung)
Request he confirms insentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo /Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz Already presented / già presentata /Bereits vorgeführt
Expected production / Produzione attesa / Voraussichtliche Produktion kWh 1.150.000
Typology / Tipologia / Typologie hydraulic auger plant (double auger) / centrale a coclea idraulica (doppia coclea) / Hydraulische Schneckenanlage (Doppelschnecke)
Accomplished are / Realizzata su / Vollendet Sind owned land / terreno di proprietà / besessenes Land
Expiration concession derivation / Scadenza concessione derivazione / Ablauf Konzession Ableitung October 2043 / ottobre 2043 / Oktober 2043
Scope maximum derivatives / Portata massima derivabile / Umfang maximal Derivate  mc/s 10
jump net / Salto netto / springen Netz m 3,90
Power nominal Of concession / Potenza nominale di concessione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 179,96
Power Of entry / Potenza di immissione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 290
Power nominal generator / Potenza nominale generatore / Leistung nominell Generator kW 400
Data completion jobs Of construction / Data completamento lavori di costruzione / Daten Fertigstellung Arbeitsplätze Von Konstruktion 26/09 2022
Incentives / Incentivi / Anreize DM 2019 with rate 2016 (art 7.1) Of 0,21 / DM 2019 con tariffa 2016 (art 7.1) di 0,21 / DM 2019 mit Rate 2016 (Kunst 7.1) Von 0,21
 €/kW Data entrance in exercise first parallel) /  €/kW Data entrata in esercizio primo parallelo) / €/kW Daten Eingang In Übung Erste parallel) 26/09/2022
Entry request date in ex. commercial / Data richiesta di entrata in es. commerciale / Eintrittsantragsdatum in ex. Werbung 31/01/2024 (editable in function from the eventual assignment ownership) 31/01/2024 (modificabile in funzione della eventuale cessione titolarità) / 31.01.2024 (bearbeitbar In Funktion von dem eventuell Abtretung Eigentum)
Period Of enjoyment of the incentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo / Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz 20 years from the date of entry into commercial operation (from vary according to any transfer) / 20 anni dalla data di entrata in esercizio commerciale (da variare in funzione di eventuale cessione) / 20 Jahre ab dem Datum der Aufnahme des kommerziellen Betriebs (ab variieren je nach Übertragung)
Request he confirms insentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo /Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz Already presented / già presentata /Bereits vorgeführt
Expected production / Produzione attesa / Voraussichtliche Produktion kWh 1.250.000
Typology / Tipologia / Typologie hydraulic auger plant (double auger) / centrale a coclea idraulica (doppia coclea) / Hydraulische Schneckenanlage (Doppelschnecke)
Accomplished are / Realizzata su / Vollendet Sind owned land / terreno di proprietà / besessenes Land
Expiration concession derivation / Scadenza concessione derivazione / Ablauf Konzession Ableitung November 2042 / novembre 2042 / November 2042
Scope maximum derivatives / Portata massima derivabile / Umfang maximal Derivate mc/s 10
jump net / Salto netto / springen Netz m 6,67
Power nominal Of concession / Potenza nominale di concessione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 224
Power Of entry / Potenza di immissione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 470
Power nominal generator / Potenza nominale generatore / Leistung nominell Generator kW 615
Data completion jobs Of construction / Data completamento lavori di costruzione / Daten Fertigstellung Arbeitsplätze Von Konstruktion 29/09 2022
Incentives / Incentivi / Anreize DM 2019 with rate 2016 (art 7.1) Of 0,21 / DM 2019 con tariffa 2016 (art 7.1) di 0,21 / DM 2019 mit Rate 2016 (Kunst 7.1) Von 0,21
 €/kW Data entrance in exercise first parallel) /  €/kW Data entrata in esercizio primo parallelo) / €/kW Daten Eingang In Übung Erste parallel) 29/09/2022
Entry request date in ex. commercial / Data richiesta di entrata in es. commerciale / Eintrittsantragsdatum in ex. Werbung 31/01/2024 (editable in function from the eventual assignment ownership) 31/01/2024 (modificabile in funzione della eventuale cessione titolarità) / 31.01.2024 (bearbeitbar In Funktion von dem eventuell Abtretung Eigentum)
Period Of enjoyment of the incentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo / Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz 20 years from the date of entry into commercial operation (from vary according to any transfer) / 20 anni dalla data di entrata in esercizio commerciale (da variare in funzione di eventuale cessione) / 20 Jahre ab dem Datum der Aufnahme des kommerziellen Betriebs (ab variieren je nach Übertragung)
Request he confirms insentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo /Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz Already presented / già presentata /Bereits vorgeführt
Expected production / Produzione attesa / Voraussichtliche Produktion kWh 1.962.000
Typology / Tipologia / Typologie hydraulic auger plant (double auger) / centrale a coclea idraulica (doppia coclea) / Hydraulische Schneckenanlage (Doppelschnecke)
Scope maximum derivatives / Portata massima derivabile / Umfang maximal Derivate mc/s 8
Salt Net / Salti netto / Salz Netz m 5,14
Power nominal Of concession / Potenza nominale di concessione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 224,6
Power Of entry / Potenza di immissione / Leistung nominell Von Konzession kW 330
Power nominal generator / Potenza nominale generatore / Leistung nominell Generator kW 400
Data completion jobs Of construction / Data completamento lavori di costruzione / Daten Fertigstellung Arbeitsplätze Von Konstruktion 14/04/2016
Incentives / Incentivi / Anreize DM 2012 with rate clear Of 0,206 / DM 2012 con tariffa netta di 0,206 / DM 2012 mit Rate klar Von 0,206
 €/kW Data entrance in exercise first parallel) /  €/kW Data entrata in esercizio primo parallelo) / €/kW Daten Eingang In Übung Erste parallel) 12.04.2016
Period Of enjoyment of the incentive / Domanda conferma Incentivo / Anfrage er bestätigt Anreiz 20 years from the date of entry into commercial opera / 20 anni dalla data di entrata in esercizio / 20 Jahre ab Eintritt in die kommerzielle Oper
Type /  Tipo /  Typ
Power media Of concession /  Potenza media di concessione / Leistung Medien Von Konzession kW 1,525
Power maximum installed / Potenza massima installata / Leistung maximal Eingerichtet kW 2.660
 jump / Salto / springen m 110
Expiration concession / Scadenza concessione / Ablauf Konzession 2043
Production annual /  Produzione annuale / Produktion jährlich kWh 10.000.000
Values incentive /  Valori incentivo / Werte Anreiz Price hours Area + GRIN / Prezzo orario zonale + GRIN / Preis Std. Bereich + GRINSEN
Duration incentives /  Durata incentivi / Dauer Anreize Expiration 12/2027 / Scadenza 12/2027 / Ablauf 12/2027
Type transaction / Tipo transazione / Typ Transaktion Assignment quote society Of scope / Cessione quote società di scopo / Abtretung zitieren Gesellschaft Von Umfang
Type /  Tipo /  Typ
Power media Of concession /  Potenza media di concessione / Leistung Medien Von Konzession kW 215
Power maximum installed / Potenza massima installata / Leistung maximal Eingerichtet kW 530
 jump / Salto / springen m 44
Expiration concession / Scadenza concessione / Ablauf Konzession 2029
Production annual /  Produzione annuale / Produktion jährlich kWh 1.800.000
Values incentive /  Valori incentivo / Werte Anreiz Rate All encompassing / Tariffa Onnicomprensiva / Rate Alles umfassend
Duration incentives /  Durata incentivi / Dauer Anreize Expiration 06/2025 /Scadenza 06/2025 / Ablauf 06/2025
Type transaction / Tipo transazione / Typ Transaktion Assignment quote society Of scope / Cessione quote società di scopo /Abtretung zitieren Gesellschaft Von Umfang
Type /  Tipo /  Typ
Power media Of concession /  Potenza media di concessione / Leistung Medien Von Konzession kW 211
Power maximum installed / Potenza massima installata / Leistung maximal Eingerichtet kW 350
 jump / Salto / springen m 30
Expiration concession / Scadenza concessione / Ablauf Konzession 2035
Production annual /  Produzione annuale / Produktion jährlich kWh 830.000
Values incentive /  Valori incentivo / Werte Anreiz Prices Minimum Guaranteed / Prezzi Minimi Garantiti / Preise Minimum Garantiert
Duration incentives /  Durata incentivi / Dauer Anreize -
Type transaction / Tipo transazione / Typ Transaktion Assignment quote society Of scope / Cessione quote società di scopo /Abtretung zitieren Gesellschaft Von Umfang
L#20210105 8.24 MW Solar Power Plant with a signed PPA with the Government $9,500,000 $1,150,000 8.26x TBD Manufacturing India Telangana For sale a 8.24 MW Solar Power Plant with a signed PPA with the government, the power plant uses the latest technology and is fully functional, it is built on a 35 acre plot of land which will be included in the sale. There is a PPA agreement signed with the Telangana State Government. The rate of this PPA is INR 6.59 per unit and is valid for the next 25 years out of which 4 years have lapsed. The plant has the capacity to produce 1.25 crore units per year.
L#20230494 83MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants $10,855,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has been actively working to develop and expand its renewable energy sector. The country possesses significant potential for renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar power, due to its vast land area and favourable climatic conditions. Covering an area of 2.724 million square kilometers, the country has the ninth largest territory in the world. Kazakhstan has now established around 130 renewable energy facilities, and the country's potential for green energy generation is huge. Kazakhstan has set an ambitious goal - to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. As the largest Central Asian country, Kazakhstan, has a great potential of solar energy. Solar power has a great potential as a renewable energy resource due to sparsely populated large areas and the climatic conditions, especially in southern Kazakhstan with an annual sunshine of 2200 to 3000 hours. During the summer months (June – August), due to its geographical location, the southern part of Kazakhstan receives direct solar radiation for the most of the daylight hours which constitute 83 – 96% of the maximum possible value. According to plans by the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, in the region RES projects with a total capacity of 2,615 MW will be implemented until 2025 . In 2021, the total installed capacity of RES in Kazakhstan amounted to 2,010 MW, of which 49 were solar power plants.


The project aims to construct, operate and maintain a 83 MW photovoltaic power generation plant in Turkestan Region, in the South of Kazakhstan. The power plant will use poly-crystalline photovoltaic modules and occupy a 83.20-hectare site. It will be connected to the KEGOC grid by underground transmission lines linked to an existing MV/HV transformer situated nearby from the site. The project involves the construction of a cable duct to connect the plant to the electricity transformation station for delivery to the National Energy Transmission Network. Along its entire length, the cable duct will be completely underground. The connection of the plant will take place via a 220kV antenna on the new 220kV transformation station which will be interconnected to the NTG (National Transmission Grid) by means of an aerial connection to the electrical substation, located approximately 1.5 km away.


Status: Pending - Ready to Build (Diagram Distribution Power under review) Denomination: Turkestan I, Kazakhstan Number of Panels: 132,000 Power MWp: 83,160 Area: 130 Ha approx Number of Strings: 6,000 Number of panels: 132,000 Rated installed power: 83,20MW Number of inverters: W 24 Inverters typology: SMA Sunny Central 2.060-EV DC to AC ratio: 1500V 1.13

Technical Data

The Connection User system (IUC) will consist of: − A 30/220 kV electrical transformation station which conveys the energy produced by the plant through 30 kV connections and carries out the transformation at the nominal voltage of 220 kV with 2 transformer uprights equipped with TR 30/220 kV of 45 MVA ; − A delivery stall at the exit of the 220kV line, for the interconnection in AAT cable towards the electrical station of the NTG, of the transformation station of the planned plant; − AAT connection in overhead (or, if necessary, underground) cable duct at 220 kV between the new transformer station and the NTG (section of connection  - SE in the project).

Electromechanical Connection

The station will be built in a "single busbar" configuration (three conductors) at 220 kV, with air insulation. The 220kV busbar system will be characterized as shown below.
  • N° 2 stalls available for future expansion;
  • N° 2 TR stalls for the transformation of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system;
  • No. 1 delivery stall.
  • Width of the “HV/MV transformer” type stalls: 14 m;
  • Distance between phases for busbars, equipment and conductors: 3.20 m;
  • Bus axis height: 9.30 m;
  • Height of stall conductors: 5.30 m;
Nominal Data
  • Rated voltage: 220kV
  • Maximum voltage: 245kV
  • Insulation level at ia: 1050 kV (to earth)
  • Insulation level at fi: 460 kV (to earth)
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Cable Output Stall Current Rating: 2000A
  • Transformer Stall Current Rating: 2000A
  • Busbar rated current: 3150 A
  • Rated voltage volumetric circuits: 100 V
  • Rated current of current circuits: 5A
  • DC Auxiliary Supply Voltage: 110V
  • AC Auxiliary Supply Voltage: 230/400V
L#20230469 90-Year-Old Quality Dairy Manufacturing Business TBA TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey The company had been established in 1930 and manufactured dairy products. During the years, manufacturing scale has been increased with experience and the new product group has been added to the production range . In 2014, the manufacturing plant has been moved the new factory in İzmir Aegean region at Turkey. The company had been decreased the production quantities during the Covid Pandemic period . The owner of the company had been taken a decision to quit the sector and has been decided and expertised on real estate sector. Production capacity and Product Range Introduction The factory has been manufactured 8 main products. 1. Butter : capacity 50 tons per day and packing type 10 gr. to 1 kg. varieties. Dairy products’ suppliers are in the same area . 2. Honey : capacity 40 tons per day and packing type 20 gr. to 40 gr. and bottled honey varieties. Raw material are form Muğla city (160 km away) 3. Hazelnut cream :capacity 20 tons per day and packing type 20 gr. to 40 gr. and bucket-load varieties. Main, raw material’s suppliers are form Black Sea region from Turkey. 4. Jam: capacity 100 tons per day and packing type 20 gr., 40 gr. to 60 gr. and 5 kg. bucket-load varieties. Raw material’s suppliers are in the same area . 5. Melted Cheese: capacity 20 tons per day and packing type 10 gr., and 15 gr. mini packing varieties. 6. Halva( halvah): capacity 10 tons per day and packing type 40 gr., 80 gr. and 100 gr. varieties. 7. Grape molasses: capacity 75 tons per day and packing type 20 gr.,40 gr. , 300 gr. glass bottles and 5 kg. bucket-load varieties. 8. Tahina (sesame butter) : capacity 10 tons per day and packing type 10 gr., 40 gr. and 5 kg .bucket-load varieties. Customer Profile
  • The company monthly production capacity of around 10.500 tons, products.
  • The company’s customer profiles are horeca (hotel restaurants and cafe ), TR public utilities , municipality, and wholeesaler to domestic consumers .
  • The company has capacity for exporting the goods .
  • The company’s produced goods are in highest quality in international standards.
L#20210067 90+ Year Old Italian Football Club (Serie C) €6,500,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Italian Football Club for sale currently playing in the third tier (Serie C) of Italian football, after earning promotion from Serie D by winning the league playoffs. The Team was founded before the First World War and refounded many times, the Team has received many Honours: Legal Pro Second Division, Serie D, C Promotion and the Coppa Italia Lega Pro.


The team has a huge potential giving that it is one of the most followed in the Center/South of Italy. There is also a plan for a new stadium with Capacity of 20,000+ .
L#20230514 920kW Italian Hydro Power Plant + 4MW PV Photovoltaic Development Project €18,000,000 €1,500,000 12x TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy is the world's 14th largest producer of hydroelectric power, with a total of 50,582 GWh produced in 2010. For sale a brand new hydroelectric power station located in Italy sharing the substation with a brand new PV Photovoltaic Power Plant (4MW) with the possibility to extend the PV Photovoltaic Power Plant to 8MW.


HYDRO POWER PLANT I Installed Power Capacity: 920kW GOV Concession: 20-25 Years ahead PPA Rate: 135 EUR per MW (0,135 / kW) Estimated Yearly Production: 6,750,000 kWh Turbine: Kaplan Location: on River, close to the mountains Approx. Estimated Yearly Revenue*: 945,000 EUR (*Depending upon the water precipitation) PV POWER STATION I GOV Concession: 20 Years ahead PPA Rate: No PPA (Free Market) Estimated Yearly Production: 6,600,000 kW Land: Ownership Location: Close to the substation Addon: Possibility to build an additional 4MW PV Station for total of 4+4MW Approx. Estimated Yearly Revenue*: 450,000 - 700,000 EUR (*Depending upon the free market rates)    
L#20220364 Accounting Software Business TBD TBD TBD Software & SAAS United Arab Emirates Dubai Accounting Software Business for sale,  an accounting software package developed and marketed in UAE. Products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.
A business software system development company based in the United Arab Emirates has developed its original Simple Edition (SE) accounting and finance software with Arabic users as main target. The Company has built and developed its main software under the leadership of one of its partners, who has a tremendous experience in programming while utilizing his expertise and the latest technologies in every development stage from its establishment in 2006 until now. The product has proved its success against competitors in the market where new customers preferred it over using other software for its many distinctive benefits. Sales in 2019 alone were $750,000 without marketing and only by door-to-door sales to retail businesses and service providers. Sales stopped since then for developing the infrastructure and the software. The Company has produced 25,000 new copies ready to be sold in the next phase. The next phase for the Company is developing a sales and marketing strategy besides developing infrastructure for cloud computing, turning it into a global service provider, an online platform operated by the web and mobile, to benefit from the technological revolution. The Company has the brand name, coding of the program, all intellectual properties, and patents protected and registered in the Emirate Ministry of Economy.
L#20210080 Active Oil Production Business $220,000,000 TBD TBD Oil Production Company Kazakhstan Mangystau Oil is an economically and strategically crucial resource for many nations due to its basis for much of the energy that we consume. • Exploration and production contract until 2024 • Location - Mangystau region of Kazakhstan • Oil reserves are found in the Jurassic and Triassic horizons • 18 wells - commissioned, 3 wells – exploration • More than 6 million tonnes of oil and more than 11 million tonnes of crude oil reserves were approved by Gaffney, Cline & Associatesin 2015 • Have oil transfer plant and transport oil through contact with the monopoly company KazTransOil
L#20220377 AI Background Removal SAAS Business TBD TBD TBD Software & SAAS United States This company is providing an AI Background Removal Service, the business offers free and paid plans for image removal. The 'Remove Background' function identifies objects based on contrast and leaves you with an image on a transparent background that can be used on a new design. The website gets more than 2M Visitors per Month from users mainly located in the USA, India and Europe. Removing image backgrounds is a dreadful and strenuous task for both designers and photographers. The rise of online shopping is exponentially increasing the demand for product images with a uniform background.
L#20210120 Air conditioner Manufacturing Business with a capacity of 60,000 units $7,500,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing India Mumbai Air conditioner Manufacturing Business with a capacity of 60,000 units based in India, Mumbai-based air conditioner manufacturing and retail business. The air conditioner market is projected to register a CAGR of greater than 5% during the forecast period, 2021-2026. The air conditioning (AC) industry is expected to witness huge growth due to the soaring temperature and humidity levels across the world, along with the rising acceptance of air conditioners as a utility product rather than a luxury product. The emergence of technologically advanced air conditioners, such as air conditioners with inverter and air purification technologies, is further anticipated to positively influence the air conditioner market through the forecast period. Company sells products directly to the customers through IndiaMART only in Mumbai. - Have a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 units annually but we only manufacture 1,000 units annually. - The technology is developed in-house and is completely manufactured in India. - Have 2 patents and 3 design registrations. - Promoter has 5 years of experience in the industry.
L#20200779 Airport for Sale in Bulgaria, Europe €20,000,000 TBD TBD Airport Bulgaria Sofia This private airport for sale is closed to Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. As per now there are building permission for an International Casino Centre, Cargo Airport and a logistic park. The position of this airport is very strategic as it is close to the border of Turkey, Greece and Serbia. The assets included in the deals are: - License - Hangar 1 - 660m2 - Hangar 2 - 1050m2 - Hangar 3 - 260m2 - Oil Station 16,9m2 The surface of the airport is equal to 38,7 hectares with include 21,7ha of free land. The airport is owned by an international holding company active in the real estate industry. The airport is designed to serve flights only during daylight hours.
L#20240589 Alcohol distribution Business €2,700,000 €6,712,890 €362,816 0.4x 7.44x Distributor Romania A company with full Romanian private capital, established in 2008, with more than 15 years of experience in the distribution market of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages and food, as well as in online commerce. Products and services Currently, the distribution company markets and distributes a wide range of products, collaborating with outstanding brands in the fields of alcoholic beverages and food. The company successfully operates online, selling products from its own portfolio. Operating through contractual relationships, the company engages with over 3,000 legal entities and serves more than 500,000 individual customers. Operations Operational since 2008, the company has grown organically due to the quality of the services offered. The company's partnerships are built on trust, long-term vision, and the reliability and quality of the products offered. Currently, the company has partnerships with outstanding brands in the field of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food. It successfully covers the Moldovan area, fostering strong partnerships in Suceava, Iasi, Galati, Vrancea, Braila, and Tecuci. Furthermore, the company maintains an active and well-represented website in the online trade niche. Tangible and intangible assets The objective is to offer the buyer 100% of the shares, and the current management will support the transition to the new owners and provide assistance if needed. The complete sale of the business includes the value of the land, with an area of 2264 square meters and a hall of 1864 square meters, valued at 700,000 euros. It is also possible to take over the building with a rental contract at a fair value. Additionally, the sale price includes the distribution fleet, the machinery necessary for the conduct of business, and the online platform.
L#20230502 All-in-one African Business Finance Technology for SMEs $2,000,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Nigeria The company launched to provide bank account for businesses to perform banking services. Service expanded beyond bank accounts and payments by providing inclusive financial services for businesses to access loans to grow faster. Service provides banking, payments, cash flow, and expense management – that helps businesses to save time, money and grow faster. The company expanded beyond bank accounts and payments by providing inclusive financial services for businesses to access loans to grow faster. The API service evolved to a “Finance as a Service” product that makes it easy for businesses to offer financial services product to their customers. Key learning: It was very difficult and expensive for businesses, most especially the new business owners to build a product. The company expanded beyond a banking platform to an all-in- one business finance solution for businesses in emerging markets. Key learning: 3,000 businesses signed up and a thriving community Market
  • 47M registered Businesses in Nigeria
  • 250M Businesses all over Africa
  • $1.5T B2B Market Opportunities in Africa
  • 20% Rapid Growth Annually
  • $700K Raised Capital
  • $20M in Transaction Value
  • 3000 Business Users
  • 2600 Customers on waiting List
  • Banking Software
  • Accounts Invoicing
  • Payment & FX
  • Payroll
  • Cashflow
  • Business tools & much more
Key benefits
  • Global accounts that supports expansion
  • Business tools that save time and support growth
  • Payment solutions 3 x cheaper than banks
  • Access to cash flow at low rates
  • Techstarts
  • Seedstars
  • Expert Dojq
L#20230541 Aluminum Manufacturing Business $25,000,000 $5,432,814 4.6x TBD Manufacturing Turkey Istanbul 80% Of The Materials Produced Are Exported To Many Countries Of Europe, Mainly To Germany And, African Market Production Capacity Profile Is Around 400 Tons Of Accessories Per Month, With An Average Of 500 Thousand Pieces, Around 1,000,000 Pieces According To The Type Of Material To Be Manufactured-

Production Range

Aluminum Profile And Accessories, Joinery Profiles And Accessories, Handrail Railing And Accessories, Solar Profiles And Accessories, Industrial Profiles And Miscellaneous Accessories,

Available Fixture Materials

-1 X Extrusion Profile Drawing Press = 6 Inch 1,540 Tons -1 Thermal Furnace -1 Piece Screw Compressive -1 Piece Sandblasting Machine -1 Piece Caustic Mold Cleaning Machine -2 Metal Injection Presses -4 Chrome Deburring Machines -1 Piece Purification Machine -1 Piece Profile Painting Plant Set -1 Piece Profile Cleaning Boiler -1 Accessory Dyeing Facility -3 Mold Processing Centers -1 Piece Stuffing Edm Machine -2 Mechanical Lathes -15 Eccentric Presses -1 Piece Surface Sanding Machine -4 Pieces Normal Drill -2 Compressor Tubes -3 Scale Scales -2 Curved Arm Machines -1 Tapping Center -2 Curved Arm Machining Centers -3 Mechanical Milling Cutters -14 Pieces Of Table Drills -5 Circular Saws -4 Special Machines -3 Automation Machining Centers -2 Pipe Crimping Machines -10 Pieces Profile Cutting Machine -2 Forklifts With Diesel, Electric -2 Trucks (Mercedes) And (Mitsubishi) -2 Worker Service Vehicles -2 Cars Approximately 2,000 Molds, Fire Pumps Set, 600 Tons Underground Water Tank,
L#20240700 Ambitious Italian FC Seeks Growth Funding TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Italian Football Club with great managerial structure, proven experience and multidisciplinary seeks growth funding. This Club plans to get into Series A by 2029/30 and be back into the top 20 teams in Italy. The club revenue sources are TV rights, tickets, sponsorships, merchandising & licensing and trading of players. The club's management and Football team has strong work ethic and are result driven. It's management is consisted by former football stars and business experts. The club plans to invest in marketing and content creation to promote engagement. Build a training center as an international hub for clubs and national teams, with top notch facilities. Further more, the Club plant to invest in infrastructure which will be mostly focused on a new 20,000 seat stadium with various shopping spots.  
L#20230511 American Fast Casual Food Franchisor $1,200,000 $2,100,000 $350,000 0.57x 3.43x Services United States An opportunity for a seasoned operator to grow this niche concept into a national brand. The company offers fast service with food that is made to order using high quality ingredients and eco packaging. There is low labor cost, zero food waste, and easy training for employees. The concept was built to reply intrinsically to the main challenges in the food industry, quality, simplicity, and excellent service. In addition to a proven successful concept, the franchisor has the ability to offer complete turnkey restaurants to its franchisees with assistance from the signature of the contract to the Grand Opening, including dealing with the contractors, licensing, administrative and accounting assistance, to ensure the success of their business venture. Location: Florida Founded: 2016
L#20230428 American Fast-Growing VPS Web Hosting Business $5,500,000 $1,200,000 $650,000 4.58x 8.46x Hosting Businesses United States This American Hosting Company for sale offers mainly Shared Hosting and Domains to VPS and Dedicated plans. Company offers mainly VPS, Shares Hosting to US, Western Europeans, Canadian customers. Company offers extremely competitive prices and unique tools included in the price like: SSD Only servers, RocketBooster, Let's Encrypt, Cloudflare CDN Caching, SpamExperts, Web Application Firewall, Malware Scan & Reports, Free Daily Backups, Instant chat response, Multiple server location

Servers Location:


  • Shared Hosting
  • Wordpress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated (VDS)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Windows VPS Hosting
  • MAC VPS | Macintosh Hosting
L#20230505 American Financial Service Business $100,000,000 $37,500,000 $8,000,000 2.67x 12.5x Financial Services United States Miami Independent and Profitable High Growth Company is a family-owned business focused on leasing and rentals of  heavy equipment and trucks, they offer both  new and used vehicles. Many years of building a brand and reputation have brought great pride and owner is looking for the next leader. This business' customer base has appreciated unparalleled support helping their customers' operations attain uptime and efficiency goals. Staff in place in addition to owner's willingness to help with transition. It is estimated that about 70% of businesses in the United States lease some or all of the equipment that they use in their day-to-day activities. That such a high number of businesses in the country use leased equipment is no coincidence, Leasing Construction Equipment makes a lot of sense when it comes to keeping your capital costs down and ensuring that your operational costs are also under control. Leasing construction equipment also ensures that you avoid spending your capital up front as well as ensuring that you get the right equipment for your needs.

Serving industries

  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Roadbuilding
  • Demolition and Municipalities


  • 25% annual revenue growth
  • Company in business for 25 years
  • $72 Billion Market
  • Great Reviews on Google
L#20230451 American FinTech Company $25,000,000 $10,000,000 2.5x TBD Financial Services United States Fintech refers to the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies to improve their use and delivery to consumers. Company bridges the gap between Cryptocurrency/DeFi and legacy finance. Company’s B2B white label allows companies to issue branded cards that enable their customers to spend crypto using a more familiar method. The white label is currently used by 25+ Web3 companies and acts as the critical infrastructure servicing bank accounts and cards globally. Proving product viability, the flagship Company card provides 50K active users a way to easily buy and spend crypto; this product also allowed the company to bootstrap to 8-figure ARR thanks to its proprietary, automated crypto-to-fiat liquidity platform.


  • White label partners do all marketing
  • White label partners: 20+ organizations
  • 50K active Company Card users
  • Live in all 50 US States, the UK and 26 EU countries
  • Rolling out LATAM countries
  • Program manager for VISA, AMEX, and Mastercard
Revenue 2023F: $20M
2022: $10M
2021: $19.9M
L#20220361 American market research Business $25,000,000 TBD TBD Services United States This American market research Business has a long track records of sales in the United States and Europe. The company has a large office in India and a dedicated Sales Team in the Unites States providing companies research reports and consulting services that suit specific business needs. The company is specialized in providing reports related to chemicals and materials, defense, energy and natural resources, food and beverages, heavy engineering equipment, packaging, automotive and transport, consumer goods and services, electronics and semiconductors, factory automation, healthcare, IT and telecom, and pharmaceutical. The organization has more than 400 Employees dividied in Core Researcher Department, Sales Team and Marketing Team. The company has collected more than 15,000 available reports in English (included in the sale).
L#20240654 American Portfolio of 50x E-Commerce Stores $5,000,000 $14,000,000 $1,100,000 0.36x 4.55x E-commerce Business United States The Company is a dynamic e-commerce powerhouse, boasting a diverse portfolio of specialty online retail stores that span the globe. Their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, from responsive support to secure transactions, is at the forefront of their operations. They offer an extensive range of products, maintain high-quality standards, and employ cutting-edge digital marketing strategies driven by data analytics. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and agility, the Company continues to expand, offering inventory investment opportunities where they provide logistics and guide investors in merchandise selection.


Proven Profitability: The Company has a consistent track record of profitability, making it an attractive acquisition target for investors seeking a business with a history of financial success. Diverse Revenue Streams: The Company's diverse product portfolio and revenue streams offer stability and growth potential, reducing risk for potential buyers. Online Retailing Expertise: The business has developed a strong presence in the online retailing space, making it valuable for investors looking to capitalize on the e- commerce boom. Scalable Business Model: The Company's proven and reproducible business model can be scaled up, offering the opportunity for expansion and increased profitability under new ownership. High-Growth Potential: With the "Direct from manufacturer - Direct to consumer" approach and proprietary brand development, there is significant growth potential for the business.
L#20220298 American Web Hosting Service offering SEO Hosting, SSD VPS, Dedicated Server $1,250,000 $629,000 1.99x TBD Hosting Businesses United States The American Web Hosting Company for sale was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that was affordable to all, since its inception, the company has had steady growth.


  • Web hosting Cheap and affordable web hosting
  • Cheap hosting Reliable and secure hosting services
  • Website hosting 24/7 customer support available
  • Website hosting High quality software
  • Hosting Serving many clients worldwide


2021: $630K Revenue 2020: $559K Revenue 2019: $711K Revenue


Non-tangible PATENT TRADEMARK NAME Tangible: - 180 Servers, dell R420, R410 - Cisco Switch ASR1002 x 2 Employees
  • 4 Support doing 24/7 combine total
  • 1 Senior Engineering - he is in charge of watch of everything such as the network and all
  • 1 Full-time Programmer
  • 1 Part-Time Graphic Designer
L#20210150 Animal Feed Manufacturing Business $6,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing India Bhubaneswar - The success of the dairy farming industry in the country completely depends on the availability of forages & concentrated feed in the locality. - Currently, there is almost 50% deficit in the forages segment resulting in less milk production, higher production cost per litre of milk and bad animal health. - There is a huge market potential to serve more than a million cattle only in one state alone. - There is huge forage deficit in the eastern part of the country and as a result the livestock is less productive. - Company has an existing client base / farmers who are desperately looking for both backward and forward integration. - With more than 8 years of experience in this industry and with the collaboration with all the major international industry giants in dairy and milk processing industry, company has setting up one of India's largest silage manufacturing unit and dairy e-commerce business in Odisha. - With an existing production capacity of 60,000 MT of silage in bales every year started, we will be one of the biggest producers in the country.

Products & Services Overview

Single window solution to the largest chunk of farmers in the state i. e dairy farmers. We have more than 300 products in multiple categories for a farmer or an entrepreneur to use from. It includes: 1. Live stock (best variety cows, heifers and calves) 2. Dairy automation equipment: milking machines, milking parlours, feeding equipments- TMR, cleaning equipments- scrappers & slurry pumps, manure separators, etc. 3. Cattle feed - forages (silage, dry hay and straws, concentrated) 4. Nutritional products- minerals & mixtures (chelated & organic, bypass fat, bypass protein, calcium, chromium, phosphorous, vitamins etc. 5. Genetic products- frozen semen straws (imported & indigenous bulls, cryo-cans, thaw monitors, etc. 6. Dairy processing equipments: BMC, pasteurisers, homogenisers, chilling plates, packaging machines etc. 7. Dairy consultation services: in order to overcome the challenges in dairy industry make it a profitable business. 8. Milk processing plant & collection units. 10. KLPD plants.

Assets Overview

- Forage harvester. - Compactor baler. - Bale handlers. - Tractors. - Land (agricultural and commercial) Facilities Overview - Maize/wheat cultivation in more than 1,000 acres of land through contractual farming. - Self propelled forage harvester, compactor baler, bale handlers, warehouses and plants.
L#20240662 Armenian Banking Licence TBD TBD TBD Banks Armenia This bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Armenia. Established 30 years ago, it has been instrumental in the development and growth of the country's economy. As a universal bank, this bank provides a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and government institutions. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer service, the bank has established itself as a trusted partner for its clients. The bank offers a diverse portfolio of products and services, including loans, savings accounts, investment opportunities, and foreign exchange services. In terms of financial performance, the. bank has demonstrated resilience and stability over the years. Despite the challenges posed by the global economic downturn and political uncertainties, the bank has continued to grow its customer base and expand its operations. Its solid reputation and strong financial position have earned it recognition both locally and internationally.


  • 6,5% Shares available for sale;
  • Top #5 Bank in Armenia;
  • More than 125,000+ Customers;
  • Bank offers a large range of financial products and services, including loans, savings accounts, investment options, and payment solutions;
L#20220307 Asset Management Business €7,500,000 €4,250,000 €1,750,000 1.76x 4.29x Financial Services Bahamas Nassau Bahamas based Asset Management Business for sale serving International Customers, Company has been founded 30 years ago to provide independent wealth management advice and a bespoke service for both individual and corporate clients. The Asset Management Business has a licence which allow the company to provide a various number of service related to:trust services; carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of others; cryptocurrency exchange; brokerage; forex trading; trading for its own account or for the account of others in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives; carrying out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing); making investments as investment advisers; and holding securities on deposit or managing securities.


• The required resident director is already in place and their base responsibility fee was paid in advance for a year • The required resident compliance director is already in place and their base responsibility fee was paid in advance for a year • License setup fees and first-year fees were paid in advance for a year • The registered office address was paid in advance for a year. • Website, Software, WWW, Trademark, Phone number, email addresses • Custom professionally designed website (designed to buyer's specifications) with SSL certificate and hosting is included, and paid up for one year • Contact with a local law firms for support and consulting

Popular Services

  • Savings Plans
  • Wealth Planning
  • Discretionary Asset Management
  • Execution Only Services
  • International Pensions
  • In-house DFM
POF Letter, NDA with Passport required.
L#20200756 Austrian Equipment Manufacturing Business €3,000,000 €1,500,000 €375,000 2x 8x Manufacturing Austria Vienna For sale an Austrian Steel Equipment Manufacturing Company. The company is leading manufacturer of specialized equipment niche products. This is an asset deal: the sale include patents, trademarks, customer database, machine, furniture, etc. Good fit for those without technical experience and buyer who wants to do low risk investment and get started. Worked with government and private companies in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. - Follows ISO 9001-2008 standards and 5S methodology. - Zero loans and have grown organically. - Has 7500sqm with easy access to roads. - Last year revenue 1.5M EUR and EBIDTA 375K EUR (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings 445K EUR)
L#20220273 Authorised Payment Institution License (API) ₤1,870,000 TBD TBD Financial Services United Kingdom The FCA defines an authorised payment institution as an entity that is authorised to make payments and is included in the FCA’s official register of APIs. The definition spans organisations such as credit card processors, payment account operators, remittance operators, foreign exchange businesses, and payment initiation businesses. Now that Safenetpay has evolved from API to EMI, it can issue and hold electronic money. Permissions available within the API license:
Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account as well as all the operations required for
operating a payment account
Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account as well as all the operations required
for operating a payment account
Executing payment transactions (no credit line)
Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments
Money remittance
Payment initiation services
Account information services
Year of company incorporation: 2020 Year of authorisation from FCA: 2020 Fines and warnings from FCA: none Company activity: the company has NOT started trading yet. No clients and no transactions ever made as of May 1, 2022. Passportation: UK only Capital: 150,000 GBP the capital is available on HSBC company’s bank account in the UK
L#20210146 Authorized Distributor of Petrol / Diesel $5,000,000 $4,750,000 $880,000 1.05x 5.68x Distributor Turkey Istanbul For sale an established Gas Station and Authorized Distributor of Petrol / Diesel based in Turkey. Company an authorized distributor of petrol and diesel on behalf of the Turkish company Petrol Ofisi. They handle majority of work from a terminal near the sea of Marmara which is also a duty-free zone.
  •  Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. has signed a 5-year dealership agreement with the company.
  • Companies Management has leased the easement / usage right for 40 years.
  • TSE and fire department approvals have been obtained for the fuel station operation in Marina.
  • Operating license was obtained from ISTANBUL COMMUNITY for Class 2 non-sanitary establishment, EPDK (PETROL&ENERGY MINISTRY Fuel Market License obtained from Energy Market Supervision Board)
  • The Gas Station has its own dock-pier.


  • Fuel sales to yachts / boats as well as passenger cars coming to the marina in retail under canopy pumps
  • Wholesale (inside and outside the marina)
On a yearly basis, company supply approx. 3M Liters of fuel.
Assets Overview
Pumps, tanks, building, transferring pumps/motors, office equipment, petrol equipment.
L#20220324 Automatic & semi-automatic Water bottling Plant €4,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Serbia Beograd Automatic & semi-automatic water bottling plant based in Kolari, Serbia. - Buyer can source a healthy and refreshing source of the highest quality low mineral hypothermal water from the well in which the company has a 99 year right of exploitation. - PET bottling line has a capacity of producing 300 bottles per hour. - Assets include land, building, brand, hitech well, website, domain, license, machinery, raw materials and other tools, automatic & semi-automatic bottling lines. - It should be noted that the position of the factory is located in the environment of the source of fruit, which is largely exported to Russia, so there is a possibility of processing fruit and production of products on that basis.

Products & Services Overview

Water bottling lines of 0.25 to 18.9 L.

Assets Overview

Land, manufacturing facility, and a warehouse, all concession permits are on a 99-year lease from 2009.

Facilities Overview

Owned manufacturing facility and a warehouse, all concession permits are on 99 year lease from 2009.


  • Healthy and refreshing highest quality low mineral hypothermal (12-140C) water from the well in which the Company has the 99 year right of exploitation
  • Extensive potential of water source – 13,5 lit/sec
  • Advanced technology and ready production capacities
  • 1 bottling lines at the spot for non-carbonated water (PC 15 and 18,9 lit bottles)Experienced and highly dedicated staff
  • Free trade agreements between Serbia and EU, Russia, CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey…
  • Attractive incentives for foreign investments and employment in Serbia
  • Relatively low costs of labor
L#20230522 Automotive Transport Business €1,137,000 €1,606,896 €356,818 0.71x 3.19x Automotive Romania Business selling car transport company, a commercial activity in the automotive field with constant profit, part of a family business since 1992 We are pleased to bring to your attention the sale of a commercial activity in the automotive field, with constant profit, part of a family business founded in 1992, which has permanently developed and diversified its areas of activity. Through perseverance, promptness, seriousness and the quality of the services offered, they have managed to create a solid reputation both on the local market and on the European market. Products & services The business division that is the object of the sale has as object of activity the transport of cars to and from all European countries and is located in the north of Transylvania. However, the activity can be relocated in any area of ​​the country. This transport company for sale is profitable, and is waiting for a new owner, passionate about the automotive field. In 2006, the direction of the company's development was outlined by creating an integrated system of services offered to existing customers, which started to include the activity of car transport. Business operation Compared to the beginning of the activity, when the orders for transport were mainly provided on the transport exchanges, at this moment there is a customer base with contracts, including one of the most important vehicle auction companies in Europe. Advantages and key business attributes: - portfolio of stable and constant customers - renowned business, with solid experience, with a positive and ascendant history - the existence of a professional team - park consisting of new trucks, in very good technical condition - solid financial performance - in recent years the business has generated a turnover of 2,000,000 eur / year. - notoriety on the car transport services market - manages a flow of 100 cars / week. - the volume of used cars on the Romanian market represents 75% of the total number of registered cars. In 2020, the company collaborated with approximately 250 customers, providing transport services.  
L#20230563 B2B & Distribution of Plastic Packaging $3,500,000 $4,183,404 $1,200,000 0.84x 2.92x Services United States Located in the state of Texas for more than 44 years, the business specializes in serving as a private intermediary for brand distribution of cleanroom class-100 and class-50 packaging. They offer a wide range of products, including polyethylene bags, film, shrouds, sheets, and tubing, as well as custom-designed substrate packaging. After purchase, the company can be easily relocated within the first 30 to 60 days. The company has established strong partnerships with the re-manufacturing suppliers who handle all production and shipping. This sets the business apart and facilitates smooth operations. Their team consists of three skilled engineers, ensuring the longevity of customer relations. They proudly hold high online ratings and maintain a strong reputation. They are well-prepared for a leadership transition, with functionality continuing smoothly over a six to twelve-month period. Their marketing efforts rely on word-of-mouth referrals from a large and loyal customer base, providing ample opportunities for growth through social media engagement and aggressive advertising. The company is also flexible and open to optimizations that could further increase revenues, including strategic expansions and alliances. They have long-standing relationships with clients, primarily Fortune 500 companies, across various industries, such as industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and electronic networking, contributing to their extensive catalog. In 2022, the total revenues reached $4,183,404, with gross profits of $1.2 million and EBITDA of $713,492. The sales projections for 2023 are up to $4.5 million. The business is quality-focused and significantly certified in technical sales.
L#20240612 Bank for Sale in Michigan, United States of America TBA TBD TBD Banks United States The banking industry in the United States is a critical component of the country's financial system, providing essential services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Here are some key aspects of the banking industry in the USA: Types of Banks: The banking sector in the USA includes various types of institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and investment banks. Commercial banks, including national and regional banks, are the most common and offer a wide range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Regulation: The banking industry in the USA is highly regulated to ensure financial stability, consumer protection, and adherence to laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversee different aspects of banking operations and compliance. Key Players: Some of the largest and most influential banks in the USA include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. These banks operate on a national or international scale and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment banking, and wealth management. Community Banks and Credit Unions: While large banks dominate the national landscape, community banks and credit unions play a vital role in serving local communities and niche markets. These institutions often focus on personalized service, community involvement, and relationship banking. This is a great opportunity to buy a bank for sale in the United States of America. Established Bank for sale in Michigan, United States of America. Charter: OCC Assets: +$100 000 USD State: MI, USA Note: City/Location will be disclosed after execution of NDA. A fully operational bank is up for sale. A qualified buyer is someone that provides proof of funds. Proof of funds is a letter from a well-known bank or brokerage firm. Please do not send a corporate bond, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, etc. See below a few additional instructions:
L#20240615 Bank for sale in New York, United States of America TBA TBD TBD Banks United States The banking industry in the United States is a critical component of the country's financial system, providing essential services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Here are some key aspects of the banking industry in the USA: Types of Banks: The banking sector in the USA includes various types of institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and investment banks. Commercial banks, including national and regional banks, are the most common and offer a wide range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Regulation: The banking industry in the USA is highly regulated to ensure financial stability, consumer protection, and adherence to laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversee different aspects of banking operations and compliance. Key Players: Some of the largest and most influential banks in the USA include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. These banks operate on a national or international scale and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment banking, and wealth management. Community Banks and Credit Unions: While large banks dominate the national landscape, community banks and credit unions play a vital role in serving local communities and niche markets. These institutions often focus on personalized service, community involvement, and relationship banking. This is a great opportunity to buy a bank for sale in the United States of America. Established Bank for sale in New York, United States of America. Charter: OCC Assets: +$250 000 USD +$500 000 USD State: NY, USA Note: City/Location will be disclosed after execution of NDA. A fully operational bank is up for sale. A qualified buyer is someone that provides proof of funds. Proof of funds is a letter from a well-known bank or brokerage firm. Please do not send a corporate bond, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, etc. See below a few additional instructions:
L#20240614 Bank for Sale in Wyoming, United States of America TBA TBD TBD Banks United States The banking industry in the United States is a critical component of the country's financial system, providing essential services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Here are some key aspects of the banking industry in the USA: Types of Banks: The banking sector in the USA includes various types of institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and investment banks. Commercial banks, including national and regional banks, are the most common and offer a wide range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Regulation: The banking industry in the USA is highly regulated to ensure financial stability, consumer protection, and adherence to laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversee different aspects of banking operations and compliance. Key Players: Some of the largest and most influential banks in the USA include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. These banks operate on a national or international scale and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment banking, and wealth management. Community Banks and Credit Unions: While large banks dominate the national landscape, community banks and credit unions play a vital role in serving local communities and niche markets. These institutions often focus on personalized service, community involvement, and relationship banking. This is a great opportunity to buy a bank for sale in the United States of America. Established Bank for sale in Wyoming, United States of America. Charter: OCC Assets: +$250 000 USD State: WY, USA Note: City/Location will be disclosed after execution of NDA. A fully operational bank is up for sale. A qualified buyer is someone that provides proof of funds. Proof of funds is a letter from a well-known bank or brokerage firm. Please do not send a corporate bond, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, etc. See below a few additional instructions:
L#20240686 Beauty and Pharmaceutical Testing Lab $1,800,000 $1,700,000 1.06x TBD Pharma United States Highly reputed testing lab with over a decade in operation. Specializes in pharmaceutical and beauty product development and testing, serving clients in the Northeast. Their comprehensive services include product development, formulation, stability testing, and long-term storage. With state- of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled team, this company excels in solving complex analytical problems, ensuring high- quality service and strong client relationships.

Investment Highlights

  • 2023: $1.5mn; $315k EBITDA, 21% margin
  • Strong revenue growth, achieving a YoY growth of 20%
  • Maintains a balanced revenue model, 40% of income from analytical services, 40% from development services, and 20% from storage services
  • Long-term contracts with core clients/ strategic partners drive 80% of revenue
  • Stellar experienced team willing to stay
  • Opportunities for growth include utilization of lab and equipment to full capacity (current utilization <50%), expansion into internation markets, strategic partnerships, and investment in marketing  strategy
L#20230524 Beer Manufacturing Business $7,500,000 $11,001,748 $4,226,612 0.68x 1.77x Food & Beverage India Bangalore Beer Manufacturing Business for sale located in the state of Odisha. The factory is strategically located to cater to the large growing market of Odisha, West Bengal and other adjoining states. The factory started its commercial production in January 2006.


• Target Market Growing at the rate of 25 % YOY. • Low Risk • Non-Interfering Excise Regime. • Fairly conducive. • Low Operating Cost. • Low Competition. • High Import Duty. • Lucrative Market of Nearby States. • Huge Land Available for future Expansion Prospects. • The capacity of the Plant can be upgraded to 400HL with minimum investment. • New IMFL Bottling Plant.
L#20240685 Bottled Water and Non-Alcoholic Beverages $8,500,000 TBD TBD Food & Beverage Serbia

The Company just finished its investment cycle and now is seeking for a partner who will assist the domestic and international market penetration as well as development of new products.

Serbian market began to consider the proper hydration as highly important health factor, and that has a significant contribution to the growth rate of the company’s revenue. The consumption of bottled water in Sebia increased rapidly during the last 10 years, and now is already above 100 liters per capita yearly.

The product has high quality water and low content of minerals which makes it suitable for unlimited everyday use. The spring has a large abundance and the water parameter is stable through out the seasons.  Water quality is confirmed by the Institute Fresenius, a leading European laboratory for non- medical analysis and by the Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology in Serbia.

The company has already acquired most of the equipment from the most renowned suppliers or production process of bottled drinking water and other water based products.

Key details:

  • The company uses healthy and refreshing highest quality low mineral hypothermal water.
  • The company holds the right of water exploitation for 99 years.
  • Extensive potential of water source – 13,5 lit/sec
  • Advanced technology and ready production capacities.
  • Bottling lines for non- carbonated water (PC 15 and 18,9 lit bottles).
  • Experienced and highly dedicated staff.
  • Free trade agreements between Serbia, EU, Russia, CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey.
  • Attractive incentives for foreign investments and employment in Serbia.
  • Relatively low cost of labor.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14000
L#20210097 BPO Call Center with 200+ Agents $800,000 TBD TBD Call Center Sri Lanka Colombo For sale a BPO Call Center with delivery centers in Colombo, Kandy and Badulla that has the capacity to host up to 540 agents and currently hosting 220 agents. - The company has 4 clients at the moment and 2 more clients are in the pipeline. The company is currently planing to expand their service to Europeans and Americans customers. - Company has valid running contracts with all the clients. - Company offers multi-lingual support with a 24x7 operation choice.
L#20220304 Brazilian Football Club “Série B” TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Brazil For sale a Brazilian Football Club taking part to the "Campeonato Brasileiro Série B".The Campeonato Brasileiro Série B is commonly referred to as the Brasileirão Série B (Série B), and until 2017 was officially called Brasileirão Chevrolet like the Série A by sponsorship reasons. It is the second tier of the Brazilian football league system. Since 2006 it has been contested by 20 teams in a double round-robin format with the top four teams being promoted to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A group and the bottom four teams being relegated to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C group. Experts say Brazilian clubs are an alluring option for foreign investors. Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of footballers, and its currency has been weakened by the coronavirus pandemic.


- Historical Club - Revenue from Players, Merchandising, Sponsors, Games, TV Rights Globo, SporTV, Premiere
L#20220408 Brazilian Web Hosting Business serving 800,000+ clients $2,500,000 TBD TBD Hosting Businesses Brazil The company has operated since 2007, when they started selling Macromedia Flash websites, (Adobe Flash), and currently replaced by responsive HTML5 ones. The hosting expense is a data center colocation in the US and Licences (Softwares like WHMCS, cPanel, Cloudlinux and others). In 2020, the BRL lost 25% of its value in US dollars, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the income decreased during this year, but not the BRL income. Business has all of sales from organic search, free referrer links and customer referrals and spend zero dollars on ads Custom cPanel web hosting, without email services*. Professional E-mail service on dedicated cloud.
L#20240628 Bread Producer Company TBD TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey The company was established in 2001 as a multi-partner company in the Aegean Region. There are 3 main production facilities and 2 retail sales points of the company.


The company produces toast, bread and bakery products as a factory at 3 locations. It produces pastries, cakes and bagels with its modern automation facilities that will produce 100,000 daily capacity of folk-style loaves of bread and has branches as well as a widespread distribution network. The company has the trademark registration rights of a toast bread known all over Turkey. In addition, the company has a known valuable brand value and registration. First and main production factory has been established on 1600 sqm belongs to the company in Aegean Region. The production are 15,000,000 units for bread, 840,000 units for pita bread, 840,000 units for toast bread and 5,184,000 units for other pastry type production with an annual production capacity of 128,700 kg of products. Second production factory has been established on 3.150 sqm belongs to the company in Aegean Region. The annual production capacity are285.000 kg of toast bread,364.000 kgs and which bread and 364.000kg hamburger bread. The third production factory has been established on 9.000 sqm real estate had been hired for the company in Marmara region. The factory has an annual production capacity of 3.008.102 kg of various bread groups. Strengths
  • Advantageous Business Locations
  • Product variety and quality
  • Good labour force and skilled personnel
  • Quality standards with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000
  • Technological infrastructure and production processes
  • Brand Awareness and Registered Licence


  • Competitive Pressure
  • Technological Infrastructure
  • Seasonal Demand Fluctuations
  • Labour Shortage


  • Growing Market
  • Innovation and Product Development
  • Export Opportunities


  • Cost
  • Changes
  • Competitor Pressure
  • Changes in Demand
L#20230409 Bulgarian First League Football Club $5,400,000 $1,800,000 3x TBD Football Clubs Bulgaria The Club competes in the First League, the top division of Bulgarian Football, it  has a storied history in European football, celebrating its 100th year anniversary. The club has produced many of Bulgaria’s top players. The Youth Academy is considered one of the best developers of young players in the country. Growth & Revenues Streams Club has realized rapid 54% year-over-year revenue growth over the past 5 years, Revenues come from: (1) sponsorship and advertising, (2) broadcasting, (3) merchandising, (4) ticket sales, (5) UEFA solidarity payments and prize money, and (6) transfers. Community Love Club is the only professional football club in the entire Province, home to 350,000 Bulgarians. The people of Blagoevgrad love the club deeply, and the Club Owner is treated as a local celebrity with exciting economic and political influence Owner invested over $500K in renovations of the Club’s stadium and clubhouse in 2019. Club strategically sold a 10% stake in the Club to its home municipality in return, the Municipality owns and maintains clubs home stadium and training facilities free of charge.

Offering & Terms

Owners 90% ownership stake in club is available for sale (equal to a Total Consideration of $5,400,000 USD) Ownership stake: 90% (other 10% owned by municipality)
L#20230528 Business Specialized in the Production and Sale of PVC Ornamental Panels €10,087,000 €4,773,606 €817,400 2.11x 12.34x Manufacturing Romania The company shown in this offer represents a true quality benchmark in the segment of aluminum doors, ornamental panels made of PVC, HPL, simple insulating glass or stained glass. Founded in 2004, it currently has 65 employees and has managed to develop, over time, a remarkable technical and material base, currently having its own production halls, a professional stained glass workshop, a showroom and offices. In terms of technological development, by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment for thermoforming, the company has ensured the ability to provide its customers with high quality panels, whether they are solid models, sandblasted glass, ornamental rod or crystal type glazing. At the same time, the high level of professional training of the employees of this business for sale and the quick fulfillment of orders are the premises for consolidating the brand and the company's image both on the Romanian market and on the international market Products & services Offering products and services of superior quality to those of competitors and also being an appreciated and respected supplier, over time, the business for sale has had a positive financial, logistics and commercial development, constant year by year, turning a profit every year, from the establishment until now, regardless of the more or less favorable economic context / environment. Details about the transition The processes that underly the creation and delivery of the products and services of this company has been designed and developed so that it can be easily transferred to any new manager, which facilitates the successful management of the business by the future owner. The business is sold together with all the current assets and facilities, the employees will continue to work with the new owner (which is a big plus), the suppliers will also stay with the business, so the future owner of this business for sale can benefit from the same preferential prices, collaborators and active client portfolio. The owner provides the future buyer with transition management, also providing the necessary support and training.
L#20220235 Cannabis Farm (non-psychoactive Cannabis or recreational Cannabis) $13,000,000 TBD TBD Medical Businesses Uruguay On a per “AS IS” basis, the farm’s total size is 72 hectares, authorized by the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture (MGAP) to cultivate and process up to a total of 60 hectares for cannabis plus 1,900 square meters for indoor cultivation in existing greenhouses. Currently, a partial exploitation of non-psychoactive Cannabis has been carrying out on an area of 12 hectares successfully under an operational lease. Farm was one of the first licensed cannabis growing operations in Uruguay. The land is divided into thirteen lots that are individually authorized by MGAP. Licenses can be issued either for the farming for non-psychoactive or for recreational cannabis. The whole property features natural resources and building infrastructure to yield full capacity for Cannabis production of high-quality non-psychoactive flowers and recreational Cannabis. Water/Infrastructure: Property is autonomous on ground water for production, fenced in and protected by aged tree lines against erosion by wind, full production and logistics infrastructure in place within the premises. Access to government provided power supply with no cap. Good labor market. Yield: Average yield (dried flowers for exportation): 600 kg/ha, @ as of September 2021: Maximum average yield in 1 production cannabis cycle:  approx. USD 8,000,000. Prior to cannabis farming, the Farm produced citrus since the late 1800s. Licenses: Owner is willing to assist new owner in expediting new licenses for non-psychoactive and recreational production upon MGAP authorities, which is required upon transfer of ownership. Infrastructure for housing: a farm construction from 1880 fully operational and composed of owner house and several other smaller houses. Main house features 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, patios, galleries, everything fully furnished with an exquisite rural style and a swimming pool.  House can be used as a temporary or permanent home.
L#20210048 Capital Markets Services (CMS) $4,000,000 TBD TBD Shelf Companies Singapore Singapore A company must hold a capital markets services (CMS) licence to conduct activities regulated under the Securities and Futures Act . Individuals representing CMS licensees or exempt financial institutions need to be appointed as representatives. Companies which may be required to hold a CMS licence include broker-dealers, corporate finance advisers, credit rating agencies, real estate investment trust (REIT) managers, fund managers and securities-based crowdfunding (SCF) operators. You can click on each type of entity for more information on what they do, and the different licensing exemptions available for the different regulated activities. Permissions:Dealing in Capital Markets Products, i.Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts for the, Purposes of Leveraged Foreign Exchange, Trading; 1. The Firm is attractive to buyers who wants to be a Liquidity Provider servicing the B2B markets or provide FX brokerage services to accredited and high net worth investors (less retail clients). 2. Possible to apply for upgrade to include servicing retail clients or additional permission to include Fund Management. 3. Buyer have the choice of taking over current office location or seek new premise.
L#20210058 Catalogue of Master Recordings €60,000,000 TBD TBD Music United States New York For sale a Catalog Of Russian Produced Recordings Of Classical Music (established in 1991). It controls world exclusive perpetual master recording rights in any format for the largest outside-of-Russia catalog of Russian produced recordings of classical music. Audio and video. This Music Catalog is the only record label in the world where Russian classical music is presented by a well-known Russian composer in good English - look at the albums by Glinka, Balakirev, Borodin, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Prokofiev. Percentage of recordings by Grammy award winners in this Music Catalog catalog is higher than in catalogs by Universal, Sony or Warner Music. This is a solely owned intellectual property asset, not a business. It has no debts, no lawsuits and no employees on payroll.


  • World exclusive perpetual master recording rights in any format for the entire audio catalog.
  • World exclusive perpetual master recording rights to all possible formats of 2 ready-to-release movies (dvd productions in PAL):
  1. "Playing with Richter", 65'. In Russian. Subtitles in 6 languages. DVD 5.
  2. "Yuri Bashmet", 98'. In Russian. Subtitles in English. DVD 5 and DVD 9 versions.
  • This Music Catalog is a brand, with website, artwork and booklet notes for existing Music albums.
L#20210456 Chicken Processing Manufacturing Business $27,000,000 $17,890,558 $2,504,678 1.51x 10.78x Manufacturing Brazil Chicken Processing Manufacturing Business for sale with refrigerator plant covering 40,000 m2 with 20,000 m2 of air conditioning. Rural plants: 1 farm with 80 bushels in São Paulo, 1 site with 27 bushels in São Paulo. Chicken slaughterhouse, with all stages:
  • Laboratory
  • Laying Hens
  • Incubator
  • Fattening
  • Chickens
  • Feed mill
  • factory slaughter
  • Transport
The refrigerator has a slaughter capacity of 140,000 birds per day. It produces 8,000 tons per month of products, including whole chickens, cuts, chilled, and frozen. It has the SIF (Federal Inspection Service) certification however, it is not currently exporting due to strong domestic demand.


  • Average EBITDA +14%
  • Number of Employees-1000
  • Number of members-04
  • Has no significant liabilities.
L#20240610 Commercial Stevedoring Private Port Business $2,000,000,000 TBD TBD Port Romania A private stevedoring company is a business entity that specializes in offering stevedoring services to companies in need of loading and unloading goods from ships or other forms of transportation. These companies are privately owned and operated, usually with a focus on efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Private stevedoring companies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to provide specialized services and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the global trade industry. Unlike public stevedoring companies, which are often state-owned, private stevedores are more agile and flexible in their operations. This flexibility allows them to respond quickly to market demands and keep up with changing regulations and industry standards. One of the key advantages of hiring a private stevedoring company is their expertise and experience in handling cargo in a safe and efficient manner. These companies invest heavily in training their employees and implementing the latest technologies and equipment to ensure smooth operations and minimize the risk of accidents or damages. Private stevedores often have well-developed safety protocols and follow strict procedures to meet industry standards and comply with regulations. Additionally, private stevedoring companies offer a wide range of services beyond just loading and unloading cargo. They often provide additional value-added services such as warehousing, storage, distribution, re-packaging, and even customs clearance. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to streamline their supply chain and reduce costs by outsourcing multiple logistic functions to a single service provider. In conclusion, private stevedoring companies play a vital role in the global trade industry by offering specialized and efficient cargo handling services. Their flexibility, expertise, and comprehensive service offerings make them a preferred choice for companies seeking reliable logistic solutions. As international trade and competition continue to grow, the importance of private stevedoring companies in facilitating smooth and efficient cargo operations cannot be overstated.

Business Overview

A private stevedoring company, is the oldest stevedoring company in the Port. The main activities of The Private Romanian Port Operator are reception, loading, unloading and storage of import, exports and transit goods that pass through the Harbour. This is a versatile stevedoring company operating bulk terminals, open storage space, general cargo and warehouses that are all directly connected to 2,65 kilometres of quays and berths (21 berths), and roads and railways. The Private Romanian Port Operator handles goods presented in any form (except for unpacked liquids) for transport. The cargo's include bulk and parcelled goods of any dimensions and weights per parcel up to 100 tons, including food stuffs. • Bulk: iron scrap, bitumen; • Cargo: food including perishables, machines, cement

Deal Structure

This project is based upon some important aspects:
  • The Private Port Operator is the owner of the listed properties, not concessions.
  • The Private Port Operator can easily be transformed from a port operator company into a ship-management company with a minimum of investment.
  • The acquisition is gradually (1-2 years) and all the legal advice are provided during the acquisition process.


  • Sale of 23% of company shares at the value of USD 500 Million, payment 30% at the signature of the contract and the rest of 70% when the buyer will own 51% of the company according to the following formula: 70% + X USD for every +1% over 23%, according to evaluation.
L#20220404 Company specializing in US securities & exchange commission compliance services $4,000,000 $1,000,000 $400,000 4x 10x Financial Services United States
One of the leading SEC compliance services companies for the last 15 years. Well-known company brand in the USA as well as in India with ISO certified process. Firm specialized in creating digital documents for listed companies as per SEC with 20-30 clients and all clients are US based. * Consistent growth with high EBITDA due to fewer expenses. * Servicing for the world's top 3 major financial printers. * Cloud infrastructure with automated process control for the hybrid module. * Revenue is generated by charging service fee from clients as per the service they opt for. * Promoter is a well-known personality in the industry with 20+ years of experience. * Software is developed in-house. * Company has zero liabilities. * There are 2 directors who are husband and wife with 80% and 20% shareholding.

Products & Services Overview

XBRL, iXBRL, EDGAR, and financial typesetting services for mutual funds, annual reports, corporate filings, proxy, etc.

Assets Overview

- Computers, office infrastructure including furniture and fixtures, interiors and other office supplies. - Proprietary software and website.

Facilities Overview

Rented office of 7,000 sq. ft carpet area on 4th floor.
L#20240599 Construction and Maintenance Business of sewage systems, aqueducts, gas pipelines, and district heating €12,500,000 €16,838,434 €3,162,185 0.74x 3.95x Construction Company Italy The term “Company” refers, in the following text, to an organization structured as a capital company operating in the construction and maintenance of sewage systems, aqueducts, gas pipelines, and district heating. The primary focus of the company's activities is in the Emilia-Romagna-Veneto region. History The company's history dates back to the sixties, with a consistent concentration on the construction and maintenance of network structure plants designed for public utilities. Services are primarily delivered under contracts and are executed by highly skilled personnel, utilizing modern and efficient equipment. Management and Organization The Company is equipped with certified management systems, developed in compliance with voluntary and training standards. It has implemented an integrated management system aimed at fostering an innovative organizational culture to ensure the integrity and quality of work. Additionally, the Company holds certificates of qualification for the execution of public works according to various categories and classifications, along with various authorizations pursuant to D. Lgs. 152/2006 (TUA). The company employs approximately 85 individuals, distributed across administrative offices, management, technical control, order reporting, and construction sites. Suppliers and Partners The Company has developed ongoing relationships with suppliers of technical and general materials. It regularly collaborates with other companies in the sector, often taking the lead, particularly for orders of significant size or those that must meet specific and intricate technical and organizational requirements. The fleet of machines and the know-how allow for absolute flexibility and extreme timeliness. Customers Customers primarily consist of companies providing public utilities. The relationships are characterized by a longstanding collaboration, emphasizing maximum flexibility, quality, and levels of service. Keypoints
  • Flexibility and timeliness of intervention
  • Unfinished/expandable production capacity
  • Reliable clientele
  • Qualified resources with considerable know-how
  • Opportunities for development and expansion for a sector operator not currently operating in the territory
L#20230581 Construction of High-quality Boats €2,500,000 TBD TBD Yatch & Boat Servicing & Repairs Philippines Starting their operations in the 1960s, this company specialized in the construction of high-quality boats, designed by a well-known engineer and aimed at both offshore racing and an exclusive clientele. Entrusting styling to renowned designers, the company solidified its reputation in the nautical sector. Since the 2000s, the company has strengthened its experience and reliability in the nautical sector, becoming a leader in naval shipbuilding in its region. It has formed partnerships with various brands in the boat production and component sector, contributing to the launch and consolidation of several startups in the industry. The company has also provided technical assistance to well-known shipyards like Ferretti and Pershing. Customer trust and attention are fundamental elements for the company, which commits to the reliability of its brand. The specialist technicians, with years of experience in the nautical sector, ensure the best service and technical assistance. The company owns a marina with mooring for boats from 18 to 25 meters, 70 boats in the water, and 30+30 boats on land under sheds and in the yard, respectively. It also has a mechanical workshop, metal workshop, and a carpentry equipped with master carpenters. It also offers a nautical club and provides customers with a catering service that offers excellence in terms of quality and has become one of the best fish restaurants in the area over time. The company's goal is to ensure the same quality of services, consolidating its corporate structure and enriching the team with new specialized figures. The creation of an innovative 45-foot open boat, among other models, is planned. In the assistance/service sector, the company has recently concluded a significant contract with Man and Ftp and is planning to expand its mechanical workshop. It has also established itself as an official dealer of various luxury brands in the nautical sector (Seabob, Fliteboard, Awake, and Schiller). The company is always in search of innovative and eco-sustainable products.
L#20230491 Copper Mining Business with a SX-EW plant (JORC certified) $100,000,000 TBD TBD Mining Businesses Kazakhstan This deposit has been key feeder for the giant Balkhash smelter, responsible for 65% of Kazakhstan’s copper production. Dumps of over 300mln ton accumulated from 40 yrs of operation Resource Analysis
  • Wardell Armstrong (MRI, PCR) 2020
  • During2015-2016 ,the Company undertook exploration:
  • Reverse circulation(RC)drilling–47holes
  • SurfacePitting–141
  • ToePitting–26
  • more than 900 ore samples
SX-EW plant Results
  • The pilot plant commissioned in autumn 2017 and produced first copper in November 2017.
  • Following remedial work on the leaching pad and collection system in spring of 2018, the plant has reached a steady-state production with PLS ERE grcae of 1.5-1.6 g/L, and average daily production of 200 kg of copper cathode
  • Over 36 tons of cathode copper sold on the local market at near LME prices.
  • 1.2 km electric line fo the site and 630 kW transformer — completed and connected fo local electric grid
  • 400 m access road to the site — completed
  • 1.1 km water pipeline fo the site — completed
  • Building for the SX-EW pilot plant — completed, insulation and ventilation installed
  • 1 km of piping for the heap irrigation — purchased, connected and laid out
  • Ponds and collection trenches — completed and lined with geomembrane
SX-EW Business Model
  • Planned annual production: 10,000 fons of LME grade "A" cathode copper
  • A 23-year copper production contract with the government of Kazakhstan signed in May 2017.
  • Key production cost drivers:
  1. Chemicals & Reagents and Power (variable) — favorable geographic location helps keeping these costs low
  2. Labor and Production Overheads (fixed)
  •  Mineral Extraction Tax @ 5.7% on value of copper in PLS
  •  Distribution & Selling — mix of fixed and variable driven by local Infrastructure and T&C of the oft-take contract
L#20220379 Copper-Cobalt Mining Project $50,000,000 TBD TBD Mining Businesses Congo The area is located within the Copperbelt Region in the southwest portion of the DRC, in Kambove Territory, Haut-Katanga District, and Katanga Province. The location is situated approximately 2 km southeast of the Luisha mining town, 45 km southeast of Likasi and 73 km northwest of Lubumbashi, covering an area of 57 carres (48.41 The area is situated equally on both sides of the Lubumbashi and Likasi-Kolwezi road.

Salient features

Area: 57 Carre (~
Location: on High way
Best Infrastructure: Road, Rail & HT Power lines through the concession.
Surrounded by mines
Environmental Studies completed.


Detailed Exploration & Development through a strategic association.

Visualized Exploration Schema

GIS Collation of data to demarcate the drill target zones.
Airborne Geophysics Magnetic / radiometric
RAB Drilling followed by Diamond Core

Concession area

The concession is surrounded by old and new mineral discoveries Resource Estimations As per report prepared by consultants, there were 4 zones were marked and estimated about “64 Million Tonnes” of resources.
L#20220329 CPaaS Business providing APIs for SMS, Email, Voice, Authentication $25,000,000 $8,000,000 3.13x TBD Software & SAAS India This company has built a robust product portfolio of communication services over a broad set of APIs in SMS, Voice, Messaging, Email and other related services. The company provides B2B services to help growing businesses with targeted SMS marketing campaigns. - Multi million Dollar A2P communication provider; - 900M OTPs, Transactional & Promotional SMS delivered per month without fail; - More than 10k Active customers;


- Longcodes, International SMS, OTP, SendOTP, Transactional SMS, API, API SMS, Communication, CPaaS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp, Contact Center, 2FA, and Mobile Verification - Send SMS messages to customers thanks to partnerships with mobile networks and hubs -Run targeted campaigns with tools like message preview, templates, scheduling, unsubscribe links and more.
L#20220375 Croatian HNS National First Division Football Club $11,000,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Croatia The Hrvatska nogometna liga (pronounced [xř̩ʋaːtskaː nôɡomeːtnaː lǐːɡa]) (English: Croatian football league), also known as HNL or for sponsorship reasons the SuperSport HNL, is the top Croatian professional football league competition, established in 1992. Previously, it was called Prva Hrvatska nogometna liga (First Croatian Football League), but a league structure reorganization from 2022–23 led to name changes for the three top league levels.


The league was formed in 1991, following the dissolution of the Yugoslav First League, and is operated by the Croatian Football Federation. Since its formation, the league went through many changes in its system and number of participating clubs. In the first three seasons two points were awarded for a win, from 1994–95 season this was changed to three points. Each season starts in late July or early August and ends in May, with a two-month hiatus between December and February. Currently, there are ten teams participating in the league. As of 2022, only four of the 12 founding members of the Croatian league have never been relegated: Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split, Osijek and Rijeka.


Competing in the First League in Croatia, this DEBT-FREE team has previously competed in UEFA. Founded 90 years ago and located in a strong economic area in Croatia..
 The stadium will be upgraded by a grant from the Croatian Football Federation and the Croatian Government(No charge to the club) The club has an academy with 350 players, and the existing stadium seats 3400 fans
L#20220368 Crypto Mining Monitor and Management Software $2,500,000 TBD TBD Software & SAAS Estonia Tallinn Cryptocurrencies are being adopted in all areas of our lives and miners act as the backbone by making this possible. Miners must exist to validate the transactions and to generate new coins on every valid block solution. This SAAS Business offers s way to make management of the crypto mining farms of any scale easy and at the same time maintain the flexibility of individual miners' needs. The company provides an easy tool to manage mining operation, team and customers.


- Approx 5500+ Paying Customers - USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany Top Countries - 5 Stars Trustpilot Reviews Services - Mining monitoring and management - Mining optimization, Optimize your efficiency, automate your mining, and drastically shorten time spent on debugging and error handling - Advanced analytics and statistics - Advanced bulk and farm management
L#20230483 Cypriot First Division Professional Football Club TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Cyprus First Division Cypriot Professional Football Club for sale, this Professional Football Club is one of the most successful football team in Cyprus. The company owns all the rights for the football department and pays the club annually for the privilege. The agreement between the company and the club is renewed every five years. The company was part of a multi-sport club operating under the same name, which maintains programs including football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, bowling, cycling, archery, swimming and water polo. The team stadium seats more than 15,000 fans, shared with local rivals.


  • Highest ticket sales;
  • Proven record of successful sales of players to bigger leagues;
  • Successful European record;
  • Very big fun base;
  • Land to built stadium;
  • State of the art training centre;

Industry Overview

The global football market is poised to grow at a CAGR of roughly 4.0% revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2028, with some market researchers seeing an even larger upside. (Mordor Intelligence, IMARC Group). The largest football market in the world is in Europe, and although Cyprus is a European Union country, Cyprus’ technical geographical location in the Middle East allows the country to benefit from the recent increased interest in Middle Eastern football. European sports in general is expected to show a CAGR of 9.1% from 2022 to 2027. (Statista). Football in Europe is expected to see a CAGR of 6-8% by 2028. (Deloitte).
L#20210079 Cyprus Ready Made AEMI Licence €1,585,000 TBD TBD Internet Businesses Cyprus Nicosia Bank account in CY, no business yet, no software.


  • transfer money worldwide

  • issuing e-wallets, prepaid & contactless cards

  • transfer money including e-money from one user account to another

  • setting up direct debits and processing standing orders, BACS or CHAPS payments

  • creating e-wallets and transacting mobile payments

  • P2P payment solution at crowd funding and market place platforms

​ Example of Businesses

  • Money transfer / remittence operators

  • Merchant acquirers

  • Prepaid card issuers

  • Mobile network operators offering payment services

  • P2P e-wallet operators

  • Crowd funding platforms

L#20220389 Deposit of Bauxite and Aluminum TBD TBD TBD Mining Businesses Kazakhstan Qostanay Currently, bauxite is the most important aluminum ore serving, with a few exceptions, as a base of almost the entire world aluminum industry. BAUXITE is an aluminum ore consisting of aluminum oxide hydrates, iron and silicon oxides, raw materials for manufacturing aluminacontaining refractory materials and aluminum oxide. The content of aluminum oxide in industrial bauxites ranges from 40 % to 60 % and more. In addition to the main components, the ore contains about 15 names of rare impurities, such as anadium, chromium, tin, beryllium, scandium, zinc, copper, barium, and lead.


Plasticity Heat resistance Low density Thermal conductivity Electrical conductivity Corrosion resistance 28% to 60 % (and even more) of the mass of the ore body of bauxite is aluminum. The rich impurity residues make it possible to extract other nonferrous metals from bauxite. The aluminum oxide obtained from bauxite aluminum oxide AI203 is used as a molding material and metallurgical flux. Alumina-containing refractory materials are highly resistant to thermal and mechanical loads.

Deposit Area

The deposit is located in the coastal South-Eastern part of the Kusmuryn Lake, partially covers the lake shore. It consists of several irregular-shaped ore bodies located on an area of 26.2 square km. The area of ore bodies is 3.2 square km.

Mine Resources

According to the geological information, the mine reserves amount to about 8 million tons of bauxite with an average content of 51-53% aluminum oxide. According to experts, the mine contains about 40 million tons of unconfirmed reserves of bauxite ore, which characterizes the high value of its actual amount

Deposit Location

  • Water near the site
  • The railway dead end is about 500 meters away
  • Electricity of any capacity
  • The Railway station is about 7 KM away
  • Flat Area
All the necessary stages for obtaining permits for the bauxite production have been completed.
L#20230485 Designer and Manufacturing Business of Signage, Artwork & Lighting solutions TBA €1,596,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Portugal Established in Portugal since 1985, the company has been designing and manufacturing Signage, Artwork & Lighting solutions and complementary products for the Hospitality & Tourism, Museums, High end companies, Universities, Hospitals, F&B market and related areas, service buildings and shopping centers. Merging SIGNS, LIGHTING and ART, offering a complete Signage, Lighting and Artwork service program indoor and outdoor. This company is a rare market opportunity, due to its heritage and experience of more than 30 years, operating in a very exclusive product segmentation and type of clients.


  • The Design & Development team (D&D) plays a central key role within the structure, allowing them to plan and develop customized Sign, Lighting and Artwork Solutions which are specific for each individual project.
  • Production structure is geared to manufacture unique bespoke tailor made solutions, which are the result of the D&D department collaborative work with Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers, helping turning ideas and visual concepts into real products. For projects not requiring a tailor-made solution, the company holds an off-the-shelf easy to handle Sign/Artwork offer which responds to the general Signage and Interior Design demand.
  • The company has developed projects located in Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Kazakhstan, USA, Algeria, Angola, Mozambique, Bangladesh, etc.; also providing onsite professional installation and worldwide logistics whenever it´s need and wherever it´s wanted.
  • The company is acknowledge by the broad of market as a leading specialist in its sector and holds a Quality Certification under the ISO 9001 standards


  • Net assets: 760.000€ + RE under certified appraisal
  • Sales 22: 1.596.000€ ; sales 21: 1.600.000€
  • Ebitda 22: 49.900€; Ebitda 21: 140.600€


- The owners are willing to stay over a long transition period or even staying in the company. The company is not dependant on the owners to develop its business; it has a very well trained team.

- The owners are open to analyse creative payment structuring's.

- Credit/loan or Funding operation support available, under assignment.

L#20240608 Diagnostic Clinic for Internal Diseases with Exceptional Reputation $2,700,000 $1,000,000 2.7x TBD Medical Businesses Albania The clinic provide high-quality medical services, focused on excelling in their expertise. They employ only the finest doctors, with a commitment to long-term excellence. Their nurturing, family-like environment fosters optimal performance from every team member. With a dynamic blend of seasoned professionals and emerging talents, they ensure both the present and future success of their clinic. Their exceptional brand reputation for top-tier medical care spans across Albania and Kosovo. At this juncture, they recognize the need to broaden their scope by offering additional medical specializations and procedures. With rising demand from customers and the market, they aim to complete their range of medical services. Expanding into radiological procedures, surgical interventions, and patient treatments is essential to fulfilling their mission. Moreover, they seek to establish more locations in Tirana for enhanced accessibility. Achieving these goals requires further investment and dedication. However, the current ownership trio faces challenges in aligning on the company's future direction and financial commitment. As a solution, they are considering selling to an owner with greater resources and business acumen. This transition would enable the clinic to reach its full potential. While one owner is prepared to remain as manager, others, as practicing doctors, are eager to continue their roles under new ownership, while still reaping the rewards of their contributions. Overview
  • The clinic serves over 7,000 to 8,000 patients annually, with this number steadily growing by 15-20% every year.
  • More than half of the clinic's staff has been employed for over 10 years, creating an excellent mix of highly experienced senior doctors and nurses, along with many highly motivated young doctors.
  • The brand name is well-established in the market and is known for its high-quality medical service, skilled medical staff, and modern equipment.
  • Additionally, it has excellent long-term relationships with local suppliers and distributors, most of whom have been partners for over 10 years.
  • The management structure is also well-established and easily transferable to new owners, with key personnel in the right positions.
Products & Services Medical and instrumental examinations, doctor's visits, laboratory tests, check-ups. Assets Overview
  • Registered brand name and logo with one of the best reputations in the Albanian and Kosovar markets for medical services.
  • Medical devices, supplies, equipment, and other physical assets, along with liquid assets.
L#20230539 Digital Virtual Casino €1,529,197 €425,252 €411,460 3.6x 3.72x Casino Romania For sale, an online casino site, established in 2021, which promotes online casino offers, which has generated revenue in the last 6 months. The website has 27 income sources and low operational costs compared to the revenue generated.


  • The main revenue-generating website
  • 3 extra domains
  • Social media accounts: Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts
  • Assets Not included: Affiliate accounts - new owner will have to open their own affiliate accounts - the Seller can assist with getting same or similar deals
Products The seller's website promotes online casino offers and is paid on a commission and hybrid payment basis. Business operation The employee does the daily updates to DAILY BONUS POSTS, writes reviews of new casinos and new games, edit and adds images. Seller can offer the employee to do the usual updates for 2 weeks with no cost for the new owner, after this period the staff member can work as a freelancer on an hourly basis for $50/hour.
L#20230554 Dispute Resolution Software $12,500,000 TBD TBD Internet Businesses United Kingdom London Dispute Resolution Software technology is created by dispute resolution experts from around the world who understand the ADR and litigation processes. This Dispute Resolution Software can create and host very own branded platform comprising of effortless case management, dispute resolution tools and insightful data analytics. The platform is a dispute resolution software as a service empowering ADR experts, courts and tribunals with innovative technology to improve access to justice around the world.


  • Technology
  • Online Disputes Resolution
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Technology
L#20230436 Educational Online Dictionary with more than 35M Visitors / Year $2,500,000 TBD TBD Internet Businesses Australia For sale an Educational Online Dictionary with more than 35M Visitors / Year. the content of the thesaurus is user-editable and is also maintained by a team of full-time editors. This website receive an extremely high number of traffic from the United States (36%), India (10%), UK (8%). The website is fully ranked and integrated with the best Search Engines (more than 90% Organic Traffic). The thesaurus's contents are editable by users and are supervised by a team of full-time editors who also employ AI-powered tools to assist in their maintenance.

List of Assets

  • WWW (Brand 1) with 3,120,579 users / 10,712,508 pageviews in last 30 days
  • WWW 2 (Brand 2) 166,996 users / 334,320 pageviews in last 30 days
  • User base & subscribers
  • Registered Users (verified email addresses via social logins; not unsubscribed for email marketing): 141 103 PRO Subscribers: 1900
  • Mobile Apps (Android 60,657 active devices, iOS 71,040 active devices
  • Alt Stores launched in Jan 2022: Amazon, Huawei, Samsung
  • Browser Extensions (Chrome  – 218,936 active users, Microsoft Edge Add-on - 18,652 active users, Opera Add-on - 17,440 downloads, Firefox Add-on - 1,745 users)

Social Assets

  • Twitter  - 22650 followers
  • Instagram - 21439 followers
  • Facebook - 68997 followers
  • Telegram - 530 subscribers


  • 2022: $499,000 (Profit Margin 88%)
  • 2021: $536,893 (Profit Margin 79%)
  • 2020: $423,270 (Profit Margin 79%)
L#20240678 Electronic Money Institution license in Lithuania €2,000,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Lithuania An Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license in Lithuania allows companies to issue electronic money and provide various payment services within the European Economic Area (EEA). Lithuania has become an attractive location for financial technology companies due to its favorable regulatory environment and efficient licensing process.

Key Features of an EMI License in Lithuania:

  1. Regulatory Authority: The Bank of Lithuania is the regulatory authority responsible for issuing EMI licenses.
  2. Licensing Process:
    • Application Preparation: The applicant must prepare comprehensive documentation, including business plans, internal control mechanisms, risk management procedures, and anti-money laundering (AML) policies.
    • Submission: The completed application is submitted to the Bank of Lithuania.
    • Review and Decision: The Bank of Lithuania reviews the application, which may include requesting additional information or documentation. The process typically takes around 3-6 months.
  3. Capital Requirements:
    • For an EMI, the minimum initial capital requirement is EUR 350,000.
  4. Management and Governance:
    • The applicant must demonstrate that the management team has the necessary experience and qualifications.
    • A clear governance structure with defined roles and responsibilities must be established.
  5. Operational Requirements:
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance: Robust AML policies and procedures must be in place.
    • Data Protection: Compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations is required.
    • Risk Management: Effective risk management systems and internal controls must be established.
  6. Passporting Rights: Once licensed, an EMI can operate across the EEA without needing additional licenses in other member states, thanks to the EU passporting system.

Advantages of Obtaining an EMI License in Lithuania:

  1. Regulatory Support: The Bank of Lithuania provides support and guidance to fintech companies, facilitating smoother licensing processes.
  2. Business Environment: Lithuania offers a favorable business environment with a growing fintech ecosystem.
  3. Strategic Location: Lithuania’s location in the EU allows for easy access to the European market.
  4. Technological Infrastructure: Lithuania has advanced technological infrastructure and a skilled workforce, supporting fintech innovation.
Main details: * Location: Lithuania; * EMI license: obtained in 2019; * Started operations in 2021; * Practically no activity in 2022; * Company is clean, only one client at the moment; * Company connected to SEPA via Centrolink; * Two security accounts with two banks; * Mastercard membership from 2021 and Visa membership coming soon.
L#20220353 Emerging Leader in CPaaS specialized in SMS, WhatsApp and voice solutions $75,000,000 $25,000,000 3x TBD Software & SAAS India Emerging Leader in CPaaS specialized in SMS, WhatsApp and voice solutions for sale. The company is  amongst the top 10 A2P SMS companies in India with a grown 70% YoY from FY20 to FY21.
It is a pioneers in Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) helping customers engage, notify, market and advertise in an innovative manner across every single mobile device in India. The company is active in offering service related to SMS, WhatsApp, voice & email which helps to promote brands and create increased brand awareness. Major customers include banks, financial institutions, large retailers, public utility companies & e-commerce business. The company generates almost 90% recurring revenue month on month with an average customers stay of more than 5 years at the minimum.

Products & Services Overview

Channels: SMS, Voice, Email and WhatsApp. Products: 4 software products for advertisement & promotion.

Assets Overview

- Entire business operations, technology platform, clients and brand. - 40+ servers, multiple computers, laptops and furniture.

Facilities Overview

12,000 sq ft of carpet area spread across 4 floors in MIDC, Andheri East. It's a company owned premises but not included in the transaction.
L#20230468 Environmental Packaging Solutions TBA $32,774,427 TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey The company is one of the well known company 30 years experience and produces quality products for the packaging industry. The manufactory is a leading company in with around 20 expert shift - staffs, had been established in 1993 at İzmir. Indoor area is 1460 m2, production and management offices . Production quality is a must for company's’ production system with environmental and environmentally friendly certificates. Mission of company : Production knowledge and experince are using for qualitative, environmental ,competitive and low cost products. Vision of company: To supply value-added and high-quality, environmental packing products all over the borderless global markets as fast response speed over the market rates. Product Range
  • Food plastic bags
  • Ice plastic bags
  • Medical plastic bags
  • Pallet plastic cover
  • Shrinks
  • Shrink wrapping film
  • Clothing plastic bags
  • Tapped clothing plastic bags
  • Plastic bags variants
Certification List
  • The certificates has been listed below
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 10002:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 22000:2018
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • RCS ( Recycled Claim Standard )
  • Other Turkish Standard Certificates
L#20240675 ERP Software Company TBD TBD TBD Software & SAAS Turkey ERP Software Company is producing customized software solutions for exporting or domestic businesses of every size. The company ERP serves the control your business ERP. The company ERP helps you to discover the most successful business model. The software brings tried and true organization, planning and monitoring methods to your business. Drive down your costs, increase your effectiveness and operate with a more conscious control with EERP. Overview This ERP Software Company has been standing out since 1998 with the projects it produces in various fields, especially in the textile sector, and by developing ERP software at University Technology Park.
  • With its team of experts, the company provides high-quality product design and installation services.
  • The company continues to work with its first customers to this day.
  • Its main principle is to establish a trust-based partnership with its customers and to contribute to their growth through efficient and systematic work.
  • The company aims to grow together with its customers and establish a successful partnership.
Key points
  • The company’s profitability income from Technopark software sales exempt from tax.
  • C type accredited software in TURQUALITY export development programme of the Ministry of Economyhas the approval of the consultant company.
  • Sales are possible with grant programmes up to 50% with supports. The company Industrialist Certificate, 100% Domestic National Manufacturer Certificate and High Technology Product (Technopark)project documents. These documents are among the necessary criteria to receive support for domestic sales. Support programmers are primarily opened for producers in this group.
  • The revenue split is 60% license sales and 40% consultancy and are positioned as services. User license (up to 1,000user capacity), scope and additional package licenses (up to 50continuous sale of products with more than one expansion package license) is expanding.
  • In addition to the Use License, the sale of Rental Licenses infrastructure is ready. The company’s entire digital infrastructure Cloud system. Virtualization in rental model technologies can be used quickly and securely to create a large Internet browser on user machines of EDS which is ERP It has been ensured to work through.
High Level Coordination and Management Integrated Database: The company ERP, stores order, cost, raw material, planning and production data in a detailed relational structure. “New Business” Modeling: Prior to deployment, company’s business process is studied, and best methods are identified. Work Organization: Management works with the task distribution it desires. Lateral Inspection: There is fast and accurate information flow for both between managerial levels and between departments and units. Process Planning and Monitoring: The company ERP automatically plans processes and authorizes users for every order, notifying delays and other issues. Product and Order Management Sustainability of a company is highly dependent on successful management of customer relationships. Apart from offering fast and accurate service with acceptable costs, a company ERP to prove its expertise and business competency. This is only possible with a powerful order management. It provides digital conversion of all order management data and it provides customer representative absolute control over collection, sample details, technical order requirements and product – material list.
  • Multiple Customer – Model Relationship
  • Quick Cost Estimation
  • Detailed Order Filing
  • Order Amount Revision Control
  • Technical Directions and Measurement Table with Embed Image
  • Sample Tracking
  • Production Monitoring
  • Integrated Storage
  • Raw material Monitoring
  • Quality Control

Process Management

A company’s planning activities enables best utilization of resources,decreases costs and preventing order fulfilment delays.

Automatic pre-planning

Production Planning

Management Contingency Warnings

Material Planning Purchase, Inventory Management Raw material requirement planning, supply and storage operations are most expensive parts of production costs. Errors in these processes may cause serious waste and production delays. The company ERP, enables generation of fast and error-free cost calculations by providing cost estimation modules that is specifically designed for your business processes. The company ERP systematize requirement planning, supply and storage ERP by utilizing company specific stock coding structures. The company ERP, provides convenience by powerful automated tools, of whose design is supported by The company’s years of textile supply know-how and experience.

Cost Control

Regardless of a company’s size, a key issue is accurate estimation and monitoring of costs. Increases in product and process variety causes cost control items amounts to thousands.

Production Management

High quality, low cost and timely production is the primary goal of all manufacturing organizations. These conditions can only be met with constant education, control and proactive development of production units. This type of progress requires an integrated information system for production units.

  • Study Based Prediction
  • Advanced Production Scheduling
  • Cutting Room Management

Financial Affairs Management

Financial affairs management includes the modules which officiallyretrieve, integrate and record data from other modules. Financial affairs module is composed of cash, currents, banking, stock, invoicing, check /bonds, fixed assets and cost accounting sub-modules.

  • Cash
  • Inventory
  • Current Accounts
  • Check / Bonds
  • Accounting
  • Accounting for Treasury
  • Fixed Assets
L#20240613 Established Bank for sale in Minnesota, United States of America TBA TBD TBD Banks United States The banking industry in the United States is a critical component of the country's financial system, providing essential services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Here are some key aspects of the banking industry in the USA: Types of Banks: The banking sector in the USA includes various types of institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and investment banks. Commercial banks, including national and regional banks, are the most common and offer a wide range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Regulation: The banking industry in the USA is highly regulated to ensure financial stability, consumer protection, and adherence to laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversee different aspects of banking operations and compliance. Key Players: Some of the largest and most influential banks in the USA include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. These banks operate on a national or international scale and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment banking, and wealth management. Community Banks and Credit Unions: While large banks dominate the national landscape, community banks and credit unions play a vital role in serving local communities and niche markets. These institutions often focus on personalized service, community involvement, and relationship banking. This is a great opportunity to buy a bank for sale in the United States of America. Established Bank for sale in Minnesota, United States of America. Charter: OCC Assets: +$100 000 USD State: MN, USA Note: City/Location will be disclosed after execution of NDA. A fully operational bank is up for sale. A qualified buyer is someone that provides proof of funds. Proof of funds is a letter from a well-known bank or brokerage firm. Please do not send a corporate bond, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, etc. See below a few additional instructions:
L#20240616 Established Bank for sale in Virginia, United States of America TBA TBD TBD Banks United States The banking industry in the United States is a critical component of the country's financial system, providing essential services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Here are some key aspects of the banking industry in the USA: Types of Banks: The banking sector in the USA includes various types of institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and investment banks. Commercial banks, including national and regional banks, are the most common and offer a wide range of financial services to consumers and businesses. Regulation: The banking industry in the USA is highly regulated to ensure financial stability, consumer protection, and adherence to laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversee different aspects of banking operations and compliance. Key Players: Some of the largest and most influential banks in the USA include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. These banks operate on a national or international scale and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment banking, and wealth management. Community Banks and Credit Unions: While large banks dominate the national landscape, community banks and credit unions play a vital role in serving local communities and niche markets. These institutions often focus on personalized service, community involvement, and relationship banking. This is a great opportunity to buy a bank for sale in the United States of America. Established Bank for sale in  Virginia, United States of America. Charter: OCC Assets: +$100 000 USD State: VA, USA Note: City/Location will be disclosed after execution of NDA. A fully operational bank is up for sale. A qualified buyer is someone that provides proof of funds. Proof of funds is a letter from a well-known bank or brokerage firm. Please do not send a corporate bond, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, etc. See below a few additional instructions:
L#20230441 Established E-commerce Tobacco business $4,700,000 $3,000,000 1.57x TBD E-commerce Business Sweden
Get the highest market share of the business in Sweden through the purchase of this company. The business that is conducted today consists of an e-commerce website with several web addresses patented throughout Europe, the USA, India and Canada. General agency for several brands in Sweden, including France's largest supplier of rolling paper.
The company has a customer registry with approx. 120,000 email addresses, 50-60,000 SMS recipients and returning customers from all over the Nordics, England and Germany. The company also has approx. 400 retailer customers in its register today, they have very little marketing costs as they have relied on the customers' 'Word Of Mouth', which leaves room for further growth with the right marketing. Today there is a physical store where customers can shop directly, with a warehouse from which customer orders are received and delivered within 1-3 days. Very easily managed and fully automated family business. Highly optimized with over 20 years of experience applied. High profitability with very good reputation in the market. 4.8/5 from over 3,400 trustpilot users verified. Profit every year and good investments back in the company. Company generates high revenue with a team of just 10 employees due to its long standing presence in this niche industry of retailing paraphernalia and now vapes as well.
Products & Services Overview
  • Smoking paraphernalia.
  • CBD products.
  • Ecigarettes.
  • Vaping tools.
  • Glass products.
  • Water pipes.
  • Pipes.
  • Bongs.
  • Herbal cigarettes.
  • Seeds.
  • Rolling papers.
  • Bags.
  • Trolleys.
Assets Overview
Entire warehouse with shelves and packaging equipment including all IT-infrastructure (servers, computers etc. ), desktops and inventory of office and pcs and other IT-related products and a car/van used in the business.
Capitalization Overview
The business is fully self-funded and investments are made from the profit and has by principal no loan or debts and has a very good financial status with only 2 co-owners owning 50% each.
L#20220338 Established Great Amusement Water Park €45,000,000 €3,000,000 15x TBD Entertainment Romania Bucharest
Established Great Amusement Park for sale in one of the well-known destinations in Romania.


  • - Amusement park with more than 50 water rides and games.
  • - Before the pandemic, we used to receive over 150K visits per year and now we receive more than 100K visitors per year. We are still able to generate good profits and increase our sales recently.
  • - Business has a huge land banking for future expansion. The expansion strategy is already designed, with huge potential to explore.
  • - Have plans to add more water rides and resort to increasing the revenue.
  • - Company has one director and 5 stakeholders with an equal share split.
  • - Business is debt free.
  • - We have received the first prize at Golden Pony Awards.
Products & Services Overview
  • Touristic landmark destination.
  • Leisure and entertainment venue.
  • Water and land games and sports.
L#20230564 Established Highly Profitable Cabinet Manufacturing Business $2,500,000 $1,850,906 $723,183 1.35x 3.46x Furniture United States Focused on an affluent area of Connecticut, this renowned manufacturer designs, manufactures, and installs custom cabinetry. They serve a diverse clientele, including residential homeowners and builders, offering cabinets in a wide range of woods, textures, and styles. The business has significant potential for growth through strategic expansions, expanded services, partnerships, and marketing efforts. There is substantial growth potential, as the current owners have selectively accepted projects due to the consistent high demand for their cabinets. With no single client representing more than 5% of sales and minimal expansion beyond the immediate area, the company enjoys customer diversity and has the flexibility to expand further. The reliable team consists of eleven nonunion employees who are likely to remain after the purchase. They will continue their streamlined operations as the seller transitions ownership to existing contacts. Sales are primarily driven by customer referrals, a large returning customer base, and the company's 49-year track record with a strong reputation. The business is located in a 20,000-square-foot facility, with a prime 6,800-square-foot factory featuring a state-of-the-art design center. It is situated in a desirable, high-traffic, affluent area. Revenues and Discretionary Earnings have remained consistent throughout the first half of 2023. In 2022, the company generated $1,850,906 in revenues, with Discretionary Earnings totaling $721,722, representing the net income for the business.
L#20240659 Established Maltese Shelf company TBD TBD TBD Shelf Companies Malta An established Maltese Shelf company is a ready-made business entity that has already been incorporated in Malta but has not conducted any business activities. This type of company is referred to as a "shelf" company because it is essentially sitting on a shelf, waiting for someone to purchase it and start using it for their business endeavors. There are several advantages to purchasing an established Maltese Shelf company. Firstly, it saves time and effort in the process of setting up a new company from scratch. All the paperwork and legal requirements have already been completed, so the new owner can start operating their business immediately. This can be particularly advantageous for foreign investors looking to enter the Maltese market quickly and easily. Additionally, purchasing a shelf company can provide a sense of credibility and stability to potential business partners, clients, and investors. Since the company has already been in existence for some time, it may be perceived as more trustworthy and reliable compared to a newly formed company. Another benefit of buying an established Maltese Shelf company is the potential for tax advantages. Malta offers a competitive tax regime for businesses, including low corporate tax rates and other incentives that may be advantageous for the new owner.


  • VAT number (Value Added Tax);
  • PE number (Permission to Employ);
  • Accounts;
  • Financial Statements;
  • Bank account with “Wise”;
  • Annual returns & BO forms (declarations on Beneficial Owners).
Moreover there are no liabilities and vendor (seller) will guarantee same accordingly. 
L#20230437 Established Oil & Gas Kazakh Business $100,000,000 TBD TBD Oil Production Company Kazakhstan This Established Oil & Gas Kazakh Business is the holder of the right of subsoil use according to the Contract for exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the square OIL Field", the territory of Aktobe region. Geographical position Administrative area OIL Field" is in the range of district of Aktobe region. The location of the area relative to major transport routes and infrastructure in Aktobe region is shown in the overview map (fig.1). Square OIL Field" located in the South from AktobeSouth-West from the train station, Emba. To the East of the district is the railroad Aktobe - Tashkent, to the West railway Aktobe - Atyrau. Oil Conditions In 2007, the OIL Field conducted rapid assessment of oil reserves and dissolved gas in oil of the main productive horizons of KT-II in the area of well 1-S With the state of knowledge on 30.12.2007, approved by the State Commission on Reserves of Protocol 2008. - As a result of the calculation in 2020, the oil reserves and approved by the State Reserves Committee, for the whole field are: - initial geological categories: C1 + C2 = 35.7 million tons
- initial recoverable by categories: C1 + C2 = 10.7 million tons

- Reserves of dissolved gas are:

- initial geological categories: C1 + C2 = 1,240 million m3

- initial recoverable by categories: C1 + C2 = 372 million m3
L#20230430 Established Producing Oilfield Business $104,000,000 TBD TBD Oil Production Company Kazakhstan Producing oilfield located in Mangystau region of Kazakhstan, the Company owns subsoil use rights for exploration and production of crude oil and gas condensate in Mangystau region of Kazakhstan. Neighboring oilfields include Tengiz,Kashagan, Kalamkas, Karazhanbas, Buzachi, and others. Relatively young oilfield, production started in 2006 with license terms entitle the Company for production until 2031 with privilege right to prolong the contract.


• Close proximity to main oil and gas pipelines provides several alternative export routes and transportation cost advantage; • Respected oil-rich province with high prospects for oil and gas reserves; • Onshore and sandstone deposites; • FX devaluation lowered salary and other local costs inputs; • Long life operation (30 years) with privilege right to prolong; • Investment in producing Company generating stable cash flows could become a good platform for future expansion in the region;

Assets overview

• Total well stock (128) includes 104 producing wells, 2 monitoring wells, 2 injection wells, 20 suspended. An average depth of producing wells is c. 450-585 meters; • The oilfield comprise multi-stacked clastic reservoirs of Cretaceous and Jurassic ages;

Current Status

• Reserves estimated by SPE PRMS rules1P+2P equal to 6,95 million of tons; • Recently the Company conducted interpretation of the field data and had next 3D models developed: 3D seismicmodel;  3D reservoir model;  3D petrophysical model.

Field Infrastructure

• High-voltage power line stretching 4,200 m long, and an emergency diesel generators with capacity of 150 kW and 260 kW; • Oil storage tanks (2 units of 1,000 cubic meters each) and Oil preparation unit with pipeline connected to national oil transportation system of KTO; • Fresh water storage tanks (2 units of 500 cubic meters each) and reservoir-pressure maintenance system, including fresh water supply system.
L#20220343 Established Production of Tungsten-Trioxide $150,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Uzbekistan Samarkand Established Production of Tungsten Trioxide and Oxidized gold Copper in Samarkand region, Urgut district, Republic of Uzbekistan.
The geological structure of the site includes sediments of the Lower Devonian - (Madmon Formation) and lower - Middle Devonian with granodiorites of the Chashtepa intrusive. Intrusive formations are represented by porphyry-like biotite granodiorites, covered with lime-stones, shales and Quaternary sediments. Ore bodies No. 1, 1a, 2, 3 located at the site are in the process of assessment and a series of mineralization zones potentially promising for new ore bodies discovery of industrial scale have been identified. The world's reserves of tungsten are 3,200,000 tonnes; they are mostly located in China (1,800,000 t), Canada (290,000 t), Russia (160,000 t), Vietnam (95,000 t) and Bolivia. As of 2017, China, Vietnam and Russia are the leading suppliers with 79,000, 7,200 and 3,100 tonnes, respectively. Canada had ceased production in late 2015 due to the closure of its sole tungsten mine. Meanwhile, Vietnam had significantly increased its output in the 2010s, owing to the major optimization of its domestic refining operations, and overtook Russia and Bolivia. Tungsten is mainly used in the production of hard materials based on tungsten carbide (WC), one of the hardest carbides. WC is an efficient electrical conductor, but W2C is less so. WC is used to make wear-resistant abrasives, and "carbide" cutting tools such as knives, drills, circular saws, dies, milling and turning tools used by the metalworking, woodworking, mining, petroleum and construction industries. Carbide tooling is actually a ceramic/metal composite, where metallic cobalt acts as a binding (matrix) material to hold the WC particles in place. This type of industrial use accounts for about 60% of current tungsten consumption. The jewelry industry makes rings of sintered tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide/metal composites, and also metallic tungsten. WC/metal composite rings use nickel as the metal matrix in place of cobalt because it takes a higher luster when polished. Sometimes manufacturers or retailers refer to tungsten carbide as a metal, but it is a ceramic. Because of tungsten carbide's hardness, rings made of this material are extremely abrasion resistant, and will hold a burnished finish longer than rings made of metallic tungsten. Tungsten carbide rings are brittle, however, and may crack under a sharp blow.

Reserves overview:

- Tungsten trioxide (off-balance) - 10 915.5 t. with an average grade of 0.67% of Gold - (С1+С2) - 1.7 t at avg. grade - 1.4 g/t; As per 01.01.2021

Geological and industrial type:

- Oxidized gold-bismuth containing - Copper-tungsten type

Enrichment technology

- Gravitymethod - The cyanide method was used to extract gold
L#20240641 Established Puerto Rico Bank $60,000,000 TBD TBD Banks Puerto Rico Banks in Puerto Rico play a crucial role in the island's economy, providing a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and government entities. There are numerous local and international banks operating in Puerto Rico, each offering unique products and services to cater to the diverse financial needs of its customers. One of the key functions of banks in Puerto Rico is to provide a safe and secure place for individuals and businesses to deposit their money. Banks offer a variety of deposit accounts, including savings accounts, checking accounts, and certificates of deposit, each with different interest rates and terms to meet the needs of their customers. In addition to deposit accounts, banks in Puerto Rico also offer a wide range of lending products, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and business loans. These loans help individuals and businesses finance important purchases and investments, stimulating economic growth on the island. Banks in Puerto Rico also provide a variety of financial services, such as investment management, retirement planning, and insurance products. These services help customers manage their finances and achieve their long-term financial goals. Despite facing challenges such as economic instability and natural disasters, banks in Puerto Rico have remained resilient and continue to play a vital role in the island's economy. The banking sector in Puerto Rico is tightly regulated by local and federal authorities to ensure the safety and soundness of the financial system. Overall, banks in Puerto Rico are an essential part of the island's financial infrastructure, providing a wide range of services to help individuals, businesses, and government entities manage their finances and contribute to the overall economic development of Puerto Rico.


This bank is one of the oldest and most prestigious financial institutions in the Caribbean region. With a long history of providing top-quality banking services to both individual and corporate clients, it has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry. The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services, including personal and business banking, wealth management, investment services, and international banking. The bank is known for its personalized approach to customer service, with dedicated relationship managers who work closely with clients to understand their unique financial needs and goals. It has invested heavily in cutting-edge digital banking solutions, making it easy and convenient for clients to access their accounts, make transactions, and manage their finances online or through the bank's mobile app. Its online banking platform is user-friendly and secure, providing clients with peace of mind knowing that their financial information is safe and protected. In addition to its modern digital banking capabilities, the bank also maintains a network of physical branches throughout the island, providing clients with the option to conduct their banking in person if they prefer.


For individual clients, the bank offers a variety of personal banking services, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages. Whether clients are looking to save for the future, make a major purchase, or buy a home, it has the products and expertise to help them reach their financial goals. For business clients, it provides a range of tailored solutions to help businesses grow and succeed. From business checking and savings accounts to merchant services and cash management solutions, the bank offers everything that businesses need to manage their finances effectively and efficiently. The bank's team of experienced business bankers works closely with business clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized financial solutions that help them achieve their goals.


  • Deposit
  • E-Banking
  • Structured Trade Loans
  • Letters of Credit
  • Trust Receipts
  • Syndicated Trade Loans
  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate and Int. Banking

Licence / Assets

  • The U.S. Federal Reserve classified Puerto Rico Banks as a U.S. state bank with ABA routing number regulated by the Puerto Rico Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (“OCIF”)
  • Approx 100M USD in Assets
  • EBITDA Positive
L#20210194 Established Refinery $253,000,000 TBD TBD Oil Production Company United Arab Emirates Dubai Established Refinery in Dubai for sale. The refinery comes complete with Crude Distillation Unit, Hydrodesulfurization Units, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Reformer Unit, Penex Unit, Hydro Cracking Unit, Isomerization Units, Vis-breaking unit and much more.


* Operational Refinery * 14 vessel * 40 vehicles * Tank storage 31 * 96 pumps * Laboratory * Lubricant plant * Staff accommodation


2014 - 2015 - $250,340,136 2015 - 2016 - $176,870,748 *Additional financials will be provided with a LOI and Business Bio *And buyer will pay for brokers travel logistics and hotel, feeding for inspection and purchase to Dubai.
L#20210210 Established Roulette & Poker Casino-Hotel with Entertainment Center $3,000,000 TBD TBD Casino Kazakhstan Almaty Established Casino-Hotel with Entertainment Center 20 km from Almaty, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The location of Kapshagay is well-known to be the "Las Vegas" of Kazakhstan. The brilliant haven of Kapshagay is centered in the Almaty Region (Kazakhstan). Composed of 57000 inhabitants, it is perceived as a big town. Combined with taking care of the tables, the croupiers are there to discuss the rules if you would like them to do so. So if you don't know the rules of Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, no need to be unsure, the ways and rules of these classic games will soon be extremely clear! You only require a small number of cents to play the slot machine games and gain the chance to obtain the jackpot. In addition to the classic rollers, you will also come across more modern machines like video poker and rollers. The town of Kapshagay has many historic and cultural sites. This is an optimal chance to explore the abundance of culture and history it has to offer. Kapshagay is privileged to have multiple places of interest: bars, shops, entertainment and shows, etc. Don't worry, you won't get bored! The casino has a unique interior design, which uses handmade carpets, luxurious fabrics, golden mosaics and hand-painted by famous Oriental masters. The casino offers its guests the widest possible selection of card games.
  • 14 Blackjack DeLux Poker Tables
  • 10 Blackjack Superior Poker Tables
  • 5 American Roulette DeLux Tables
  • 4 American Roulette Suprim Tables
  • 1 American Roulette Standard Table
  • Slot machines are located in three separate halls and are represented by the most popular slots and games, and there are also two electronic roulette.
The casino consists of several halls – three gaming zones, for a comfortable game, there are two gaming halls on the ground floor. The main hall, which houses not only gaming tables and slot machines, but also a stage equipped with professional sound and video equipment, where professional musicians play and sing live every weekend, raffles of cash prizes and show programs are held. In the main hall there is also a restaurant, the cuisine of which is rightfully considered the best among the gambling establishments of the region. VIP lounge, for those who like to play big and which can be accessed through a private entrance. VIP lounge is characterized by a comfortable atmosphere, the opportunity to retire for a big game or for games in the company of friends. On the third floor of the casino there is a hotel with 8 Deluxe and Suite rooms. A plot of 2.0 hectares is included in the price
L#20220345 Established Shopping Mall Center €90,000,000 €6,500,000 13.85x TBD Hotels & Real Estate Bulgaria Sofia Mixed-use development, comprising a 36,000 sqm retail and 10,410 sqm class A office space. It is the place, where visitors could find a variety of services, products and entertainment opportunities. Is a phenomenal place for shopping. It offers an outstanding variety of leading international and local brands Offices Part of the project offers class A office space to the most innovative companies, which favor a prestigious location to set up a contemporary workplace in a modern building. Primary Points TBA 122,000 m2 GLA 45,000 m2 Floors 4 Class A offices 10,410 m2 Retail area 36,000 m2 Parking lots 1,100 Benefits Shopping Mall has more than 150 retail and leisure units over 3 trading floors. It provides to its visitors the following advantages:
  • Variety of services, retail brands, dining and entertainment offers
  • Adjacent class A office space
  • Nearby residential neighbourhood
  • Multiple parking lot choices
  • Easy transportation
  • Convenient location
Selected tenants • Zara • Bershka • Stradivarius • Massimo Dutti • Oysho • H&M • IKEA • Pepco • New Yorker • LC Waikiki • Intersport • Sport Vision • KFC • Starbucks • Humanic • Sinsay • Cropp • House • CCC
L#20240693 Established U.S. BPO Business Process Outsourcing Company $12,000,000 $16,500,000 0.73x TBD Call Center United States A leading BPO firm is offering for sale its full operations, including multiple nearshore call centers located in Mexico. Keypoints - Founded in 2007, providing services for over 15 years - Approximately 750 employees across call center locations - Annual revenue of $16.5 million - Six distinct lines of business serving prominent brand name clients - Core services include customer service, collections, telemarketing, technical support, and other contact center solutions Valuation The seller is requesting $12 million for acquisition of the full turnkey business. Location Advantage Nearshore call centers offer a strategic geographic position with cultural similarities to the United States and lower operating costs compared to domestic locations. Opportunity This established BPO leader represents a valuable opportunity to acquire a profitable, longstanding outsourcing services firm with major clients and an experienced workforce.  
L#20220355 Established Web Hosting Business TBD TBD TBD Hosting Businesses Argentina
Established Web Hosting Business for sale based in South America specialized in different types of hosting solutions. The company is mainly active in offering services related to Shared Hosting, VPN, Windows, Collocation. The organization mainly target B2B Customers (60%) and B2C Customers (40%). - Good business with one of the best Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR). - Company is based in Argentina, it has in-house Data Centers and rented Data Centers in the USA.

Products & Services Overview

- Shared hosting - Reseller hosting - WordPress hosting - VPS, Dedicated, Collocation

Assets Overview

- Other intangible assets like business know-how, goodwill, and repeat clients.
L#20220309 European Accredited Ferrari™ Club TBD TBD TBD Automotive Italy Background Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga – Latvia  is an official Ferrari club with a distinctly international mission and the ability to organise Ferrari events all over the world.

The  events aim to highlight the cultural, gastronomic and natural excellences of the locations by creating videos such as: the Latvian Tour 2023 , and photography  which constitute exceptional marketing tools for sponsors, partners and governments of the hosting countries.

The events benefit from the presence of exceptional testimonials by participants such as the former Ferrari F1 driver Mika Salo, and additional futures like fast driving courses. High quality video and photographic material,  constitutes a precious means of acquiring worldwide visibility for the brand and partners.In addition to tourism and promotional purposes, the event's attendees can participate at track days in  F1 circuits around the world. The club is able, by virtue of their connections with the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs, Ferrari Owners clubs, and  Ferrari dealers around the world to attempt feats with Ferrari cars and carry out exploits in areas of the world where Ferrari itself has not ventured yet. The final goal is to become the Ferrari's  number 1 worldwide event, in order to obtain an important yield  necessary to increase greater visibility for all of club's participants. In order to perform an international reference function, the club has created a very unique website , with high quality  content. The club is available to evaluate proposals from  partners regarding the planning of events and is looking for the highest level partners who can finance and contribute to the success of that  unique initiative.


This project consists in the creation of an entity that acts as a transversal interface between Ferrari and Formula 1 and the fans of both all over the world. This body consists of a legal entity (i.e. under English Law), which has commercial purposes and which signs collaboration agreements with some "Scuderia Ferrari Clubs"  to promote a various number of activities under the "Scuderia Ferrari Clubs". The commercial company would manage an exclusive international club linked to the world of Ferrari, in collaboration with the competent "Scuderia Ferrari Clubs" for the area. This international Ferrari club will be allowed to register members by paying adequate annual fees and upgrading to subsequent levels (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, platinum). The activities of the club will consist in the organization of an event a year with Ferrari cars, in the preparation of tourist packages to attend some of the most popular GPs (ex: Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, Miami, etc.) and in planning a few days with Ferrari cars in some of the most prestigious locations in Europe. The annual event will be organized with the participation (for one day) of the "Scuderia Ferrari Clubs" competent for the area and all the most important institutions of the host countries. This event, located throughout Europe, provides for the participation of Ferrari cars, to be selected by involving local Ferrari dealers, requesting the participation of Ferrari owners from whom they can request money for participation in the event or by leasing them. Club customers will also be allowed to drive the cars during the tour. The weekly annual event will have the task of guaranteeing visibility to the entire project. In fact, videos produced by the most important international bloggers will be made, to be used in the annual marketing campaigns of companies owned by the members of the club, the first of the weekly events will be the tour of Latvia in the third week of July 2023. The tour packages to attend the Grand Prix, located all over the world, will be organized in collaboration with the competent Scuderia Ferrari Clubs for the area. The days on the track with Ferrari cars will be carried out at prestigious circuits, such as Monza, Imola, Zandvoort, Mugello, Vallelunga and will allow the club's customers to make laps driving the Reds, breathing in the history of F1.

Ferrari Club

“Ferrari” is one of the 10 best known brands in the world and for this reason also the world of Ferrari fans' clubs had to be regulated in the right way. A “Ferrari Club” is an independent body from “Ferrari S.p.a” with autonome decision power. The Club is composed by people who meet, share passions and feelings, discover the pleasure of being together and doing together, organize moments of aggregation and solidarity, get professional training and knowledge, become culture, we are together like a big family. Becoming a Member of a Ferrari Club provides each Member an exclusive range of privileges: - The partecipation to an annual event for one week; - Some packages (preferably 3 a year) to see more exclusive Grand Prix; - 2-3 days a year at historic Formula 1 circuits with Ferrari cars; Each “Ferrari Club” has the capability to coordinate events, promotions, partnership, etc. on a global level in respect to the Ferrari S.p.a. Guidelines. This particular European Ferrari Club has already closed many partnership with institutional partners and middle-large corporation.

Revenue Breakdown

  1. The annual membership fees for the club (could start from 100,000.00 - 150,000.00 euros per year per person)
  2. The registration fees paid by the Ferrari owners for participation in the event with the their cars (10,000.00 euros per car for 20 cars)
  3. Sponsors
  4. Social and miscellaneous.
L#20220354 European Authorized Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) €13,000,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Lithuania European Authorized Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) for Sale. This EMI Licence for sale has had 5 billion EUR in total transactions to date, over 400 business IBAN accounts operational as of writing and it became profitable at the end of 2020. The Lithuanian licensed institution offers;
  1. EUR IBAN accounts with SEPA payments:
  • To process B2C/B2B client funds transactions
  • To send and receive payments to employees/partners/clients
  • To send funds directly between exchanges
  • With API connectivity to automate payments
Crypto Infrastructure:
  • To access exchange order book liquidity for B2C/B2B operations & own treasury management
  • To access OTC liquidity for larger transactions with Escrow capability
This listing represents a rare opportunity for a suitable group or investor to acquire a fully licensed and fully operating EMI in Lithuania.  
L#20200375 European Investment Opportunity Options In Gdańsk Bay $35,000,000 TBD TBD Mining Businesses Poland Gdańsk Bay We are looking to do a Joint Venture (JV) project in extruding coal. This is an environmentally safe project. ROI 20% yearly. Should you choose option 1, you will be a 50% JV partner in future projects we have in our plans. Picture on the left is of the assets and land for security. Picture on the right is the equipment to do the extrusion.
L#20210205 European Logistic Transportation Company €4,000,000 TBD TBD Transportation Romania Well established specialized Freight Delivery Business with many years in industry. Great customers and growth potential is incredible. Owner is eventually seeking retirement, but will transition as long as needed to ensure buyer success post-closing. Owner will even entertain helping the new buyer strategically grow for a longer transition period. Keypoints - 12 trucks ( 8 Mercedes Benz and 4 Volvo) - 70% of turnover a international transport; - 25% are road construction and repair activities; - 5% service activities;
L#20200376 European Luxurious Hotel- Spa and Vineyard $8,364,000 TBD TBD Hotels & Real Estate Germany Berlin This beautifully situated complex and park-vineyard, is located close to the German border and only 2hr drive from Dresden, and 2.5hr drive from Berlin. The hotel was built 227 years ago. The current owner purchased the hotel 10 years ago and has spent the last 5 years renovating and now wants to retire. An intimate Baroque complex is surrounded by an old park with few and far between historic old trees. Many years ago, the hotel was a paradise for the aristocracy (Prussian, Tsarist and French armies resided here during the Napoleonic wars) and now everyone can experience this luxury. The hotel has received many awards. The Hotel Complex park area consists of 10.9017 hectares, upon which multiple residential buildings and farm buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are situated - a total of 10 facilities and several outdoor recreation and sports areas out in the open: The Subject Property Consists of:
  • Main Mansion –Conference Room; A library; The SPA WELLNESS; Banquet Hall building - Two stylish cellars for wine tasting, Tuscan Mansion.
  • Additional building - accommodation for four with a bathroom and a fireplace.
  • Residential building - Outhouse building - A park containing more than 220 trees
  • Vineyard – Usable area: 0.9 h- 3600 seedlings in the process of acquiring an ecological
  • Golf Driving Range with a length of 250 meters.
  • Sand bed for beach volleyball. Year-round tent setup on a paved surface with tiles.
  • Swimming pond with a sandy beach, a pier, canoe and pedal boat as well as fish stock.
  • 15 mountain bikes designated for guests.
  • Recreational airport – application made for permit.
Plus many more features too numerous to list.  The complex consists of 47 comfortable rooms for about 110 guests, including the following types of rooms: Standard, Superior and Large Apartments.  Each room is different,  depending on its nature. ALSO ADJOINING PROPERTY AVAILABLE There is a possibility to purchase the adjoining land in whole sections of: 15 hectares, 22 hectares, and 30-40 hectares, there is also the possibility of dividing these parcels by the Municipality, if the investor request to do so. Huge potential for a golf course, horse riding, sports complexes, swimming pools and more) in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The Seller of these sites would be the Municipality.
L#20240686 European sustainable IDD hours management and e-learning Business €820,000 €100,000 8.2x TBD Educational/School Cyprus Around 3.56 million employees in the EU are affected and are legally obliged to follow EU-wide legislation and thus complete annual training. The company is the first sustainable IDD Hours Management & e-learning provider: it provides companies with a centralized IDD training and management tool for all requirements of the IDD training obligation. The platform used by an organization or institution in Europe to manage and track individual development hours or days for employees, students, or participants in a sustainable development program.  This development is often an important aspect of sustainable practices within organizations or educational institutions. ASSET deal or takeover of the company in Cyprus possible. The company is being sold 100% and no employees need to be taken on. Operating since 2021. Well-known companies in Austria from the insurance and banking industries are among customers. Rollout for the entire EU prepared and implemented quickly. With an annual churn rate of under 4% and over 89% gross margin (which can be optimized with the increasing number of users), we have already provided the "proof of concept" in the first few years. Products
  • IDD videos on the portal, exclusively for employees
  • Low-cost annual subscription contract
  • 100% focused and tailored to essential needs
  • Hours Management Tool
  • A flexible number of IDD content hours for your employees
Management Tool • Full control over the IDD compliance in your company • Manage all IDD certificates from various providers • Unique and revolutionary across the EU • Motivates staff to complete missing IDD hours via MailAlarm
L#20230571 Experienced Manufacturer of Patented Technology $1,100,000 $1,414,687 $249,341 0.78x 4.41x Electronics/Computer United States From its headquarters in California, the company specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and distributing a range of standard and custom card readers for use in niche electronic equipment. The plastic-based body blueprint and circuit settings enable the use of single electronic board types across various reader series. The accompanying reader magnetic head assembly is designed to fit universally on all variations. The system can be configured for two card detect options—direct optical or mechanical sensing. Data decoding is performed by embedded controllers relying on a proprietary algorithm, reprogrammable to customer specifications. As the owner is actively involved in leadership duties, supplier relationships, and engineering specs for in-house designed products, it is ideal for the buyer to bring an engineer in place to absorb knowledge during the transition. In addition to maintaining an active website, engaging with engineers, and benefiting from referrals from a recurring clientele, the seller employs direct mail advertising and participates in Yearly Global Expositions (G2E, etc.) to expand industry networking. Despite a dip in financials after the 2020 pandemic, the business is debt-free and projects sales of $1.8 million for 2023. Revenues last year totaled $1,414,687, alongside discretionary earnings of $249,341 and EBITDA of $172,345. With local and international outreach spanning two decades, receivables and work in progress can be negotiated at the sale, making this company a valuable addition to take an existing business to the next level. The property utilizes approximately half of a 2,100 square foot shop for inventory and some equipment. This business has a solid foundation and presents opportunities for expansion.
L#20230545 Family Home Contractor Servicing $39,000,000 $65,000,000 $8,000,000 0.6x 4.88x Construction Company United States Situated in Washington State, USA, listing specializes in the construction of residential single-family custom homes using ‘face-to-face’ designing sessions & site-selection services for clients seeking high-quality custom homes. With no individual client making more than 3.2%, nor their Top Ten consumers summing over 12% of the annual income, company enjoys customer diversity and low risk reviews. Experienced personnel of 28 nonunion employees include management in place and are most likely to remain post-sale and continue daily operations after a smooth transition period of three months. Besides a maintained website and engagement in socials like BuzzbuzzHome, Houzz, Pinterest, YouTube and others, advertising efforts center on backed referral sources from their large and recurring customer base. Workplace measures 3,800 square feet and includes reception areas, a conference room, clerical offices, an employee kitchen, and ample storage; it’s found in excellent condition and zoned to handle additional capacity.    
L#20210147 Fast Growing BPO Call Center $4,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,109,000 1.5x 2.13x Call Center India Fast Growing BPO Call Center for sale. This company is a transformational outsourcing (BPO and BPM) company combining deep industry knowledge with technology and business expertise to co-create innovative, digital-led transformational solutions. Our company offers result driven services like lead generation, sales & marketing, customer retention management service, BFSI (BPO, KPO, LPO), etc, that empower businesses as well as enhance the credibility and profitability of the company. Target Market comprises of All B2B & B2C companies across various markets like – APAC, EMEA, NA, ANZ. B2B monetization model works on per seat Basis and average revenue per seat USD $1800 for 160 hours for international Market.

Service Offered

  • Project management
  • Customer Service
  • Helpdesk
  • Operations
  • Reporting
  • Transitioning
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Customer Services
  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • IT services
  • Telecom and Infra Services.
L#20230510 Finish Professional Football Club €1,300,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Finland Historical Professional Finish Football Club playing in the 2nd tier league, (Ykkönen consisting of 12 teams). The football division has been active since 1907, the club is among the oldest football clubs in Finland.


  • This Professional Finish Football Club has a large ownership base due to its history.
  • Company has issued several public offers within 10 years to raise capital
  • Ownership percentages are changing due to converting of the long-term debts

Revenue Streams

  • The revenues of a football club are dependent on the following cash streams: Sponsors, Match day,  TV and Uefa money , Player transfers and more.
  • Sponsor – Deliver measurable value for partners
  • Club’s focus is to deliver measurable value and maximal ROI to the business partners
  • Growth can be reached through systematic sales and marketing operation
  • Creating continuity, recruit high profile players, play attractive football and develop the match events
  • TV and UEFA Royalties
  • Player transfer
  • Opportunity to increase player values and generate cash streams for the owners

Long Term Goals

  • Champion of Veikkausliiga (Top-tier)
  • Champion of National Cup
  • Own training complex
  • Most followed football club in Finland with all KPIs (TV viewing, media hits, social media etc.)
  • Leading brand in Finnish football
  • Annual participation in EU competitions
  • Efficient player’s development path from U16 to top team.
  • TBA
L#20240637 Fintech Company Offering AI-Powered Instant Credit Services TBD $2,921,742 $1,465,080 TBD TBD Financial Services Singapore Singapore The fintech business model, with a focus on microfinance, is a revolutionary approach to providing financial services. It harnesses the power of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to offer bespoke financial solutions. Fintech companies, like the one in focus, aim to stimulate economic development by offering instant credit limits and facilitating delayed payments. This approach is more accessible and user-friendly compared to traditional banking services, making it a viable option for those who lack the assets or credit history typically required by conventional banks. Fintech, a portmanteau of 'financial technology', represents a new wave in the financial sector that applies technology to enhance financial activities. It is used to help companies, business owners, and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones. Microfinance, on the other hand, is a type of banking service provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise would have no other access to financial services. The goal of microfinance is to ultimately give impoverished people an opportunity to become self-sufficient. The intersection of fintech and microfinance is where this company operates, leveraging AI and machine learning to analyze large sets of data. This allows them to provide appropriate credit limits instantly. This not only streamlines the credit approval process but also ensures that the credit limits are tailored to the financial capabilities and needs of the clients, as well as mitigating the risk of default. In conclusion, this fintech business model, with a focus on microfinance, has proven to be an effective tool for promoting financial inclusion and economic development. By applying innovative financial solutions and leveraging advanced technologies, fintech companies are making a significant difference in the lives of individuals and businesses around the world.


Fintech, with a focus on microfinance, is a financial service sector dedicated to uplifting individuals and small businesses by providing them with access to tailored and inclusive financial products. This innovative approach, powered by AI, aims to bridge the gap for those who have traditionally been excluded from mainstream banking services. It represents a paradigm shift in the financial sector, making financial services more accessible, efficient, and inclusive


The company provides a credit limit, within which loans or post-payments of 50~1,000 USD can be utilized. This company holds a large set of cumulative data, which is used to train an AI system that provides appropriate credit limits instantly. The users are individuals or corporations (sole proprietors) aged 20 and above. The total credit limit granted exceeds $22 million. Recently, there has been an increase in auto loans. The company also has a marketplace within the app.

Reason for Selling



100% stock purchase


The company has a fundraising vehicle in Singapore, from where funds are transferred to an emerging country in Southeast Asia, where the business is operated.
L#20240691 Firmly Established Indian Football Club TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs India Firmly Established Indian Football Club features senior men's and senior women's teams, both of which have high club visibility across tournaments. The club has a diversion of businesses as it participates in National league, has CSR activities, its own holistic clinic, academy training, as well as organises leagues and competitions. Furthermore, the club has a strong management team, teams across all divisions and aims to become an international brand. This club is a very compelling opportunity as aims to became an international brand due to it's consistent track record. In respect of revenue the club has several existing revenue streams and a strong pipeline of potential ones. Key Business Opportunities: Brand Visibility Media Rights Sponsorship & Advertising Player Transfers Stadium Development Ticketing & Merchandising Community Engagement India Growing Market & Ecosystem:
Sector 2020 2027
Sport Sector in India $ 27B $100B
Global Sports Media Rights $ 52B $84B
Indian Sports Media Market $1B $14B
L#20240703 Food Supplements Business $4,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey Istanbul A food supplements company in the Marmara Region is looking for a partner for the 49% of company's shares. The company has carried its experience in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector, which started in 1995, to contract manufacturing since 2010. The main production centre is located in Marmara Region and the branch production facility iwll be located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The company has successfully export more than 300 products to more than 30 countries in 3 different continents. Furthermore the company has physiotherapeutic and nutritional products of pharmaceutical value related to the health field. With expert staff the company carries out the production of food supplements, cosmetics and derma cosmetic products in accordance with HACCP, ISO 22716 (GMP), ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. It carries out liquid production, solid production, packaging products, cosmetics and derma cosmetic in the field of supplementary food with the capacity to respond quickly to your product demands in high quantities. Product Range:
  • Phytotherapeutic and nutritional products
  • Hair shampoos and sprays
  • Sun care products
  • Skin care and cleansers
  • Pomades
  • Baby and children's products
Contract Manufacturing Services:
  • Liquid, solid, dust, and drops in food supplements
  • Baby and kids products
  • Skin care and cleansers
  • Sun care products
  • Hygiene products
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Eye care products
Additional Services:
  • Formulation support
    • Customized formulations
    • Supply of TEG/cosmetic formulations
  • Consultancy support
    • Food supplement licensing
    • Document tracking
  • Packaging support
    • Graphic design
    • Packaging design (blister, box, label, etc.)
Production Facility:
  • Unidirectional flow principles to minimize contamination
  • HEPA filters in the ventilation system
  • Industrial epoxy coating on the floor
  • Capacity over 5 million boxes per year
L#20240674 Food Support Supplements Manufacturing Business $7,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Turkey

In the field of food support supplements, cosmetics, powder and liquid raw extract; and continues through production in a closed area of 3000 m2 by a horizontal flow system which is based on short range, designed in accordance with the norms of GMP, GLP and FDA (Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices) and incorporates the advanced technologies.

The company makes production with the modern and innovative technology in accordance with the international quality standards from raw material input to end product output in its production facilities.

The company has the vision to achieve good farming and right raw materials in order to produce quality products. Quality active substance is not obtained from medicinal plants which are not timely collected or not dried properly.

The plants to be included in the production must be sterilized without undergoing physical or chemical changes. own steam sterilization method carries out the sterilization of plants.

L#20240636 Football Club Opportunity with New Stadium Development Potential ₤2,500,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs United Kingdom This is a semi-professional football club based in the United Kingdom with over a century of history in the sport. The club currently competes in the eighth tier of English football and has an opportunity for growth. Competition Level The club plays in the Isthmian League Southeast Division, a semi-professional football league consisting of 20 teams. Having been active for over 100 years, the club is enjoying success this season and could earn promotion this season. Leadership Opportunity The club has an opening on its board of directors for an investor. This presents the opportunity to take a minority ownership stake and play a role in shaping the club's future. Infrastructure Development Plans are in the final stages for a new stadium that will further the club's long-term development goals. This investment supports revenue growth through expanded matchday operations and community programming. Financial Summary The club generates revenue primarily from matchday tickets and sponsorship, With continued success and a new home, these streams have room to expand. The target price for a 10% minority ownership stake is £250,000.
L#20220331 French Historical Football Club $3,500,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs France Historical French Football Club for sale, the club was formed 100+ years ago as a sports club and currently plays in the Championnat National 3, the fifth division of French football. The French football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for club football in France and Monaco, and includes one Spanish side. At the top two levels of the system is the Ligue de Football Professionnel, which consists of two professional national divisions, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Below that are a number of leagues run by the Fédération Française de Football. At level 3 is the semi-professional Championnat National. Below that is the amateur Championnat National 2 (level 4), which is divided into four parallel regional divisions, followed by the Championnat National 3 (level 5), which is divided into 12 parallel regional divisions. Underneath that are many more regional and departmental leagues and divisions. Clubs finishing the season at or near the top of their division may be eligible for promotion to a higher division. Similarly, clubs finishing at or near the bottom of their division may be relegated to a lower division.


- Very good playing & training conditions, including natural & synthetic turfs, complete gym, large fan base; - Stadium with 5K - 15K Capacity - Close to the Airport - Financial at Break Even - Well-nown Brand
L#20230477 French Historical Professional Football Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs France Professional French Football Club is a club based in a commune in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France. The Club has a large supporter vbase and a stadium with 2000+ Seats.
L#20230438 French Leading Professional Football Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs France This Professional French Football Club is based in a small city in the Occitanie region of France. The club was founded more than 100 years ago and has a long-standing history in French football. This Professional French Football Club has competed in various divisions of French football throughout the years. They have experienced periods of success and promotions to higher leagues. The club has achieved notable successes in its history, it is known for its passionate fan base and plays its home matches in a stadium with 7000+ seats.
L#20240649 French Legendary First Division Football Club TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs France This French Legendary First Division Soccer Club, is a football club based in France, it competes in the Championnat National 2, the fourth tier of the French football league system. The club plays its home matches in a modern stadium that can hold up more than 15,000 spectators. One of the key strengths of the club is its strong youth academy, which has produced several talented players who have gone on to play for top clubs in France and abroad. The club's focus on developing young talent has paid off, with many of its academy graduates becoming key players in the first team. This club is known for its attacking style of play, with a focus on quick, one-touch passing and movement off the ball. The team's fluid attacking play has earned it a reputation as one of the most exciting teams to watch in French football. The club's success on the field has been matched by its strong fan base, which is known for its passionate support of the team. The club's supporters are known for creating a vibrant atmosphere at home matches, with chants, banners, and displays adding to the excitement of the game. Off the field, this club is committed to giving back to the community and engaging with its fans. The club regularly organizes community events, charity fundraisers, and youth coaching clinics to connect with its supporters and give back to the local community. The club aims to establish itself as a top team in French football, challenging for league titles and competing in European competitions. To achieve these goals, the club is investing in its infrastructure, youth academy, and first team squad to ensure long-term success.
L#20230440 French Professional Football Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs France This is a Professional French Football Club based in the South of France in a glamour and unique location.  It was founded more than 100+ years ago and has a rich history in French football. The Club is located in a very attractive location with many international tourists, it has competed in various divisions of French football throughout the years. The area is known for its association with the rich and famous, its luxury hotels and restaurants, and for several conferences.
L#20230421 French Professional Football Club on the French Riviera TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs France This Professional French Football Club is a football club based in the South of France in a touristic location. The club was founded after WWI and has had several periods of success throughout its history. This Football Club has a young team of players with an average age of 28 years old. The Club has a large fan base and a Stadium with a capacity of more than 10,000+ seats.
L#20240680 Frozen Food Processing Business $55,000,000 $81,740,344 $4,208,635 0.67x 13.07x Manufacturing Canada This business specializes in frozen food processing I.O.F fruits and vegetables. Established in 1988. The business is strategically located in the heart of the agricultural district, highly specialized growing center for fruits and vegetables. Also located a short drive to west coast deep seaport. Quality assurance with the use of their microbiological testing capabilities, a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The quality of product is due to there extremely close proximity with their facilities and the local farming operations. Over 90% of contracted fields are within 30 miles of the processing facility. They have trained field representatives working closely with the growers to ensure that only the freshest fruits and vegetables arrive at the plant. Their product is currently being shipped to the United States, Japan, Australia, and Europe. The company has a loyal non-union employee base. They are very knowledgeable of the frozen food industry.
L#20230446 Full-Cycle Water Factory with Maximum Automated process $4,400,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Thailand Drinking water is produced with a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system, a filtration system using a special membrane. Also known as Membrane, which is made from synthetic cellulose fibers with a resolution of 0.0001 microns, which is smaller than a hair. With this property, it makes the solution of contaminants such as heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, lead and various pathogens which is larger сan not penetrate through this filter membrane. Only pure strands can penetrate. Contaminants trapped in the filter media are immediately removed from the system to prevent buildup inside the unit by separating them from the pure filtered water. This method makes RO water filtered. Machines
  • Reverse Osmosis water purification machine, 2 units.
  • PET bottle blowing machine, 2 units.
  • Labeling machine, 3 units
  • Water filler machine, 4 units
Product line. Factory produce all type and shapes bottles of water:
  • 350-ml pistic bottles (12 bottles / pack)
  • 600-ml pistic bottles (12 bottles / pack)
  • 1500-ml pistic bottles (6 bottles / pack)
  • 500-ml glass bottles (12 bottles / carton)
  • 5000-ml pistic bottles
  • 18900-ml pistic bottles
Factory meets all government water quality standards and have certificates GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Standards) HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Standards) (ISO 9001 : 2008) Scope Of Certification
L#20210047 Fund Management Licensing and Registration $1,000,000 TBD TBD Shelf Companies Singapore Singapore Singapore’s success as an international financial center is premised on its robust supervisory framework and pro-business environment. Supplemented by an extremely attractive tax environment for budding businesses, Singapore’s mature infrastructure and government support for the wealth management sector continue to be attractive to fund managers who intend on establishing a presence in Singapore. These factors have attracted leading financial institutions and global investors to operate with confidence in Singapore. Fund Management continues to be one of the main Regulated Activities in Singapore, with approximately 900 Fund Management Companies in existence. License Type: RFMC Year of Incorporation: 2019 Year of Licence: 2019 HQ: Singapore Bank: Singapore Status: Clean Record. No open or unresolved legal issues Permissions: Carrying on business in fund management with no more than 30 qualified investors (of which no more than 15 may be funds or limited partnership fund structures) AND the total value of the assets managed does not exceed S$250 million.
L#20230550 Furniture Production Business €1,200,000 €902,348 €264,892 1.33x 4.53x Furniture Romania A consolidated business, having a presence of 10 years on the market of serial manufacturing of PAL furniture and MDF. The differentiating element is given by the value proposition that this business presents to its customers: Personalized services and modular products that meet any demand in any space. The production is carried out in a rented facility, with a firm contract for a period of 5 years, whilst the relationship with the customers is managed mostly online, through its own website and Facebook page. Sales channels are both own and indirect, through key partners (eMag, Vivre), with whom the company is working with since 2016. The business deals with the production custom chipboard furniture pieces for any space, need and aesthetic preferences. From small furniture to 220 cm pieces, customers can choose to furnish their living room, bedroom, hallway, office or kitchen. - The production processes are fully automated, with a high throughput, which allows a high volume of finished pieces to be produced in a very short time. The manufacturing of customised furniture, particularly large pieces (specific to a dressing room, for example) is an important asset of this business; - Being able to offer to the customers consultancy services was, from the beginning, a cornerstone of the business, based on personal or online support, through the digital communication channels - Selling online through its own website or through eMag, Vivre platforms; - Packing with all hardware and assembly instructions, delivery in parcels, in kit form (Ikea type), and transport of parts to the customer, with nationwide coverage. Tangible assets are made up of production-specific equipment and machinery, some of which are listed: - circular for cutting - cant application machines - multiple drill with 4 working groups - CNC drilling machines Its own fleet of cars consists of 3 Ford vans of 3.5 tons, all purchased new. At the time of the business analysis, the fourth car purchased will soon complete the fleet.
L#20230504 Georgian Professional Football Club $3,500,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Georgia 1St Division Club (Erovnuli Liga) has been in first and second tier and has won 2nd division league multiple times.


  • Club has 20,000 supporters
  • Current stadium 6000 seats
  • New stadium 10,000 seats being built in 2024 (Stadium being built by Government-70% ownership of stadium to new investor)
  • Government providing 100 hectares of land to club for development (Hotel, Commercial Real Estate, etc.) 70% of the land will be allocated to investor.
L#20230575 Geothermal Exploration Business $150,000,000 TBD TBD Renewable Energy Turkey Geothermal Exploration Business operation license number located in Salihli district, approximately 55 km southeast of Manisa province, and covers an area of 4939.32 hectares. Many geophysical studies have been carried out by different researchers in different years in the field. With the synthesis of these data, 8 different locations with the highest probability of the presence of hot fluid within the license area were determined. There are 2 geothermal wells in the license area. The first of these is the Arma-1 (2,482 m) well drilled for research purposes. The second well drilled in the field and used for greenhouse heating is the D-1 (849 m) well. There are many geothermal operation license fields adjacent to and in the vicinity of the operation license number 2015/04. There are more than 50 geothermal wells with temperatures ranging from 65 to 287 °C in these license areas. These wells are used in different fields such as electricity generation, greenhouse cultivation and residential heating. With the Monte Carlo Simulation prepared for the license area, the possible thermal heat reserve of the area and the amount of power that can be produced were calculated. Accordingly, the reproducible thermal heat reserve is calculated as 2.3x1015 kJ with 85% probability, 18.6 MWe with 95% probability, 25.5 MWe with 85% probability, and 57.0 MWe with 50% probability. The reproducible thermal heat reserve was calculated by operating 10,000 times. With the Monte Carlo Simulation for the study area, it has been determined that the thermal heat value that can be produced in the reservoir will be between 9.7x1015 kJ and 1.6x1015 kJ in the 5%-95% confidence interval. Here, the most probable value was determined as 4.9x1015 kJ. The electricity generation potential of the geothermal license area is planned according to the Monte Carlo simulation result for 22 years of production; the electricity generation potential was calculated to be between 112.2 MWe and 18.6 MWe in the 5%-95% confidence interval. It was concluded that this value was 57.05 MWe on average.

Key Data

  • YEKDEM price: 205.13 TL cent/kWh
  • Application period: 15 years
  • Domestic contribution price: 29.25 TL cent/kWh
  • Domestic contribution validity period: 5 years
L#20230453 Global Fintech Technology Business TBD TBD TBD Financial Services United States Global Technology company engaged in the burgeoning Fintech and Web 3.0 Marketspace poised for massive expansion and growth Overview The Company is the result of a merger between two uniquely positioned technology companies with top-tier Founders with strong backgrounds in building key tools for Banking, Payments, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. The principals originally collaborated for the purpose of licensing their technologies, but soon realized that merging their firms would exponentially increase their Value Proposition in this highly competitive market. Exceptionally Profitable, Highly-defensible Platform that will deliver a broad range of Financial Products and Services to Consumers and Small Businesses worldwide. Data Currently active in 35 Countries
Certified Global Provider for VISA, Mastercard & American Express
15,000+ Active Digital Wallets
11,000+ Bank Accounts
13,000+ Debit Cards Issued
Four Registered Trademarks
Patents-pending in 32 countries for Web3 Remittance Token
L#20220360 Global market research Company $10,000,000 $2,650,000 3.77x TBD Services India Global market research business for sale, the company is active in global market research offering a complete and accurate analysis with regard to diverse markets and consumers worldwide. Market research firms gather and analyze data about customers, competitors, distributors, and other actors and forces in the marketplace. A large portion of the work performed by most market research firms is commissioned by specific companies for particular purposes. This company has an extensive network of customers in the United States and Western Europe. The company has a large team of researchers, analyst and writers based in India. It has specialized research analysts in the areas of Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, C&M, Energy & Power, F&B, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, ICT, Industrial Equipment, Packaging Construction & Mining and Semiconductor. Industry Expertise: Healthcare, Chemicals And Materials, Information And Communications Technology, Semiconductor & Electronics, Energy And Power, Food, Beverages & Nutrition, Automobile, Consumer And Retail, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation & Equipment, Packaging & Transport, Construction, Agriculture.
L#20240587 Gold mining Deposit TBA TBD TBD Mining Businesses Kazakhstan This gold deposit is located on the territory of the Zhaksinsky district of the Akmola region, Kazakhstan. The studied area is the western outskirts of the Kazakh uplands, with absolute elevations ranging from 248 to 423 m and relative elevations of up to 50-70 m. The gold ore occurrence was discovered in 1989 as a result of geological survey work on a 1:50000 scale, conducted jointly by PSE-33 and GRE-37 of the State Enterprise "Stepgeology." In 1992-94, GRE-37 conducted pre-claiming and appraisal work at the field ore occurrence. Due to the termination of funding, the volume of drilling appraisal wells amounted to 17.8% of the projected volume. Similarly, around 5000 core samples remained unanalyzed for the same reason. Keypoints
  • The gold deposit is situated near the eastern side of the elongated coal trough, oriented in the meridional direction. This geological structure comprises terrigenous, carbonate, and terrigenous-carbonate formations dating back to the Carboniferous period.
  • The deposit's area is sandwiched between faults, distinctly marked by zones of intense crushing and brecciation. It also features a series of dikes made up of lamprophyres and porphyrites. An intense hydrothermal process occurred, resulting in the formation of beresite-type metasomatites and the deposition of gold ore mineralization.
  • Within the field, three hydrothermal-metasomatic formations have been identified:
    1. Propylite (quartz-chlorite-sericite-epidote metasomatites) - representing the subalkaline stage of metasomatism.
    2. Berezitic (berezitized rocks, quartz-sericite metasomatites or berezites) - indicating the acid stage of metasomatism.
    3. Argillisitic (quartz-carbonate-kaolinite metasomatites) – associated with the acid stage of metasomatism.
  Description of the ore zone
  • As a result of prospecting and appraisal work within the deposit, four ore zones were identified and traced along the strike and dip. The length of the latter ranges from 100 to 850 meters, with a width varying from a few meters to 130 meters. The total length of the ore zones in the deposit was 1230 meters.
  • Within the contours of these zones, a 0.3 g/t gold cut-off grade was identified and included in the calculation of reserves for eight ore bodies.
  • The discovered ore bodies, ranging from the surface of the basement to depths of 14-18 to 91-97 meters, are subjected to oxidation.
  • The most common minerals in the weathering crust ores are quartz with chalcedony, and the primary ore mineral in the oxidized ores of the weathering crust is native gold.
  • The ore bodies exhibit a southeast fall, with average angles of incidence ranging from 60 to 78 degrees.
L#20210101 Gold Mining Exploration “Ridley Lake” TBD TBD TBD Mining Businesses Canada Ridley Lake Ridley Lake Gold Project  consists of 196 contiguous unpatented single cell and boundary mining claims in which Richmond owns a 100% interest. The Project is centrally located within the Swayze Greenstone Belt in  the North central Ontario in Rollo and Raney Townships, Porcupine Mining Division or more specifically 40 km southwest of the town of Foleyet and 120 km west-southwest of the city of Timmins. Recent significant gold discoveries within the SGB include the Cote Lake deposit (acquired by Iamgold in April 2012 for $585 million), and the Probe Mines Borden Lake gold discovery (recently acquired by Goldcorp for $526 million), a multi-million ounce gold deposit located approximately 23 miles to the west. • Early exploration work on the Property dates back to 1932 prospecting. Two quartz veins (the Cyril Knight and the Aguara Showings) trending in an east-west strike orientation were discovered in the central property area. These veins were exposed on surface for strike lengths up to 245 m, with widths varying between 1 and 3 m. Assays from these veins were highly variable, with grades ranging from trace values up to 23 g/t gold (0.7 ounces per ton). • The Project can be accessed year-round by a network of logging and bush roads and is underlain by part of a major sequence of early Precambrian volcanics and sediments referred to as the Swayze volcanic complex or the Swayze-Deloro metavolcanic- metasedimentary belt. • Gold mineralization discovered through diamond drilling to date at the project is associated with a variety of geological features which include shear zone development, quartz carbonate stockwork systems and contacts between felsic and mafic flows.
L#20210100 Gold Mining Exploration “Oberzeiring Polymetallic Project” TBD TBD TBD Mining Businesses Austria Oberzeiring
Austria is a very mining-friendly country. The Austrian governments plan for mineral resources even served as a blueprint for a notice of the EU to its member states: “In the EU the regulatory framework has to be structured in such a way as to encourage a supply with mineral resources from European sources.” • 99 granted claims near the village of Oberzeiring on a total area of about 35 km2 • In medieval times Oberzeiring was one of the largest silver mines in the Eastern Alps with well known high gold, copper, lead and zinc contents in ore • Flooding of mine workings in 1361 caused mining activities to cease and attempts over the last few centuries to dewater the mine have proved unsuccessful due to the inadequate technology available during that time • Recorded grades of up to 114 g/t gold and 4,000 g/t silver • About hundred artisanal mine workings are found near the medieval mining capital within the Project property area that appear to be associated with strong magnetic and IP geophysical anomalies • Mineralization rich in Au-Ag-Sb-Cu-Zn-Pb-Fe-Barite, also Ge-Ga-In, classified as critical raw materials in EU • September 2019 verification sampling associated with the preparation of a technical NI 43-101 report yielded values up to 6.4 g/t gold and 384 g/t silver • The district as a whole has never been the subject of any modern exploration work or any comprehensive diamond drilling programs. • Good contacts with local authorities & landowners, resuming mining activities is welcomed in the region
L#20210099 Gold Mining Exploration Project “Pusterwald” TBD TBD TBD Mining Businesses Austria Murtal Austria is a very mining-friendly country. The Austrian governments plan for mineral resources even served as a blueprint for a notice of the EU to its member states: “In the EU the regulatory framework has to be structured in such a way as to encourage a supply with mineral resources from European sources.” The Styrian Alps once had been famous for their abundance in gold and silver occurences. Our gold project is situated in the mineral-rich district of Styria, about 120 km to the south-east of Salzburg and about 85 km to the north-west of Graz. It covers the south-eastern slopes of the Woelzer Tauern, west of the large Poelstal fault zone and comprises 48 granted claims in the gold bearing ore zone near the village of Pusterwald. This area has a well known history of mining - mainly for gold, silver, copper and lead - as far back as to the early Middle Ages. Historical artifacts even date back to the Bronze Age, to the Illyrians, the Celts and the Romans. Nowadays the exploration of ancient mining areas with modern methods is common practice worldwide in discovering as yet unknown mineralization/ore bodies.

Key facts

  • 48 granted claims near the village of Pusterwald comprising a total area of about 20 km²
  • Mining activities documented since 1588, but probable since Celtic and Roman times
  • 14 historical high-grade occurrences of gold are known at surface
  • Problems with dewatering impacted on mining activities in historical times
  • Numerous historical gold mines are found within the licence area
  • Gold grades of up to 59 g/t with an average of 17.7 g/t have been published in the mining literature on the area ‘Plettenkar’ in the year 1952
  • All mining experts agree on the abundant occurrence of ore in the ‘gold-area’ Pusterwald
  • Recently taken surface samples from the Plettenkar, yielded 9.45; 9.93; 10.9; 14.15; 14.45; 16.85; 23.4; 29.2; 37; 41.1 and as top value 85.2 g/t gold (ALS/OMAC Laboratory)
  • Many strong geophysical anomalies, using Magnetic, VLF, RMT, IP, SP methods, have recently been discovered
  • Good contacts with the local authorities and landowners
  • Resuming mining activities is welcomed in the region

Planning further exploration

A large exploration programme is planned in many interesting parts of the project area, at first focussing on the Plettenkar-area:
  • Systemically collecting surface samples for laboratory analysis
  • Additional geophysics in order to analyse the geological structure
  • Selecting locations for diamond core drilling
  • First estimate of the size of the ore bodies
The results of many shallow drill holes in connection with the results of geophysical exploration and geochemical analyses will allow planning for deeper drilling.


The following precious metals or raw materials are contained in or together with the respective ores of the project area and could be mined after completing an economic feasibility study as by-products in addition to the "green" marked main product, which drastically reduces the future mining expenditures and of course the development costs: Pusterwald: Au, Ag, Sb, Cu The new table of critical raw materials for the EU of September 29, 2017 now contains 27 critical raw materials (after 14 critical raw materials in 2011 and 20 critical raw materials in 2014): Antimony, Barite*, Beryllium, Bismuth*, Borate, Cobalt, Coking coal, Fluorite, Gallium, Germanium, Hafnium*, Helium*, Indium, Magnesium, natural Graphite, natural Rubber, Niob, Rock Phosphate, Phosphorus*, Scandium*, metallic Silicium, Tantalum*, Tungsten, Vanadium*, Platinum Group Metals, Heavy Rare Earths, Light Rare Earths. (The raw materials underlinded and marked with * are new in the list as compared to 2014.) Antimony (Sb) is defined by the EU as a “critical raw material” and therefore especially in demand, since there is hardly any occur within the area of the EU. There are subsidies available in the EU of several hundred millions Euro for the detection of such raw materials in connection with the development of innovative exploration methods.
L#20220347 Gold Mining Project $16,000,000 TBD TBD Mining Businesses Saudi Arabia This investment take place in Najran city, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and held by Saudi citizens who noticed the opportunity and the great value of their lands mineral fortune. Two brilliant minds took the initiative to start their own mining business in their homeland and are now in the process of growing this business into one of the most leading mines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the guidance of H.R.H Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s vision for the 2030 Kingdom vision.

Scope of Work

The first stage would require investing in 6 different sites in which would be mining for the following minerals: Minging Sites: Iron Ore Mine: A site with more than 70% of Irone percentage. Gold Mine: It needs a goyological survey and study to find reserve within the next five years. Silica Mine: It needs a goyological survey and study to find reserve within the next five years. Each site includes transforming, refining and storage plants. Each site is organized and up to the ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources. Plans & Permits Permits and Geological surveys are in process at the moment and are eased by the government in support of the new vision of 2030. The Kingdom’s vision into growing the industrial sector is one of the critical factors in the success of this investment. Each site is leased by the government for more than 20 years and it is extendable. The leasing rate is supported by the ministry and is reasonable.

Investment Requirements

The Goldmine would require an investment of 6 Million Saudi Riyal. The Iron Ore mine would require an investment of 40 Million Saudi Riyal. The silica Mine would require an investment of 15 Million Saudi Riyal. In total, it is expected that the first approximate investment would value around 61 Million Saudi Riyal. Partnership and Return of Investment (ROI) The business owners would like to offer you a partnership via investing in their mining business. The expected return of investment is high, and this opportunity would be one of a life time chance to expand into the mining filed in Saudi Arabia.
L#20240689 Hardscape & Landscaping Company $3,990,000 TBD TBD Construction Project United States

Highly reputed hardscape installation company specializing in patios, driveways, pool decks, fire pits, retaining walls, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens.

With over 15 years of experience, this company is renown for its high-quality services and emphasis on customer satisfaction, earning several accolades.

New ownership took over in 2020, growing sales significantly, and continuing a legacy of excellence with its experienced team.

Key Details: 
  • 2023: $3.8 mn; $790k YoY growth of 21%.
  • Revenue CAGR of 29% from 2021 to 2023.
  • Improved operational efficiency, boosting SDE margin from 19% in 2021 to 21% in 2023.
  • Maintains 8-10 week backlog of projects.
  • Balanced revenue with 50% commercial and 50% residential projects.
  • Key members of the team have been with the business since founding (worked with 2 owners).
  • Opportunities for growth include expansion into retail sector, geographic regions, and new services.
  • Equipment & Vehicles: $240k.
  • Inventory: $160k

L#20230416 High End Luxury Clothing Line $2,223,000 TBD TBD Fashion Retailer United States
Specialized designer and trendsetter in the world of contemporary and couture women’s clothing, with over 20 years of on-hand, entrepreneurial and brand experience in the global fashion industry.


  • Collaborated and advised some of the preeminent global fashion companies in areas such as collection design for many years before starting her own brand;
  • Sold collections to the most prominent, respected and influential fashion specialty stores on earth such as Colette and L'Eclaireur in Paris, Browns in London, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Louis of Boston and many others worldwide;
  • Launched, managed and grew her high-end couture and R-T-W brands, creating worldwide presence at the most well-known retail stores while generating attractive results for her investors;
  • Has deep experience creating and building fashion brands and creating brand awareness, having shown lines in many of the most prestigious runway shows including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.
Within a few years of founding her eponymous label, she created a ready-to-wear fashion collection targeting 25-50 year-old women. Throughout the 2000s, she presented her collections at major international fashion events to wide acclaim and achieved International recognition throughout the United States, Western Europe and Eastern Asia.+


Over the last four years, the owner has formed critically strong relationships with two ultra-high end production facilities in France (fabric and assembly) and Italy (embellishments). The owner's gravitas and reputation within the industry has enabled these partnerships.

Marketing & Distribution

The brand follows in the footsteps of successful brands in the industry while creating its own creative direction and very strong image. These names started with retail stores in targeted areas to establish their image in the market and establish a dedicated clientele. The owner has formed a critically strong advisory team with expertise across the board in design, production, marketing and the retail rollout of brands, along with expertise in raising capital and finance.
L#20240650 High End Luxury Cosmetic Brand €5,000,000 €1,200,000 4.17x TBD Cosmetic Company Spain Barcelona This is a popular beauty brand that has been making waves in the cosmetics industry for several years now. Founded by a team of beauty enthusiasts who wanted to create high-quality, affordable makeup products, this cosmetic brand has quickly become a go-to brand for makeup enthusiasts around the world. One of the things that sets this brand apart from other beauty brands is its commitment to creating products that are not only beautiful and innovative, but also safe and cruelty-free. The brand prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in its products, which are all carefully sourced and rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the brand's strict quality standards. This dedication to using safe and ethical ingredients has earned the brand a loyal following among consumers who care about both the quality of their makeup and the welfare of animals.


- Products manufactured only in the EU, some products are in-house manufactured and some products are given for 3rd party manufacturing. - Made in Spain, Made in France, and Made in Italy designed cosmetic products. - Cosmetics specially created for sensitive skin - formulas developed based on completely hypoallergenic ingredients, do not contain parabens and chemically toxic substances. - Currently catering to 200+ clients who are retailers and distributors. - Manufacturing capacity is 3,000-5,000 pieces daily. -ISO certificate and registration certificate.

Products & Services Overview

Skincare, color cosmetics, nail care, and perfumes.

Assets Overview

Tangible assets- Stock, own building, facilities, warehouse.

Facilities Overview

Own building is on a 1,000 sqm located in the west of Barcelona, 45 km from Barcelona airport 3-floor building.

Capitalization Overview

- Family business. No loans. Only family owners. Total 2 owners from the same family. - Funded 100% from private investment.
L#20230551 High-Grossing Countertop Fabrication Business $11,000,000 $7,988,000 $2,468,000 1.38x 4.46x Manufacturing United States For over 15 years, this Colorado company has specialized in the fabrication and installation of premium-quality stone countertops, using natural materials such as quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain, among others. An excellent opportunity exists for a financial or industry buyer to further the company's growth, as its strong reputation and client relations have expanded throughout the state over the years. The prime 10,000 square-foot production facility features spaces for both storage and offices, leased monthly from the seller. It is also available for optional purchase. Centrally located to serve a radius of 100 miles within the Denver metro area, the property is in excellent condition and can accommodate expansions when needed. Current ownership supervises the administrative team, and streamlined operations include a skilled personnel of 24 non-union employees who have agreed to remain post-sale. The seller is flexible for a transition period and is available long-term if desired. In addition to maintaining a website and using social media for self-promotion, marketing efforts focus on supporting verbal referral sources from their large and recurring customer base. An 11-month interim report from January to December 2022 shows a total of $7.8 million in collected gross income, alongside $2.2 million in profit. Full-year projections are on track to reach $10 million, next to almost $3 million in SDE (Seller's Discretionary Earnings).
L#20230546 Highly profitable Midwest oil and gas services business $16,250,000 $20,740,000 $5,740,000 0.78x 2.83x Gas United States With four wells drilled to depths of up to 14,000 feet, the company specializes in oil and gas drilling, rigging and other oilfield-related services. Other notable services include equipment transportation and distribution of branded drill bits. The owner serves as general manager and has a strong team that keeps operations lean through multiple projects. With its wide range of services, marketing efforts are focused on targeting oil and gas field assets in the Northeast Quadrant of the Midwest. Revenues have been increasing over the past four years due to increased regional oil and gas production. With a large customer base and strong reputation, the company continues to attract new customers while maintaining the reputation of its existing customers. The facilities consist of 33,345 square feet in four buildings on approximately 13 acres of land and are available for lease or individual purchase for $1,500,000 +/-. The facilities include a main shop for job preparation and equipment maintenance, warehouse space, front and rear parking lots, and office space. The company has a proven track record with 93 employees and nearly 30 years of continuous business support. Pricing includes inventory and equipment, transferable accounts receivable, accounts payable and work in progress as a cashless, debt-free opportunity. This exceptional business model is poised to reach new heights through expansion.
L#20230425 Historical Certified Operating Airline Company $3,500,000 TBD TBD Aviation Kazakhstan For sale is an operating business airline, a fully certified operating airline with a high level of profitability. • The fleet consists of 14x Antonov An-2 aircraft (all aircraft are operational, certified, in good condition). The An-2 is commonly used as a light utility transport, parachute drop aircraft, agricultural business and other tasks suited to a large slow biplane. Its slow flight and good short field performance make it suited for short, unimproved fields, and some specialized variants have also been built for cold weather and other extreme environments. • Airline has existing government contracts (sanitary aviation and aerial photography); • There are private contracts for aviation and chemical work with agricultural partners for 20 years; • The airline passed the control checks of the Aviation Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan in March 2021, has all the permits; • The airline's balance sheet has its own land plot with a total area of 10 hectares, located 30 km from Astana in the Selekabanbai Batyr; • Own airfield, own technical complex for aircraft maintenance, residential building, warehouses and workshop; Highly qualified flight technicians (pilots and aircraft technicians are among the best in the Republic of Kazakhstan, annually pass all necessary checks and permits).
L#20240652 Historical EFL League English Football UK Soccer Club ₤36,000,000 ₤8,100,000 4.44x TBD Football Clubs United Kingdom The club was founded approx. 130 years ago and has a rich history dating back over a century. It currently competes in the EFL League 1 which is 3rd tier of English football. The club's home ground is a modern stadium with a seating capacity of around more than 2,500-7500. The stadium is known for its passionate and loyal fan base, who turn out in numbers to support the team in every match. The atmosphere is always electric, with fans creating a vibrant and lively environment for players and spectators alike. The Club has a strong tradition of developing young talent and nurturing local players. The club's youth academy is renowned for its commitment to providing a pathway for talented young footballers to progress through the ranks and eventually make it to the first team. Many players who have come through the academy system have gone on to have successful careers in professional football, both domestically and internationally. In recent years, the club has enjoyed a period of success on the pitch, with the team consistently challenging for promotion and competing for silverware in various cup competitions. The club has a strong squad of talented players who are dedicated to achieving success and bringing glory to the town. The club is known for its strong community ethos and dedication to giving back to the local area. The club is involved in a number of charitable initiatives and community outreach programs, including partnerships with local schools and youth organizations. The players and coaching staff regularly visit schools and community centers to engage with young fans and promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.
L#20240690 Historical Established Shipyard TBD TBD TBD Yatch & Boat Servicing & Repairs Italy

An Italian shipyard founded in 2013 with the aim of offering highly professional solutions to the needs of shipowners, sailors and motorboats ranging between 10 and 28 meters.

The Core Business of the company is the Shipyard, home to indoor storage activities, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, specialized technical assistance on all types of marine engines, in particular on Volvo Penta as an Authorized Workshop, and all other services for recreational boating.

Volvo Penta has chosen their shipyard to represent its brand and carry out precise and guaranteed interventions on boats equipped with Volvo engines. Computerized instrumentation allows them to make a precise diagnosis and guarantee the solution to every type of problem.

Indoor storage is about 1,200 square meters while for the outdoor forecourt, the area available for storage and all other processing Is about 3,500 square meters.

All operations are carried out by specialized technical personnel, who carry out their work with seriousness and professionalism using specific equipment and products of excellent quality ensuring the utmost attention to every detail in the execution of the work.

Thanks to the presence of a latest generation 100-ton Travel Lift from a technical and use point of view, they can guarantee maximum safety in the lifting and handling of sailing boats and motor between 10 and 30 meters.

Finally, among other, the company offers an annual boat management package, with a guarding, cleaning and keeping in order of the hull in general.

L#20230513 Historical Granite Manufacturing Business $10,000,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Kazakhstan Almaty This Historical Granite Manufacturing Business for sale is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Almaty Oblast. The factory was established on the basis of a stone-working factory of the Union (USSR), and carries out manufacture of products from granite. Production capacity: 16,000 sq.m. of sawn semi finished products per month; 13,000 sq.m. of ready-to-sell products per month.


  • The most important feature of the plant is a complete production cycle of granite tiles - from own granite quarries to end-product output production.
  • The outstanding feature of the factory is that it is fitted with Italian equipment from «Simec» and «GMM» companies.


The factories production capacities are represented by modern equipment of leading Western companies, including:
  • 6 multi-blade stone sawing machines;
  • 2 grinding and polishing lines;
  • 1 line on polishing slabs;
  • 2 sawing machines with a cutter diameter of 3500 mm;
  • 2 milling and edging machines;
  • 2 paving stone production lines;
  • 1 line for thermal processing of granite;
  • 1 line for polishing and chamfering beveling

Additional workshops

  • Diamond tools soldering workshop with automatic equipment;
  • Locksmithing workshop;
  • Lathe (Turning machine) workshop with necessary machines and equipment;
  • Electrical workshop
L#20230439 Historical Italian Beer Brand & Manufacturing Business – “Made in Italy” €9,500,000 TBD TBD Manufacturing Italy Historical Italian Beer Brand & Manufacturing Business located in Italy with a large factory for producing beer and fermented beverages. The company is currently selling products under its own brand name. Established more than 40 years ago, it continues to grow and flourish in ever-changing markets. With its original and new recipes on the rise, it’s renowned reputation still stands to this day. Buyer would get the complete business with real estate, infrastructure, machinery, inventory and documents.

Logistic Facilities

The factory lies on a 40,000 sq. m. area, of which 11,000 are indoor; It includes the set of buildings, including warehouses, plants and several machineries. The factory has several photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce energy.

Production Capacity

The production capacity, overall, is of the 200,000 hectoliters yearly, easily doubleable with minimum investments.

Custom Brand

The beer under custom brand has been produced in several variations, also winning different awards. The beer is a Pilsner composed by waterfall, barley malt, hop, glucose syrup from corn with Alcohol (from 4.6% to 8.0%).
L#20240624 Historical Italian Luxury Fashion Brand TBA TBD TBD Fashion Retailer Italy Milan Italian luxury fashion brand that exudes elegance, sophistication, and timeless style. With a rich history dating back to the 1980s, it has solidified its place as a prominent player in the world of high-end fashion. Inspired by the beauty and glamour of Italian fashion, the designer set out to create a brand that embodied the essence of luxury and sophistication. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality craftsmanship, The designer quickly gained a reputation for producing exquisite garments that exuded style and elegance. One of the defining characteristics of the designer is its commitment to using the finest materials and fabrics in the creation of its collections. From sumptuous silk and cashmere to luxurious leather and velvet, each piece is carefully crafted to ensure the highest level of quality and luxury. The brand's attention to detail is evident in every stitch and seam, resulting in garments that are not only beautiful to look at but also feel incredible to wear. The designer is known for its sophisticated and feminine aesthetic, with a focus on understated elegance and timeless style. The brand's collections are characterized by clean lines, soft silhouettes, and subtle embellishments, creating a look that is both classic and contemporary. In addition to its ready-to-wear collections, it also produces a range of accessories and footwear that perfectly complement its clothing lines. From sleek leather handbags and delicate scarves to chic heels and versatile flats, the brand's accessories are designed to elevate any outfit and add a touch of luxury to everyday ensembles. One of the reasons why this. brand has become a favorite among fashion-conscious women is its ability to seamlessly blend classic sophistication with modern trends. While the brand's collections are rooted in timeless style, they also incorporate elements of contemporary design to create looks that are fresh, current, and on-trend. Another key factor in this brand's success is its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand prioritizes environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and works with suppliers who share its values of social responsibility and fair labor practices. In addition to its dedication to sustainability, the brand is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry. The brand features models of various ages, sizes, and ethnicities in its marketing campaigns and runway shows, sending a powerful message of acceptance and representation.
L#20240590 Historical Metal Parts Manufacturing Business €25,000,000 €9,264,000 €2,732,000 2.7x 9.15x Manufacturing Italy Historic company producing and distributing products metallic intended to industry hydraulics hydraulics, mechanics, electronics, automobile and agricultural machinery in environmental certification standards (UNI EN ISO 9001). Historical metal parts manufacturing businesses have played a vital role in shaping industrialization and infrastructure development. These businesses have contributed to advancements in technology, transportation, and construction. With a rich heritage that dates back centuries, historical metal parts manufacturing businesses have witnessed and adapted to numerous changes in the industry. These businesses have been instrumental in developing various metal components, such as gears, bearings, axles, and valves, which are integral to machinery and equipment used in sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and energy. They have expanded their capabilities over time, incorporating advancements in engineering practices and materials to ensure the production of durable and high-quality metal parts. The company has 45 automatic lathes and a tapping and embossing department with 30 machines which guarantee the production of different product solutions. The company produces 50 million turned components per year. In 2020, despite the difficulties of the pandemic, it implemented a revamping project of its structure For improve there traceability of the processes, there warranty of quality of the own products and reduce the impact environmental And specialized in the processing Of small parts metallic come back.
L#20240605 Historical Pharma Manufacturing Business $1,050,000,000 $306,500,000 $87,500,000 3.43x 12x Pharma India
The Indian pharmaceutical industry has emerged as a global player in the past few decades, becoming one of the largest producers of generic drugs worldwide. The business of Indian pharmaceuticals has witnessed exponential growth, expanding its presence in both domestic and international markets. The Indian pharmaceutical sector holds tremendous potential due to its vast pool of skilled professionals, cost-effective manufacturing capabilities, and large-scale production capacities. The country's strong research and development infrastructure further contribute to its success in the pharma business. India is home to several renowned pharmaceutical research institutions and has a robust regulatory framework to ensure quality standards are met. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has achieved significant milestones in recent years. It has successfully developed and manufactured a wide range of generic drugs, thereby making healthcare more affordable and accessible globally. The affordability of Indian drugs has played a crucial role in providing healthcare solutions to developing nations, as well as contributing to the reduction of healthcare costs in developed countries. India's expertise in producing high-quality generic drugs has also enabled it to become a major supplier of pharmaceutical products to countries around the world. Indian pharmaceutical firms have expanded their operations by establishing manufacturing facilities and research centers in various countries, allowing them to cater to the specific needs of different markets. The pharma business in India has not only focused on generics but also made strides in pharmaceutical research and development. Several Indian companies have made significant investments in innovative drug discovery, with a strong focus on biotechnology and biosimilars. This has led to the development of breakthrough drugs for various diseases, enhancing India's reputation as a center for pharmaceutical innovation.


Multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in India. It is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Asia, it operates in more than 30 countries and has a diverse portfolio of products ranging from prescription drugs to over-the-counter medications and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company is known for its strong research and development capabilities and has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and affordable medicines. The company is committed to improving access to healthcare globally and strives to make a positive impact on people's lives through its innovative products and sustainable practices. Currently the company do mostly Private Label, do not commercialize its own brand, but manufacture most of the common Pharmaceutical forms (Syrups, Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Lotions, solutions).


  1. Focused on manufacturing and marketing generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and custom pharmaceutical services.
  2. The company has a diverse portfolio of products spanning various therapeutic categories, including cardiovascular, neurology, gastrointestinal, dermatology, and oncology.
  3. Global presence and operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.
  4. Strong focus on research and development, investing a significant portion of its revenues in R&D activities.
  5. Dedicated team of scientists and researchers who work on developing new drug formulations and improving existing ones.
  6. Robust pipeline of new products, with several filings and approvals in various countries.
  7. Known for its emphasis on quality and compliance with international regulatory standards.
  8. Several manufacturing facilities in India and abroad, which adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines.
  9. Strong track record of successfully launching and marketing generic versions of blockbuster drugs globally.
  10. Established partnerships and collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies to access new molecules and markets.
L#20240697 Historical Series C Italian Soccer Club TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy 130+ Years Old Series C Italian FC, which is widely considered as the most successful Football Club in its early era which dominated the Italian Football. Is not a secret that northern Italy has long been the home to the powerhouses of the nation, with over 100 titles belonging to various sides on the northern side of the divide. The club has 7 national titles and currently playing in Series C of the Italian Championship. Regarding it's coaching, the club assigned a former centre back with international career as their head coach. This former soccer player is retired as a footballer back in 2017 and started his coaching career abroad, before joining a Series B club in Italy. The FC has a stadium with a capacity of 5,500 seats and a very experienced management team.
L#20200411 Houston Based Video Sharing Portal / High Potential $500,000 $200,000 $150,000 2.5x 3.33x Media Business United States Houston
This 12 year old online business for sale is a video-sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos. The company is based in La Jolla, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video content, including video clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on the site has been uploaded by individuals, but media corporations and other organizations offer some of their material via the website. Unregistered users can watch videos, and registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old. All users can upload videos. The site accepts videos uploaded in most container formats, including .AVI, .MKV, .MOV, .MP4, DivX, .FLV, and .ogg and .ogv. These include video formats such as MPEG-4, MPEG, VOB, and .WMV. It also supports 3GP, allowing videos to be uploaded from mobile phones. Videos with progressive scanning or interlaced scanning can be uploaded, but for the best video quality, the site suggests interlaced videos be deinterlaced before uploading.
L#20230562 HPP Pipeline of 5x Italian Hydroelectric Power Plants TBA TBD TBD Renewable Energy Italy Italy's hydroelectric power sector holds a significant place in the country's energy landscape. With its diverse terrain and numerous rivers, Italy has leveraged the power of water for centuries to generate electricity. The nation's reliance on hydroelectricity is rooted in its commitment to renewable energy sources, which not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also provide a reliable source of electricity. Hydroelectric power plants in Italy are primarily located in the northern regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, and Veneto, where the Alps and the abundance of rivers offer ideal conditions for harnessing hydroelectric energy. The northern regions, characterized by their mountainous landscapes and extensive water resources, have played a pivotal role in the country's hydroelectric development. Italy's hydroelectric power capacity is impressive, boasting a total installed capacity of around 19,000 megawatts. This capacity makes Italy one of the leading producers of hydroelectricity in Europe. The sector contributes significantly to the country's energy mix, making it a vital component of Italy's commitment to clean and sustainable energy sources. Hydroelectricity is particularly important in Italy's efforts to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change. One notable aspect of Italy's hydroelectric sector is its balance between large-scale and small-scale projects. While larger hydropower plants play a crucial role in meeting the country's energy demands, smaller, distributed hydroelectric facilities are also widespread. These smaller plants often utilize smaller rivers and streams, contributing to Italy's decentralized energy production. Italy's commitment to hydroelectric power extends beyond its national borders. The country is actively involved in international collaborations, particularly with its Alpine neighbors, to optimize and expand hydroelectric infrastructure in the region. These efforts aim to improve energy security, increase production efficiency, and promote cross-border energy trade, benefiting not only Italy but also its neighboring countries. In conclusion, Italy's hydroelectric power situation is marked by its rich history of utilizing water resources and a contemporary commitment to renewable energy. With a diverse mix of large and small-scale projects, Italy's hydroelectric sector remains a key player in the country's transition to sustainable and clean energy sources. As Italy continues to invest in this sector, its role in shaping the future of European energy generation is poised to grow. For sale a Pipeline of 5x HPPs Hydroelectric Power Plant Plants, 0ne full in operation, four to be built.


  • Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant Plant 1 and Plant 2 (Province of Siena, Italy) - OPERATIVE
  • Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant Plant 3 (Province of Florence, Italy) - READY TO BUILD STATUS
  • Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant Plant 4 (Province of Florence, Italy) - (READY TO BUILD IN 12-24 Months)
  • Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant Plant 5 (Province of Florence, Italy) - (READY TO BUILD IN 12-24 Months)
Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant 1 already built, average nominal concession power: 151 KW (OPERATIVE)
  • Expected productivity 1,100,001 KWh per year;
  • Tariff assigned: TO €0.1405 x KWh;
  • GSE agreement expiry: /31/2036;
  • Water concession expires in 2050
  • Property and land owned;
Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant 2 to be built, authorized and ready for construction, average nominal concession power: 399 KW (READY TO BUILD)
  • Expected productivity 900,000 KWh per year;
  • Tariff assigned: registered in the FER1 DM 2019 ranking TO €0.195 – €0.155 x KWh;
  • Water concession expires in 2050;
  • Property and land owned, advance occupancy obtained for areas to be served;
  • TSAP authorization title appeal pending. Last collegial hearing scheduled for 06/28/2023;
  • Construction cost approximately 2 million;
Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant 3 (READY TO BUILD IN 12-24 Months)
  • Expected productivity approximately 8,000,000 KWh per year;
  • Under development / authorization, average nominal concession power : 993 KW
  • Water/ bridle rights already acquired; TSAP judgment pending. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 03/08/2023;
  • Estimated deadline for construction 31/12/2025;
  • Construction cost approximately 6 million;
Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant 4 (READY TO BUILD IN 12-24 Months)
  • Expected productivity approximately 8,000,000 KWh per year;
  • Water/ bridle rights already acquired;
  • Estimated deadline for construction /12/2024/31
  • Under development / authorization, average nominal concession power 995 KW
  • Exclusion from EIA already obtained;
  • Construction cost approximately 6 million;
Italian Hydroelectric Power Plant 5 (READY TO BUILD IN 12-24 Months)
  • Expected productivity approximately 8,000,000 KWh per year;
  • Under development / authorization, average nominal concession power: 997 KW
  • Water/ bridle rights already acquired;
  • Estimated deadline for construction /12/2024/31
  • Exclusion from EIA already obtained;
  • Construction cost approximately 6 million;
L#20220287 Importer-Exporter of Oil and Gas Equipments $5,400,000 TBD TBD Equipment United Arab Emirates
Started in the year 2009, by a highly experience board comprising of professionals who have a combined global experience of over 100 years to service any given regional and intercontinental trade derivatives orders. Company is specialize in inter-Governmental commodity trade derivatives as per the respective memorandum of understanding and treaties. Since 2016 introduced focus on SAARC countries.
The company offer a one stop front end Procurement, Support & Trading Service. For over ten years has been providing professional procurement and technical support services to the Oil / Gas, Marine, Dredging & Petrochemical Industries, locally as well as on international level. The core area of expertise is in procurement of Equipment's, Mechanical spares, Electrical spares, Safety products, Drilling equipment and Tools.
Technically qualified team ensures that all Equipment's and spares comply with regulatory standards and codes.
The company procure supplies from refineries and factories based in Oman and Saudi Arabia and have decade-long expertise and experience in the trading of diesel and fuel oil in the Middle East and SAARC countries. The monthly volume of diesel and fuel sales is approximately 5,000 metric tons. 60% of our sales are domestic and 40% are international sales. Have 500+ clients including companies in the oil & gas industry, construction, heavy-duty earthmoving equipment dealers, mines, and shipping & aviation companies. Some of the clients include SCECO, Yanbu Cement Company, FAAL International, and Shell.
Products & Services Overview
Deisel, petroleum, sulfur, bitumen, and other products related to oil and gas.
L#20240663 Independent Trust Business ₤4,900,000 ₤1,840,000 2.66x TBD Financial Services Jersey
Jersey is a small island located in the English Channel, is a popular jurisdiction for trust businesses due to its favourable regulatory framework, political stability, and reputation as a global financial center. The island has a long history of providing a secure and reliable environment for trust companies to conduct their operations. One of the main reasons why many trust businesses choose Jersey as their preferred jurisdiction is its robust legal and regulatory framework. The island has a separate legal system from the United Kingdom, which allows for greater flexibility in the development and implementation of trust laws. Jersey has a well-established legal framework that offers a high level of protection for trust assets and ensures that trusts are managed in accordance with best practices and international standards. In addition, Jersey has a strong regulatory regime in place to oversee the activities of trust companies and ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations. The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) is the regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the financial services industry on the island, including trust businesses. The JFSC works closely with trust companies to ensure that they adhere to strict regulatory requirements and maintain high standards of integrity and transparency. Political stability is another key factor that makes Jersey an attractive jurisdiction for trust businesses. The island has a stable government and a well-respected judiciary that upholds the rule of law. This political stability provides trust companies with the confidence and security they need to operate in a safe and reliable environment.


This is a fully independent, manager owned trust company based in Jersey. The company is focused on providing and co-ordinating the highest level of service and advice to private individuals and their families and administer structures for High Net Worth clients from a number of international jurisdictions including the UK, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Far East. This company is a boutique wealth management firm based in Jersey, known for its personalized approach to financial planning and investment management.
  In addition to investment management, it offers a range of financial planning services, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and insurance solutions.


  • Trustee & foundation
  • Company formation
  • Family office


- 15 Employees - 3 Board Directors + 1 Compliance Officer - 1.84M GBP Revenue per Year - Jersey Bank Account


- Mainly Fiduciary Service - Incorporations


75% Corporate 25% Private
L#20230569 Industrial Electrical and Controller Manufacturing Business $1,700,000 $1,061,621 1.6x TBD Manufacturing United States The year-over-year growth projection for 2021 is $1.25 million in gross sales, reflecting a 25% increase, with profits of $253,000. Located in Kansas, this listing specializes in the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment, including industrial controllers, sold to master distributors, OEMs, and dealers. Operating since the early 1990s, the company offers a wide range of materials and services to a large customer base of end-users throughout North America, including Canada and neighboring countries. The business has a strong focus on the construction industry, offering a variety of customizations and a diverse inventory, historically generating sales of up to $3 million. The expansive 18,000 square foot administrative facility features reception spaces, an open conference room, several offices, as well as production and storage areas. The property is in excellent condition and offers expansion capabilities, all included in the asking price of $400,000. The seller is assisted by an experienced team of fifteen non-union employees who are willing to stay on post-acquisition. Additionally, the seller is open to an extended transition period of twelve to 24 months. With a focus on product advancements, there are new opportunities for growth, particularly in diversifying the engineering team, including the addition of a CAN Bus Designer. In addition to their current social media outreach and referral sources, marketing avenues are available through recent website developments and direct advertising programs. In the previous year, the company achieved a revenue of $1,061,621, with discretionary earnings of $78,730. Other deal structures can be negotiated
L#20240602 Innovative Luggage Company using Technology $2,000,000 $1,171,000 1.71x TBD Manufacturing United States Innovative Luggage Company utilizes technology to create a stress-free and effortless travel experience. This U.S.-based company offers a distinct range of travel and lifestyle products, setting itself apart from anything currently available in the consumer marketplace. Each of our products is designed for functionality, incorporating smart technology and produced with lightweight, premium materials. Features such as ergonomic design and precise tracking help streamline the travel experience. We take pride in providing stylish, durable, and practical suitcases, bags, and travel accessories to meet today's demands. As a direct-to-consumer company, Luggage Company manages every aspect of the production process in a vertically integrated business model, from product design and manufacturing to marketing, order fulfillment, and customer support. The company has technology partnerships with leading vendors to offer state-of-the-art features not currently available in the marketplace. Recently, the company entered the retail market by partnering with a well-established luxury retailer. The company is open to considering a full buyout or partnership.
L#20240694 Investment Dealer License in Mauritius (FSP) $700,000 TBD TBD Financial Services Mauritius

In view of establishing Mauritius as the centre for the FinTech ecosystem in the region, the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the “FSC”) has been setting up regulatory frameworks for innovation-driven financial services in the jurisdiction over the past years. The FSP licence aims at offering providers of services to financial institutions, with a conducive supervisory regime if they wish to establish a commercial presence and operate in or from Mauritius.

This particular license is that of an investment dealer which incorporated in 2020.

The license is already insured for one year and has obtained pre approval for onboarding with Virtual Pay.

The proposed company holds 2 types of licenses:

  1. The Dealer License, under the Securities Act 2005.
  2. Securities License, under Licensing Rules 2007.
  3. Financial Services License, under Consolidated Licensing and Fees Rules 2008.
  4. Global Business License (GBL), under the Financial Services Act.

Fee schedule

  1. Annual Renewal: $76,000
  2. Monthly Maintenance: $30,000


  • MT4/ Other Systems
  • 8 Employees
  • 2 Banks
L#20240684 IT Staffing and BPO Call Center Business $20,600,000 $36,824,419 $3,170,158 0.56x 6.5x Call Center United States Company provides IT staffing and BPO services to top companies including the big 3 audit firms (Deloitte, KPMG, and Accenture), and help them deliver mission-critical programs administered by the state and federal agencies, nationwide. Serves 10 active clients, primarily focusing on top IT staffing services in addition to BPO services. - The company boasts a 24-year partnership with the big 3 audit firms and has received multiple performance awards from them, indicating the company's credibility and reputation in the industry. With an average billing rate of USD 75, the company generates its profit through the margin between the bill rate and the salary paid to the employees upon their employment by partner firms. The promoter brings 25 years of experience to the table, contributing to the company's industry expertise and success. The company's services are not limited to Texas but are nationwide. In addition to the 75 permanent employees, the business has around 350+ contract employees which enables it to make such a high revenue.

Products & Services Overview

- Workforce management (project and contingent staffing) - Audit /advisory. - BPO/call center services.

Assets Overview

The tangible assets of the company include account receivables, office furniture, and computers. The key intangibles include the business's software and loyal partnership with the big 3 firms.

Facilities Overview

The company has 2 rented offices. One in India with an area of 10,000 Sq ft & the other in the USA with 4,000 Sq ft approximately. The rent paid is around INR 16,600 per month and USD 4,000 per month respectively.
L#20240687 Italian Distributor of Aesthetic Medical Devices TBD $7,454,467 $1,075,680 TBD TBD Health Care Businesses Italy

The Company develops professional medical devices and innovative cosmeceuticals in the field of aesthetic medicine since the beginning of 2000s, with constantly growing turnover.

The company  has patented a line of professional products for chemical peeling that provides the medical class with an innovative technology for personalised treatments and easier , safer use. This includes the development of  a very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for biostimulation treatments, and a home care line with cosmeceutical products based on modern knowledge of biochemistry, biology and medicine

Company's mission is to provide aesthetic specialists with the necessary tools to promote the well-being of the skin and body with skin rejuvenation actions. To this day, it has signed distribution agreements with foreign companies leading their research, development and marketing of innovative medical devices. By all that, the company holds an important market share of the Italian market.

Over the years the company has built an excellent brand name in the field of aesthetic medicine thanks to the quality and innovation of its products and management.

It operates throughout the country by using a network of 15 single-agents, and distributes its products in the following sales channels:

  1. Aesthetic Physicians and Aesthetic Clinics, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.
  2. Pharmaceutical wholesalers.
  3. Pharmacies.
  4. E-commerce for end consumers.
Company's own brand products:
  • a line of medical peeling devices formulated using innovative patented technology.
  • a line of Cosmeceuticals products.
  • a line of injectable products based on hyaluronic acid with very high molecular weight, and biorevitalizing action.
Products through distribution agreements:
  • a line of injectable products based on hyaluronic acid and other components with filling function and biostimulation.
  • a line consisting of innovative injectables based on hyaluronic acid with  advanced components of the new generation:
    • for body remodelling with lipolytic action.
    • for the reduction of bags under the eyes.
    • for aging and tear through.
    • for the skin pigmentation.
    • to block the fall and stimulate hair regrowth.
  • a line of bio restructuring and traction PDO threads, for face and body conveyed by Japanese patented needles.
  • a line of thin-walled needles and cannulas with Japanese patent.
L#20220337 Italian Equestrian Business Center €7,500,000 TBD TBD Equestrian Center Italy Firenze
Located in a panoramic and privileged location in the center of Tuscany with manor House, an Ancient farmhouse recently renovated respecting the original style, consisted of 3 main apartments with dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms (total area 500 sqm), warehouses, wine cellar and pantry (total area 110 sqm).
  • Indoor riding arena (25 x 50 m) in sand irrigated, equipped with barriers and pilier modular cubes, fence in accordance with FISE, equipped with a grandstand for spectators and, besides, farriery, first aid and washing;
  • Parade ground with sand irrigated (40x60 m) equipped with obstacles;
  • Parade ground with sand irrigated (20x40 m)for learning lessons;
  • Parade ground with sand irrigated (20x40 m) for training horses;
  • Round arena with sand irrigated, diameter of 14 m. multipurpose;
  • Stables (1500 sqm) with 95 boxes in masonry and wood;

Equestrian activities

  • riding lessons for children;
  • riding lessons for adults;
  • riding lessons for beginners;
  • riding lessons for amateurs;
  • riding lessons for those who ride at a competitive level with licensed instructors FISE;
  • horseback riding;
  • trekking;
  • horse boarding.


A welcoming clubhouse where you can relax in front of the beautiful landscape, invite friends and organize events in an outdoor area.  Breeding:
  • hens;
  • pigeons;
  • rabbits;
  • horses;
  • calves;
  • pigs;
  • lambs.
L#20220296 Italian Famous Football Club in Serie C €5,000,000 €3,500,000 1.43x TBD Football Clubs Italy The Serie C is the third-highest division in the Italian football league system after the Serie B and Serie A. The Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico (Lega Pro) is the governing body that runs the Serie C. The unification of the Lega Pro Prima Divisione and the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione as Lega Pro Divisione Unica (often also abbreviated as Lega Pro) in 2014 reintroduced the format of the original Serie C that existed between 1935 and 1978 (before the split into Serie C1 and Serie C2). On 25 May 2017 the Lega Pro assembly unanimously approved the return to the original name of the competition to Serie C. Club is located in a strong economical area of Italy.
 A stadium capacity below 10,000 - 15,000 people. Club with a good setup, shown by their graduate growth and climbing up the leagues. A good youth structure in place to find local talent, grow them to get them into the 1st team. The club has a good (growing) affiliation program with amateur football clubs in the region.
L#20220311 Italian Football Club for Sale in Serie D “Lega Nazionale Dilettanti” TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy This Italian Football Club for Sale in Serie D "Lega Nazionale Dilettanti" is a well known Club based in the South of Italy. Throughout its history the club has played many times in Serie C championships, the club has a large Stadium available with parkplaces. The Serie D is the top level of the Italian non-professional football association called Lega Nazionale Dilettanti. The association represents over 12,000 football players and 400 football teams across Italy. Serie D ranks just below Serie C (the third and last professional league since 2014–15), and is thus considered the fourth-ranked league in the country. It is organized by the Roman Comitato Interregionale (Interregional Committee), a "league in the league" inside the LND.


Since the early 1990s, Serie D has consisted of 162 teams split into 9 regional divisions (Gironi), usually formed of 18 teams each, divided geographically. For the 2012–13 season, there were 166 teams. Two groups (B and C) were formed of 20 teams. In the 2013–14 season the number was 161 and one group (H) comprised 17 teams. For 2014–15 the distribution by region was as follows: Girone A – teams from Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy. Girone B – teams from Lombardy and Veneto. Girone C – teams from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol and Veneto. Girone D – teams from Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Veneto. Girone E – teams from Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. Girone F – teams from Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Molise. Girone G – teams from Lazio and Sardinia. Girone H – teams from Apulia, Basilicata and Campania. Girone I – teams from Calabria, Campania and Sicily.


The first-placed team from each division is promoted to Serie C each year, replacing 9 teams from Lega Pro relegated to Serie D. If a newly promoted Serie D team fails to meet the requirements, Lega Pro asks the second-placed team in that Serie D team's division to fill the vacancy. Failing that, the third-placed team may fill the vacancy, and so on.
L#20230463 Italian Historical Professional Football Club in Serie C €10,000,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy The Serie C (Italian pronunciation: is the third-highest division in the Italian football league system after the Serie B and Serie A. The Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico (Lega Pro) is the governing body that runs the Serie C. For sale a Historical Italian Professional Football Club in Serie C. The Club has more than 100+ Years of history, a strong fan base and men's teams participating in the national championships Primavera, Allievi Nazionali and Giovanissimi Nazionali. The Club has already played in Serie B. The Stadium is one of the biggest in Serie C. The Club is located in wealthy area with international tourists.  
L#20230474 Italian Historical Serie D Football Club TBA $825,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Founded after the first world war, the club has been an integral part of the local community and has consistently participated in the prestigious Serie D league. The club was playing many years in Serie B, this outstanding performance earned them a spot in the promotional playoffs, setting the stage for a thrilling opportunity to advance further.   EXPENSES                                                                    REVENUES Staff                             487.000,00                              Subscription collection           110.000,00 Players                         112.000,00                              Collection of games                390.000,00 Ordinary expenses      250.000,00                            Various sponsors                     425.000,00   Average spectators present during home games: 4500/4900.
L#20220267 Italian Liquors and Distillates “Made in Italy” Brand TBA TBD TBD Food & Beverage Italy Catania This company is active in the production of "Limoncello" (Lemon Spirit) and "Arancello" (Orange Spirit). The products are produced in Sicily in the deep South of Italy. Modern products are expressions not only of Italy’s abundant natural resources, but the soul of its people and history, the real and imagined, the mystical and tangible. Italy’s famous lemon liqueur is enriched with the fragrance of authentic Sicilian lemons, and reflects drink’s ability to ensnare the senses with "Essenza mediterranea", the essence of the Mediterranean.


Liqueur’s bold and balanced citrus flavor is ideal for adding depth to cocktails; served simply frozen, it is refreshingly complex and naturally bittersweet.
  • Ingredients Water, Alcohol, Sugar
  • Infusion of Lemon peel
  • Natural flavors
  • Size 70 Cl
  • Alcohol Content 28 %
  • Temp. Min 0° C
  • Temp. Max 14° C
Another unique, beguiling citrus liqueur made from legendary native blood oranges will capture yours. With its striking ruby color, naturally bright aromatics and a touch of bitterness. Liqueur makes a versatile cocktail ingredient. With its delicate structure and fragrance distinctive to Sicily, it is inspiring and elegant when simply chilled and enjoyed all on its own.
L#20220310 Italian Luxury Eyewear Brands $1,000,000 TBD TBD Fashion Retailer Italy

The global eyewear market size was valued at USD 157.9 billion in 2021. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4% from 2022 to 2030. The Eyewaer e-commerce segment is expected to witness a growth rate of over 9.0% through 2030. Key factors that are driving the eyewear market growth include the growing number of ophthalmic disorders, awareness regarding eye examinations, and perception of eyewear as a fashion accessory.

For Sale a Portfolio of two Italian Eyewear Brands (Founded in 2014 and 2015), both brands have a strong track record in many area across the world: Italy, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Bosnia, Israel, Ukraine, Paraguay, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and on many online stores like: Zalora, Souq, Amazon, Italy Got Style, Opumo, Italist, Moda Operandi and more. Both brands have more than 850+ SKU combined (Optical and Sun) with frames made by Stainless, Acetate, PC, TR90. The company has strong relationship with manufacturers in Italy and China.
L#20240683 Italian Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements and Beauty Products TBA TBD TBD Manufacturing Italy This company for sale is a manufacturer of dietary supplements and beauty care products made with olive leaf extracts. Based in Italy this company manufactures, brands, and  distributes exclusively top quality products through their own e-store, a network of pharmacies and health care stores. Their distribution network covers Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, Australia and part of USA. The company's production includes body lotions, moisturizing, hand creams, olive lead liquid supplements, Ashwagandha and tea. The company's organically certified olive leaf extract from Italy contains high quantities of polyphenols such oleuropein, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, and rutin. These compounds have numerous health benefits, making it a particularly appealing product in the market. The entire product line is eco-friendly and made sustainably. Olive leaf extract, is a natural antioxidant that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and improves glucose and lipid metabolism. Numerous health groups in the US, Australia, and Europe have conducted thousands of studies on this crucial element, leading to increased consumer interest. A decade now, this company has been promoting health and wellness with simple, sustainable, natural and effective products for wellbeing, combining modern science nutrition, age old healing recipes and natural remedies.  Key Details:
  • The product's key ingredient is very popular among consumers.
  • The company manufactures, brands, and distributes its own products.
  • Company has its own e-store.
  • Strong network of pharmacies and health stores.
  • Distribution network in Italy - Germany - France - Spain - Belgium - Serbia - Australia - USA.
  • Sustainable products.
L#20210093 Italian Pasta Manufacturer Business “Made in Italy” TBD TBD TBD Manufacturing Italy Italian pasta manufacturing company that has been operating for 5 years with USA FDA approval and the facility is built under the latest HACCP regulations. - Clients include distributors and supermarkets located in Germany, Poland, Japan, Italy, EU. -Business offers "white" label service as well - 95-97% of the revenue is from the own brand sales and the remaining revenue is from private label manufacturing. - Business has good profits and has large room to expand due to extremely low competition in the market. - Custom made pasta can be made on request. - The revenue had an increase of 70% from 2018 to 2019. - Current production capacity is 300-400 kgs of pasta per day but the plant can expand production output by 5 to 10 times so there is no need to move to a different location.

Products & Services Overview

Manufacture and sale of non-conventional pasta all-natural and organic pasta. Assets Overview The brand, business licenses and documents, the know-how, product inventory, machinery such as blowers, cutters, packers. All the machinery are purchased as brand new at the time of launch.

Facilities Overview

The facility is around 590 sq meters (6,350 sq feet) of rented space. The factory has an updated three-phase electric power, a state of the art facility with brand new machinery, and built under the latest HACCP regulations. There is room to expand no need to move to another warehouse. The company will be sold with no debts.
L#20220357 Italian Professional Football (Soccer) Team in Serie B €12,000,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy The Serie B, currently named Serie BKT for sponsorship reasons, is the second-highest division in the Italian football league system after the Serie A. It has been operating for over ninety years since the 1929–30 season. It had been organized by Lega Calcio until 2010, when the Lega Serie B was created for the 2010–11 season. For Sale a Professional Football (Soccer) Team in Italy active in Serie B. The Football Team has a strong A Fanbase, there is also a project for a new stadium available. The President would consider selling minority / majority stakes.
L#20230461 Italian Professional Football Club €1,500,000 €2,500,000 0.6x TBD Football Clubs Italy The Serie C is the third-highest division in the Italian football league system after the Serie B and Serie A. The Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico (Lega Pro) is the governing body that runs the Serie C. Italian football club based in the North of Italy. The Club plays in Serie C, the third division of the Italian championship. Founded around 100 years ago, it has played in Serie A tournaments and in Serie B.  
L#20220388 Italian Professional Historical Soccer Team $35,000,000 TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Professional football soccer team club for sale based in Italy that competes in the Serie B. The club has played many times in the Serie A and Serie B and made multiple Cup appearances. The Team play in a stadium with a large capacity and it has a very active fan base. More information upon NDA, POF Verification.
L#20240668 Italian Professional Serie D Soccer Club TBD TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy This club is located in a beautiful coastal town in the northern part of Italy. Known for its pristine sandy beaches and luxurious resorts, it is a popular destination for the wealthy elite looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The town is characterized by its charming streets lined with designer boutiques, upscale restaurants, and high-end hotels. The atmosphere is elegant and exclusive, attracting a sophisticated clientele who appreciate the finer things in life. One of the main draws of the city is its stunning beaches. The soft white sands and crystal-clear waters make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Visitors can spend their days lounging on a sunbed, taking a dip in the cool sea, or sipping cocktails at one of the trendy beach clubs that line the shore. For those looking for a bit of adventure, there are plenty of water sports available, such as surfing, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. And for the more adventurous, there are also boat tours that allow you to explore the beautiful coastline and nearby islands. In addition to its beaches, the city is also known for its vibrant nightlife. The town comes alive after dark, with stylish bars, chic nightclubs, and exclusive events that attract a trendy crowd.
L#20230586 Italian Professional Serie D Soccer Club TBA TBD TBD Football Clubs Italy Italian football is known for its rich history, passionate fans, and talented players. One such club that is currently available for sale in Serie D is an Italian professional soccer club with a proud legacy and a promising future. This club, founded over a century ago, has a strong presence in the local community and a dedicated fan base. It has always been known for its commitment to developing young talent and promoting a free-flowing style of play. Over the years, the club has nurtured several players who have gone on to represent the national team and achieve great success in top-flight football. Despite its rich history, the club has faced financial struggles in recent years, leading to the decision to sell. However, this presents a unique opportunity for an ambitious investor to take over a well-established brand and revive its fortunes. With the right resources and vision, the club has the potential to rise through the ranks of Italian football and reclaim its position among the elite. Located in a vibrant Italian city, the club boasts a modern stadium with a capacity to accommodate thousands of fans. The facilities include state-of-the-art training grounds, youth academies, and modern infrastructure to support the development of young talent. These facilities not only provide a nurturing environment for players but also offer a potential revenue stream through hosting events and renting out the premises. Furthermore, the club has built strong relationships with local businesses and sponsors over the years. This presents an excellent opportunity for a new owner to tap into these connections and develop lucrative partnerships that can inject much-needed funds into the club. Additionally, the club has a dedicated marketing team that has successfully promoted and engaged with fans through various channels, strengthening its brand image and fan loyalty. In terms of on-field performance, the club has a strong squad with a mix of experienced players and promising young talents. With the right leadership and investment in scouting, the club can attract and develop top talents from both Italy and abroad, further bolstering its chances for success. The potential for promotion to higher leagues provides an exciting proposition for players and can attract high-quality talent wanting to showcase their skills on a bigger stage.
L#20230457 Italian Professional Soccer Team Serie C €3,000,000 €3,000,000 1x TBD Football Clubs Italy Italian Soccer Team Serie C for sale, this football club is based in the North of Italy. It plays in Serie C, the third division of the Italian football league system. The club has demonstrated a good financial track records, large fan base, strong players and experienced technical staff. A new Stadium and a modern training facility will grant both the increase of the fanbase and matchday revenue and the development of young sector. The new multifunctional sports facility, will not only be the point of reference for the matches, but also an aggregation center for entertainment activities. It can host also concerts and musical events, high-level conferences, food and wine events, fairs and public events, generating different streams of revenues.

Revenue Streams

  • Matchday
  • Broadcast
  • Commercial
  • Sponsorship
  • Federal grants
  • Other grants
  • Academy Player
  • Valorization Player
  • Trading
  • Extraordinary revenues

Revenue Streams

  • Club would consider a minority or majority acquisition from an international Group
L#20230496 Italian Waste Management and Recycling Businesses €1,250,000 €1,000,000 1.25x TBD Services Italy This company provides integrated solutions for the collection, selection, compaction and recycling of differentiated waste, ensuring effective management of materials in strict compliance with environmental legislation, containing costs for its customers. It offers a full recycling process management leader in Italy, from the collection and recovery of municipal and industrial carton waste to accurate recycling rate monitoring and sale of end products. The company has more than 300+ customers all over Italy and two processing centers in the South of Italy (Puglia), one with 340sqm warehouse and 600sqm land, another one with 300sqm warehouse and 500sqm land available. It process around 10,000t per years and approx 15000t per years are processed by third parties.


  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • Authorization SOA CAT3 Commercio Eco
  • Authorization of Eco
  • CAT8 (Allowing Brokerage of Waste)


  • McDonald's, SKF, Civil Motorization, Media World, McDonald, COOP, Migro, etc.
L#20230533 Japanese Musician Royalties Rights $10,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 10x 10x Audio Japan

Royalties Rights of one of the most famous Japanese musician, songwriter and record producer in Japanese music history.

The authors is a Japanese Citizen with more than 60+ years, his songs are distributed by Epic, Sony, SMEJ, Avex, Pioneer LDC, Pony Canyon, Rojam and other label.

Records produced by him had sold more than 170 million copies, primarily in Japan, Korea and China.

The musician receives a royalty on songs after putting copyright protection on the music. The royalties on this song last over the period that the copyright protection of the song lasts. The copyright protection of a song lasts for the lifetime of the copyright holder and an additional 70 years after their demise. This law applies to all bodies of works that have been published since 1978.

The payment on these royalties also lasts for the duration of the copyright protection. The maximum duration often varies across different countries, but it is the key determinant for how long a musician (copyright holder) will continue to get paid for the song.

L#20220398 Large-scale Food Production Business $15,560,570 $1,867,260 TBD 8.33x Manufacturing Russia Moscow Business description The main activity of the enterprise is the production of ketchup, sauces, tomato paste under its own trademarks and STM for federal and regional retail chains. The business is located in a convenient location — just a couple of minutes from the ring road. Everything is owned. The plot area is 2.37 Hectares. Purpose - industrial lands. The territory is fenced, guarded. Production, warehouse and administrative buildings are located on the site. Electricity – 643 kW (substation on the site). Central water supply – 36 cubic meters / day (guaranteed minimum of water for the production process) + separately for the fire extinguishing system. Local sewerage. Production facilities: Hangar No. 1 – 1,500 sq.m, production premises, operational warehouses of raw materials, containers, finished products, administrative and household premises. Hangar No. 2 – 1,500 sq.m., main warehouse. A complete list of equipment is sent on request. The company produces food products of the grocery group in various packages using modern high-performance lines. Six lines with a capacity of 40,000 units per day. There is all the documentation necessary for the operation of food production — this is confirmed by a comprehensive audit of Rospotrebnadzor and audits of large federal networks. Sales - Federal and regional retail chains, large distributors, large wholesale customers.
L#20220341 Leading Aluminum Screen Frame Manufacturing Business TBA TBD TBD Manufacturing India This Leading Aluminum Screen Frame Manufacturing Business for sale has over 25 years of experience in aluminum frame manufacturing. The frames have uniform thickness for strength against blending when pre-stretched.