Sell-Side M&A Advisory services are an integral part of the investment banking landscape, providing vital support and guidance to companies looking to sell their businesses. These services facilitate the process of selling a company, ensuring that the transaction is executed smoothly and effectively.

When a company decides to sell, it often seeks assistance from an investment banking firm to navigate the complex and nuanced world of mergers and acquisitions. Sell-side M&A services encompass a wide range of activities that are tailored to the specific needs of the client. MergersCorp M&A International becomes an invaluable partner, offering comprehensive advice and guidance at every step of the process.

The first step in a sell-side M&A engagement involves conducting a thorough evaluation of the company. This includes a review of financial statements, market research, and assessment of the competitive landscape. MergersCorp M&A International analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the company, identifying potential areas of value enhancement and opportunities for growth. This evaluation is crucial in determining an appropriate valuation range for the business.

Once the valuation range is established, MergersCorp M&A International begins the process of marketing the company to potential buyers. This involves preparing a comprehensive information memorandum (CIM) that highlights the company’s key strengths, competitive advantages, and growth prospects. We leverage our extensive network of relationships with strategic and financial buyers, seeking out qualified prospects who may be interested in acquiring the target company.

Throughout the marketing and negotiation process, we play a vital role in facilitating discussions between the seller and potential buyers. We act as intermediaries, ensuring that negotiations are conducted in a professional and efficient manner.  Our team also prepares financial models and forecasts, helping to validate the business’ financial performance and growth potential to potential buyers. We assist in structuring the deal and negotiating transaction terms, always striving to maximize value for the client.

In summary, our sell-side M&A services are a critical component of the deal-making process. These services offer expert advice, facilitate negotiations, and ensure that the transaction is completed successfully. By engaging MergersCorp M&A International as Sell-Side investment banking firm, companies looking to sell can leverage our expertise and networks to find the right buyer and secure the best possible deal.

Having a team of experts with the knowledge and skills for global business deals and who understand how to identify the risks involved, whilst holding on to the possibilities, is essential to finding the optimum deal for any acquisition.

Our core areas of industry focus:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automobiles & Components
  • Banking
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Containers & Packaging
  • Energy & Power
  • Healthcare Equipment & Supplies
  • Insurances
  • IT Consulting & Services
  • Machinery
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
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Areas of Focus

  • Sell-Side Advisory

    Sell-side advisors play a crucial role in the M&A process by providing strategic guidance, conducting thorough valuations, identifying potential buyers, and negotiating the deal terms. We assist in preparing due diligence materials, managing the document exchange process, and conducting a comprehensive market analysis and make a deal happen.

  • Buy-Side Advisory

    This service involves identifying potential target companies, conducting due diligence, evaluating the financial and strategic fit, negotiating the terms of the transaction, and managing the overall acquisition process. We play a critical role in ensuring successful transactions by leveraging our expertise in deal-making and providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the entire M&A process.

  • Business Valuation

    The service involves analyzing the company's financial statements, market trends, and industry benchmarks to calculate the fair market value of the business. Different methods of valuation are used, such as income-based, market-based, and asset-based valuation, DCF and more, each depending on the type and stage of the company.

Working with MergersCorp M&A International

MergersCorp™ M&A International is a leading Lower-Middle Market M&A advisory brand, offering professional M&A services to clients across the world.

We offers investment banking and deal advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, origination, execution, research, private capital, and family office services.

We provide a range of investment banking services to lower-mid-market businesses: deal execution, deal origination, valuation of assets, business plans and financial modelling, Capital raising, debt raising and private equity financing, Debt restructuring, Exit strategy reviews, Strategic advisory and more.

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