Succession planning plays a vital role in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as it ensures a smooth transition of leadership and talent within the newly combined entity. M&A deals often result in various changes, including leadership changes, and the lack of a well-thought-out succession plan can lead to disruption, confusion, and a loss of valuable employees.

Having a well-defined succession plan in place during M&A can help to identify key individuals from both organizations who are crucial for the future success of the merged company. This plan outlines the process for identifying high-potential employees who can step into critical roles, ensuring that essential functions continue without interruption. Additionally, a good succession plan helps to retain and motivate talented employees by providing them with clear visibility and career development opportunities.

Succession planning in M&A also facilitates the alignment of the merged entity’s goals and objectives, ensuring that the right people are in the right positions to drive the newly combined organization forward. It allows for a smooth transition of leadership, enabling the acquired company to integrate seamlessly into the acquiring organization, maximizing the benefits of the merger.

In summary, succession planning in M&A is crucial for maintaining stability, retaining talent, and effectively integrating the two organizations to achieve long-term success.

We focus on identifying and growing talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions in the future. The focus for most business owners is to build up their business and little thought is given to what happens to the business once they are no longer able or wanting to run the business. It can be a challenging task to plan your own succession in the right way.

We help business owners through the process, from thinking through what the future plans are to working out the steps needed to get there.We work together with the business owner to make a strategy that is unique to their situation and goals, training them and advising on preparations that are needed and working through the financial implications.

  • 40
    Companies do not have a single internal candidate to replace the CEO
  • 86
    Leaders believe leadership succession planning is extremely important
  • 60
    Executives fail within the first 18 months of being promoted or hired

Areas of Focus

  • Succession Plan

    We help you understand what succession planning involves, the link between succession planning and talent management programmes, and the role of people professionals in the process. We develop interactive succession planning charts and talent profiles to view the readiness of potential successors for key positions.

  • Identifying successors

    We help with the whole transition process, whether it is handing over to another family member, to management or as an acquisition to outside buyer. It is essential when planning for a successful succession to have expert help, so that the business can continue to develop, and the owner can have ease of mind that they will be financially secure into the future.

  • Advisory Service

    We support you during all phases to help you implement the planning and execution of you succession planning program.

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