This sophisticated business vehicle, registered and fully licensed in Switzerland, under the provisions of FINMA is truly a unique opportunity of acquiring a turnkey solution; an operating structure which comes with a number of ta ...


Switzerland is renowned for its scenic landscapes, strict privacy laws, and its unwavering commitment to financial services. One of the popular sectors in Switzerland is its banking industry, which has earned a global reputation f ...


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This sophisticated business vehicle, registered and fully licensed in Switzerland, under the provisions of FINMA is truly a unique opportunity of acquiring a turnkey solution; an operating structure which comes with a number of tangible assets, licenses, accounts and perks attached and included in the acquisition price.

Available for immediate takeover with an instant operating potential; transfer of ownership and all licenses, bank accts. etc. Transferable to the new owners within approximately 10 working days.


This is a complete operating and ready to go setup – a licensed company and cryptocurrency exchange with multi-functional Payment Processing & Wallet Administration & Management Authorizations.

This rare entity is a fully licensed Swiss financial company, authorized to operate the crypto exchange and wallet administration provider, as well as to issue its own asset-based cryptocurrency.

FINMA No-Action Letter, Roadmap, 2 Websites, etc. already in place.

The entity further holds a controlling stake in an operating goldmine, ready to supply assets for backing of the cryptocurrency.


  • Paid Up Capital of CHF 1,000,000
  • Company is free from any debts or lawsuits.
  • Automated Swiss KYC system
  • Banking Relationships: Swissquote Bank [Tier 1 Swiss Investment Bank] Flow Bank [Tier 1 FinTech Bank in Geneva]; [Regulated Money Transfer & Crypto
    Management platform]
  • Swiss Organs, local Director’s & Compliance Officer’s services for the first year of operations are included in the acquisition price. They will assist and accompany the new owners during the transition stage, as well as subsequently during regular ongoing daily operations. New owners further have the freedom to appoint their own staff.
  • The registered office address for one year is also included
  • Legal and regulatory assistance through a reputable Tier 1 Law Firm for the first year of operations included in the acquisition price.
  • A multifunctional and sophisticated password protected website for the issuance of the asset-backed cryptocurrency in place.
  • The financial and compliance auditors in place and paid for the first year of operations.
  • Existing and operating bank accts. with some of Switzerland’s top investment & fintech banks (3 existing and operating bank accounts in Switzerland: trading account, investment and depository acct. & a crypto/depository account)
  • Stake ownership in an operating mine; assets to be shipped to Switzerland for the purpose of backing of a stable, asset backed cryptocurrency.
  • Valid SO-FIT, Geneva, under provision of FINMA Compliance and Regulatory membership paid for the first year.
  • FINMA No-Action Letter allowing issuance of an asset-backed cryptocurrency received and available.

Authorisations Held

Blockchain / DLT Carry out transactions in the field of distributed ledger technology, blockchain, etc.
FinTech Possibility to seek FinTech sandbox license in Switzerland, ‘Banking Lite’.
Money Transfer Provide services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of third-party clients, manage means of payment such as cryptocurrencies & auxiliary payments.
Exchange & Wallet Operate cryptocurrency exchanges with various parings as well as provide customers access to cold wallets.
Trading Trade on their own account or on the account of third parties* in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, forex instruments, precious metals, commodities, securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives and all types of financial electronic assets.
Crypto Management Manage* crypto-based assets on third party accounts.
Investments Make direct investments and provide investment advisory services in field of blockchain & cryptocurrencies.
Issuance Deploy & manage own cryptocurrencies (including stable-coins) and various crypto investment schemes.

* – Upto 5 Million CHF or 20 Clients, whichever threshold is met first.


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