Investing in hydro power plants in Italy can be a lucrative venture for various reasons. Italy is known for its thriving renewable energy sector, and hydro power is a significant contributor to its renewable energy mix. With the c ...


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Investing in hydro power plants in Italy can be a lucrative venture for various reasons. Italy is known for its thriving renewable energy sector, and hydro power is a significant contributor to its renewable energy mix. With the country’s abundant water resources, hydro power offers a sustainable and reliable source of electricity generation.

Italy has a long history of harnessing hydroelectric power as a means of energy production. The nation’s topography makes it ideal for the construction of hydro power plants, with numerous rivers and lakes providing ample opportunities for installations. As a result, Italy boasts a substantial installed hydro power capacity, which currently accounts for a significant portion of its energy production.

Furthermore, the Italian government has been committed to promoting renewable energy sources, including hydro power. Policies such as feed-in tariffs, tax incentives, and grants have been implemented to encourage investment in the sector. These measures provide a favorable investment environment and increase the potential returns for investors in hydro power plants.

In addition to financial incentives, investing in hydro power plants aligns with the global push towards sustainable energy solutions. As concerns surrounding climate change intensify, there is a growing demand for clean, renewable energy sources. Hydro power is considered a highly sustainable and low-carbon form of energy, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to align their portfolios with environmentally-friendly ventures.

Overall, investing in hydro power plants in Italy presents an opportunity to capitalize on the country’s rich water resources, government support for renewable energy, and the increasing demand for clean energy solutions. With these factors in mind, investors can potentially reap substantial financial and environmental rewards from their investments in hydro power plants in Italy.


Tipo / Type/ Typ/ Тип ( FLUENTE  o bacino / river or lake // Fluss oder Stausee ) FLUENTE (FLOWING) FLUENTE (FLOWING) FLUENTE (FLOWING)
Costruzione / Construction / Baujahr / Строительство 1987 1980 2008
Potenza media di concessione/ Power acc. concession / Leistung laut Konzession / Концессия на электроэнергию kW 313 682 624
Potenza massima installata/ max. installed power / max. installierte Leistung / макс. установленная мощность kW ND ND ND
Portata mass. concessa / max. water-input / max. zugelassener Einlauf / макс. расход воды litri (Liters) ND ND ND
Portata media concessa/ medium water-input / mittlerer zugelassener Einlauf / макс. расход воды litri (Liters) ND ND ND
Quota opera di presa / Capture altitude / Einlaufhöhe / Захват высоты m s.l.m. (above sea-level)
Quota opera di restituzione / Return altitude / Auslaufhöhe / Высота возврата m s.l.m. (above sea-level)
Salto / Jump / Fallhöhe / подскок m 5,75 2,4 ND
Tipo derivatore / type outflow / Art des Auslaufs / тип оттока ND ND ND
Gruppi / groups / (Bau-) – Gruppen / группы ND ND ND
Marca e tipo turbine / type turbines / Marke und Art Turbinen / тип турбин ND ND ND
Scadenza concessione / expiry of concession / Ende der Konzession / истечение срока действия концессии 2041 2029 2029
Produzione annuale stimata – Estimated Annual production- geschätzte Jahresproduktion-Предполагаемый годовой объем производства kWh                 2.600.000,00                 2.600.000,00                 4.500.000,00
Prevista una traversa/Vorgesehen ist eine Traverse oder Stauwehr für den Rückstau/ Предусмотрена перекладина
Valori incentivo / value incentive / Höhe Einspeisevergütung (falls im Register A)/ ценностный импульс €/kWh 0,1565 0,22 0,1583
Durata incentivi / durance incentives / Dauer Einspeisetarif / льготы по продолжительности anni (Years) 2030 2024 2030
Ricavi annui / annual income / jährliche Einnahmen/ annual income
Costo O&M ed assistenza annuale / annual cost O&M /jährliche Kosten Wartung , Verwaltung / ежегодные затраты на ввод в эксплуатацию ND ND ND
Costo canone annuale di concessione/Konzessionsabgaben an Gemeinde und Region/ Стоимость ежегодной концессионной платы 24100 53600 41987
Assicurazione/Versicherung/Страхование ND ND ND
IMU/Gemeindesteuer auf Immobilien und andere Abgaben/Муниципальный налог на недвижимость и другие сборы
Telecontrolo / video control / Video Überwachung/ видеоконтроль
Royalties da pagare/Royalties zu zahlen/ Роялти к оплате
Possibiltá di ampliamento / possibility to improve power/ Möglichkeit der Erhöhung/ возможность повышения мощности
Finanziamenti esistenti / existing financing / existiert Finanzierung/ существующее финансирование ND ND ND
AU esistente / AU vorhanden/Существующий AU
Cantierabile/Baubeginn/ Начало строительных работ TERMINATA (COMPLETED) TERMINATA (COMPLETED) TERMINATA (COMPLETED)
Tempi di realizzazione/Bauzeit bis zum Netzanschluß/Время строительства до подключения к электросети 1987 1980 2008
Tipo transazione / type of transaction / Typ Transaktion/Share deal/ тип транзакции QUOTE SOCIETA’ (SHARE DEAL) QUOTE SOCIETA’ (SHARE DEAL) QUOTE SOCIETA’ (SHARE DEAL)

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