Location Worldwide Job type Full-Time, Hybrid

The decision to become a franchisee for MergersCorp and offer M&A services can be a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the business world. Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes that can be challenging for many companies to navigate on their own. By becoming a franchisee for MergersCorp, individuals have the opportunity to leverage a proven business model and benefit from the company’s expertise in the field of M&A.

As a franchisee, individuals gain access to a range of resources and support from MergersCorp, including training, marketing materials, and ongoing assistance. This can be invaluable for franchisees who may be new to the world of M&A and are looking to establish themselves in the industry. In addition, becoming a franchisee for MergersCorp provides individuals with the opportunity to tap into a global network of professionals and potential clients, allowing them to expand their reach and grow their business.

One of the key benefits of becoming a franchisee for MergersCorp is the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping franchisees succeed. The company’s leadership team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of M&A, and they are committed to providing franchisees with the support they need to build a successful business. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may not have prior experience in M&A and are looking for guidance and mentorship as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Another key advantage of becoming a franchisee for MergersCorp is the opportunity to leverage the company’s proven business model and processes. MergersCorp has developed a successful approach to managing mergers and acquisitions, and franchisees can benefit from this expertise by following the company’s established methods and best practices. This can help franchisees streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and deliver better results for their clients, ultimately leading to increased profitability and success.

Key responsibilities

  • Valuing and assessing the saleability of each potential client’s company
  • Explaining the services and benefits of working with MergersCorp M&A International
  • Discussing with clients different exit options
  • As a Deal Maker, you will interact directly with potential sellers.

Your specific duties as a Deal Maker will include:

  • Contracting with clients to sell their business
  • Negotiating the process, payment, advisory service, etc.
  • Meeting or exceeding all sales and performance goals


  • 3+ years of relevant work experience, including venture capital, private equity, strategy consulting, investment banking or corporate development experience
  • Experience at a leading technology company, businesses
  • Ability to manage complex processes from start to finish
  • An ability to drive projects cross-functionally, synthesize feedback, develop agreement and create structure
  • Strong Business English Skills

Sabu Bozhayeva

Senior Associate