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MergersCorp M&A International partners up with KOTRA SILICON VALLEY to help more Korean companies secure overseas M&A transactions


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Leading investment banking firm MergersCorp M&A International has officially announced a new partnership with KOTRA SILICON VALLEY, with aims to help Korean companies increase the number of overseas merger and acquisition transactions.

The new strategic partnership is expected to help many more businesses create deals with international business owners and buyers, as well as assisting small and medium-sized Korean enterprises understand how to navigate the complicated world of mergers and acquisitions.

With an exclusive focus on Cross Border merger and acquisitions, MergersCorp M&A International offers corporate advisory services for companies around the world. Currently number one in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, this new partnership with KOTRA SILICON VALLEY is expected to help more Korean companies carry out overseas transactions.

This new partnership is expected to help many businesses throughout their corporate journey, and has even be described as a new working “relationship” that will help customers grow, succeed and build their business far beyond their expectations.

“Here at MergersCorp M&A International, we help our clients confidentially buy and sell property held businesses, aligning those interests of all parties for mutual success, growth and dedication,” says Stefano Endrizzi founder of MergersCorp M&A International.

Now though, this process is about to become far more popular with Korea, with the help of KOTRA SILICON VALLEY and ourselves. We assist many small and medium sized businesses, however, it’s imperative that the company is already on-track to becoming a huge success. If the company still wishes to merge or be part of acquisitions, then we, alongside the help of KOTRA SILICON VALLEY, will assist them on every single step of the way said Edward Sklar, COO from the Wall Street Office of MergersCorp M&A International.

Expected to increase the number of exports, mergers and transactions with overseas business-owners and buyers, this collaboration between MergersCorp M&A is said to be the one-stop solution to increasing the number of transactions from overseas.

Notes to Editors

Amid the new global economic paradigm and changes in the industrial ecosystem, KOTRA SILICON VALLEY is the strength of small and medium businesses. To contact KOTRA SILICON VALLEY, or request an interview, please visit: https://www.kotra.or.kr/english/index.do

MergersCorp M&A International is a leading banking firm with a huge focus on M&A and corporate advisory services worldwide. To contact MergersCorp M&A International, or request an interview, please contact: https://www.mergerscorp.com/

Robert G. Cotitta
Robert G. Cotitta
Robert G. Cotitta
Robert G. Cotitta, President of Bancorp I, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the banking industry in ownership, management, and consulting positions.

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