Made your money – what now?

You are coming to maturity and nearing the end of your career, you have achieved many of your goals.  There have been successes and failures, but you have come through.  At the last, you have tucked away a pretty stable financial retirement.for yourself.  It is time to think about selling the company that you have poured your heart and soul into over the years.  Others will take on that flag ship to new heights or depths, but you will no longer be on board.  You will be left with a comfortable sum, nothing more to work for.  What now?

Time of Reflection

At this time of life there is a time to reflect over what you have achieved and be satisfied.  However, we cannot go on living in the past.  You are used to a fast pace, busy lifestyle, a reason to get up each morning.  Sometimes, it may have been too tiring and too much, but you had a sense of purpose.  Even though your energy levels may not be as high as they were, you still need to have that purpose. Where will you find that now?  Has all this hard work really brought you what you want?  The happiness that you are really searching for?

Giving Back

It is time to give back.  You have received so much, but true happiness doesn’t come in receiving it comes in being able to give.  Wealth amassed only for our own use is lonely, but when we give to others and make the world a better place, this translates to community.  Life is only lived once and it is important to leave a good legacy behind us.

When we think about the good of others and not just of ourselves, it gives us a renewed purpose.  Our focus is changed and we can be thankful for all that we have and how we can use that for the world.  We are not so interested in how much we have in our bank account as how we can use that to impact the lives of others.

What is success?

We can be successful economically, but when we reach that goal we find ourselves in a dilemma.  We have worked for this most of our lives, but have not found happiness in achieving it.  Our goal seems to have been the wrong one.

Should we then work to achieve a bigger profit, is that what will bring happiness.  If we just keep moving on with the same goal of making more when will it come to an end?  We have become entrapped in the rat race.

This is when it is time to make a turn around.  It is time to stop being dictated to by the business world of just being focused on making a profit.  It is time to change your focus.  It is time to widen your horizons.

What’s the next step?

The first step is to sell your business then, not for your own monitory profit, but to free yourself.  You will be able to serve a more worthy purpose.  You will have the time, energy and resource to find an opportunity to serve others.  You can gain more control over your life, have more freedom.

So, are you ready to take the challenge, to get out of the rut before it is too late? Look around at the needs of the world.  Think how you can meet those needs, care for others.  Your success in business then is shared and in giving back to others you will find you are increasing your success.  You will find more fulfilment than you ever would in only pursuing wealth for yourself.

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