M & A: Foreign Investment Funds hunting for Italian companies

Strong Post-Covid Recovery by American Investors

In Italy, the high number of SMEs and the lack of generational turnover have meant that numerous American Private Equity funds and strategic investors have taken advantage of the dollar and the slow European recovery submerged by inflation for extraordinary M&A transactions, sometimes strengthening and consolidating in various sectors such as technology, telecommunications, renewable energy, manufacturing, luxury and even in the world of professional football.

“This 2023, thanks also to the fact that the COVID epidemic is now only a memory, is a propitious moment for many historical realities linked to the Made in Italy said Stefano Endrizzi, Founder of MergersCorp M&A International, an Investment Banking company with a particular focus on M&A and corporate finance operations globally.

At the same time, the postponement of enforcement procedures, blocked during the COVID period, the dizzying increases in the cost of energy and raw materials, mainly related to the war in Ukraine, will also cause an increase in M&A operations of companies and non-performing companies. On the one hand, therefore, it is an opportunity for Italian companies to bring cash to Italy, on the other hand the trend of “internationalisation” of Italian companies now seems to have no more brake.

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Robert G. Cotitta

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