Is your 401K becoming a 201K?

Both the Dow and S&P 500 are on pace for their worst month since March 2020, when the U.S. economy fell into a recession during coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. The Nasdaq, meanwhile, is down over 10% in January, which could be its worst month since the financial crisis in October 2008.

Have you considered making your own destiny by using the money in your 401K to invest in a business or buy a business for sale? We can help you make the transition working with one of our trusted advisors. Many of the businesses offer Seller Financing, and we work with many financial institutions to offer very Creative Financing.

We have posed several questions to help determine which type of investments might be suitable for you.


What do Cannabis, Configurators, Films, and Electric Vehicles have in common?

Answer-Passive Investment Opportunities-(Just a financial investment)

What Businesses for Sale have just been listed?

Answer-See Businesses that have just been listed

How do I Buy a Business to escape the frigid cold?

Answer: Buy a Business in Florida

Search Businesses for Sale in Florida

How do I Buy a Business anywhere in the World?

Answer: MergersCorp International

Search Businesses for Sale-Global

How do I learn more about any of these Businesses for Sale?

Answer: Contact

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